Disilgold.com Introduces Blazing New Website that Celebrates African American Literary Artists, Media, and Multi-Industry Professionals and the Reviews are in!

DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Online as featured at www.Disilgold.com  was lauded  with praise by a sleuth of teenagers today who showed up for a Disilgold Meet & Greet. Several teenagers mentioned they would have never combed the site had it not been for Heather Covington’s selection of music which is always hip, fresh, cutting edge and on time! The music is featured for weekly spurts and then removed and/or placed back on during pivotal transitions of the site’s maintenance and growth to evoke interest in literature. The founder states, literary sites have to do as much as they can to attract diverse communities and not just authors who usually tune in to see their own features and listings or literary peers. It’s been a challenge, but Disilgold has arrived as a fully loaded PressRelease and media center to benefit of diverse artists and affordable.


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