Book of the Year Winner, Carol Hoenig Writes a Book that Reveals that Bookstores Aren’t Always the Best Places for Events


Contact: Carol Hoenig

New Guide Reveals Bookstores Aren’t Always the Best Location for Events

The Author’s Guide To Planning Book Events (iUniverse Star), written by award-winning author Carol Hoenig, provides an informative and entertaining look at how authors can reach their audience by doing successful events.  Hoenig, having worked as a national event specialist for years for a major bookstore chain, booking authors of every caliber, offers an inside look for those who want to give their book every advantage. Hoenig also approaches the subject from the author’s point of view, since she promoted her award-winning novel Without Grace to great success.

Much too often authors make the mistake of waiting until the publication date to consider booking events while also believing that the traditional venue of a bookstore is more lucrative than a nontraditional venue. Not always so, says Hoenig, who writes about her years of experience working as an events coordinator in Manhattan for a major bookstore chain, sharing humorous anecdotes about lessons she’d learned – some the hard way. She then used that knowledge when promoting her award-winning novel by doing both bookstore and nontraditional events.

Most authors don’t realize how difficult it is to rally a gathering; especially since the signings that do get media attention and crowds are celebrity-driven. Yet, Hoenig provides valuable suggestions and tools for first time authors to know how to “build it so they will come,” as well as how to keep the momentum going.  Using a sense of humor and no-nonsense approach, Hoenig implements a step-by-step approach for planning, organizing, and enjoying the publishing and book-signing process. The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events is a must have for anyone who wants to increase their book sales. (Photos included.)

About the Author

Carol Hoenig is the author of Without Grace, awarded the silver medal for Book of the Year for fiction by ForeWord magazine (2005), first place for fiction by DIY Book Festival, honorable mention by Jada Press and New York Book Festival, and National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Award finalist for fiction. Hoenig blogs for the,, and Hoenig is on the advisory council and writing committee for The New York Center for Independent Publishing. Find out more about the author at

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