Daily Literary Dish:Dear Heather, “How Do I self-Publish My Book?”

Self-publishing your book is as easy as 1, 2,3, but for starters, the first step is mastering a solid manuscript that you’ll feel proud enough to market at its fullest potential, so begin with this step. Once you have completed your manuscript, as in acquired professional editing, copyediting, revising and proofing, get your manuscript copyrighted right away. Copyright protects you from people saying they wrote your manuscript and also, gives you ground to sue others who have copied your work, but always seek legal advice in this area because if you lose, you may be paying your defendants legal fees. You may also, need to copyright your work officially with the copyright office before letting anyone see your full manuscript or even excerpts. Don’t fall into the trap from books that state your book is copyrighted as soon as it is written. That just ain’t so and won’t hold ground in court. Get yoru work copyrighted with a TX form. Stop being cheap. You may want to use various unlisted names so folks can’t check what you are doing period! Be smart! Now it’s time to seek reviews for your work from people who represent the quality audience you want to reach. One or two reviews will suffice from people whose reviews you value, but keep in mind, librarians always look for reviews from the more prominent review agencies as in employed reviewers. Don’t ask me why? Make sure you receive ongoing reviews beyond the number you can feature in your book cover jacket or back of book.I  like to acquire reviews from everyday folks as myself and people who write from common genres I write as well as whose work may benefit my audience of readers. Next step, is to acquire a bookcover if you haven’t already to replace your galleys with an ARC copy that is more attractive for media reviews. Look around on bookstore shelves to avoid similar covers or what has been done already. Try to be original. For example. Tekila Nika is the first dual urban book cover that debuted with a thug holding a rose, and it is the first monochromatic all brown bookcover mastered by artisitic director of Def Jam, Mr. Robert Sims. The various bookcovers debuted in 2004. The model on the book covers is Joe James of www.joejamesjr.com.

Singer Lloyd’s music cd album followed with the same effect and did remarkably well in his domain. As a result of the cover alone, Tekila Nika has successfully pre-sold out its first print run which proves that a cover means everything. What I also, liked about my bookcover where the details of the citylights in Tekila Nika’s sunglasses.

This cover is exceptional and will do very well on the mainstream market along with its title which is receiving quite a buzz lately.

 You may also, opt for a professional typesetter, and in the meanwhile begin setting up your website. Some authors opt to create a total effect website for one book or multiple books. This is your choice, However, what has worked with me is a one page scrolling website page dedicated to my debut novel that gets to the point, includes a nice preview, summary of book and bookcover. It’s like a profile page on any website. There are also, reviews and excerpts on this page.

Before you send your book to any printer, ask for price quotes, acquire an ISBN, Barcode and register your book. You need to request Barnes & Noble store placement and Amazon placement almost 6 months before release of your books. Right now, big chain stores have established relationships with authors and publishers with more than 10 titles and can serve an independent distributor. This saves bookstores time and hassle of handling individual author’s accounts that often run out of stock because they may not be able to furnish books in time as demanded.

All you have to do is call bookstores and ask their requirements for stocking your book so that you can send what is necessary. Many still opt for the good old fashioned media kit, but catalogs are much easier for stores to order what is popular, heavily advertised or will bring people of high interest for titles advertised.

For links updating and more in depth tips, visit www.Disilgold.com self-publishing tips.

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