Story About Kanye West’s Tantrum Twisted!

Kanye West’s outburst at the VMA’s was just a contrived acting number by the artist who fed into what the media expected, so he gave them what they wanted, and now they are twisting his acting byte around.

It wasn’t the VMA’s who said they would never work with him, it was Kanye who said he would never work with them right, but he didn’t mean what he said or he wouldn’t get so upset. Now the media is trying to make Kanye out to be a nuisance, when in fact, he’s doing what he can to sell his album. Well, his outburst worked. Any artist who sells over 500,000 units should be celebrating because this shows that an artist is in highend demand. I just wonder if his album or 50 Cents album would have sold that many copies if it hadn’t been for their conflicting, but amicable fued and should Kanye be thanking 50 Cent for his contribution to his sales by even responding to the controversy. That was very nice of 50 Cents. Kanye has done well, but not this well. Both artists will have staying power if the artists don’t let the media get the best of them. They need to take their loot and go enjoy their lives. All of this is getting way out of hand. I would hate to see these 2 talented artists fall into the trap of the media like O.J.  Okay, bad correlation, but you’re here and that is all that counts. Come on back tomorrow. Everyone is here. Visit us at daily so you’ll know about all top news arriving here.

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