The Wait is Over: Amy DuBois Barnett’s Heavily Anticipated Book,”GET YOURS!” Arrives in Bookstores Nationwide! Read DisilgoldSOUL Interview Now!


Media Advisory: Award winning journalist, editor, tv commentator and media personality, Amy DuBois Barnett, debuts new heavily anticipated self-help book, “GET YOURS: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Having Everything You Have Ever Dreamed of and More.”

Amy DuBois Barnett’s debut book features all star interviews with Gayle King, Sanaa Lathan, Mo’Nonique, Venus Williams, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, India Arie, Kelis, Hill Harper and more.

Editor in Chief, Angela Burt-Murray of Essence Magazine ( states, “Amy’s Get Yours” philosophy helped me achieve my dream, and I know it will do the same for you.

Noted by the African-American community at large for her “Getting Personal” in the former HONEY MAGAZINE, which put Amy on the map as the American “It Girl” of fashion, style, grace and a favorite African-American journalist overall, she actually turned down working for a major magazine back then to work with a smaller publication.

Amy DuBois Barnett’s contribution helped the popular publication rise above diversity, reach magnanimous success at a tune of 14 million readers as a staple of African American journalism and major influence for all future black magazine publications.

An amicably respected media personality in demand for speaking engagements worldwide, DisilgoldSOUL Magazine sited Amy DuBois Barnett among a very large crowd of literary lovers at the Book Expo. One well known and major black male author states,”I use to have a crush on Amy and still like her.” It’s easy to see why. Amy is a natural beauty who exudes confidence and a winning personality whether she’s penning an editorial or commentating a tv show. Now she’s ready to grace the literary scene with a book people have been craving.

Personable and owning a professional rapport that reaches out to help others, it’s no wonder, there is such a  heavy anticipation for the former editor of Honey Magazine, and now Deputy Editor of Harper Bazaar’s new book. 

The title, “GET YOURS” is catchy and infectious says a DLNA YOUnity Reviewer. All people will be inspired and want to own a copy of “GET YOURS,” but just as important, the book appeals to male readers. Amy’s theme is universal.

A phenomenal women, in ode to Dr. Maya Angelou, Amy DuBois Barnett is the first African- American editor of a major mainstream magazine. She’s a multi-award winning journalist and fiction writer who has paved the way for black commentators, tv hosts and journalists.

In 2007, she gives back to her long time passion of helping others and is a board member of Girls Inc. of NY. A motivational speaker, Amy  DuBois Barnett delivers a message that inspires YOU to be your best.

You may have heard of Amy DuBois Barnett on CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show and The Early Show, but expect to see her at every bookstore across America, up close-and-personal. “GET YOURS” is expected to reach the bestseller’s list, and be among top book club picks as a holiday stuffer. Like “Amy DuBois Barnett” has been quoted saying at seminars, “WHY NOT?”

Finally, book lovers can acquire Amy DuBois Barnett’s secrets to of course, accomplishing your dreams in 2007, and  journey to “happiness”. It’s something every woman and man wants, but will Amy DuBois Barnett deliver? We think so! Are you ready? It’s your time to “GET YOURS.” Let this be your year.

“GET YOURS” arrives in stores nationwide September 25th. The wait is over, and the new you begins today.

Visit Amy DuBois Barnett’s official fanclub website at A new Ask Amy Advice Column, Interactive Forum, opportunity to share your story more!


Author: Amy DuBois Barnett
Title: Get Yours!  The Girlfriends’ Guide To Having Everything You Ever Dreamed Of And More
Web site:
Disilgold: Hi Amy, thanks for taking the time to be our interview guest at DisilgoldSOUL Magazine from your schedule and upcoming tour.

I am truly honored and just ecstatic to be real. It was great seeing you at the BookExpo a while back. Many people recognized you as soon as you entered the doors of this event. I don’t want to give away why yet because sometimes I find out more than I think I already know about authors, but I will say that there has been quite a buzz around your latest book. Okay, I take that back, A HUGE BUZZ, and so I’ll start by asking, “What can you tell the Disilgold community about yourself that will explain why Disilgold has sought you for a perSOULnalized interview?

Amy: Well Heather, you may know me as the former Editor in Chief of Honey Magazine. I was also the Managing Editor of Teen People where I became the first African American woman in the country to run a major mainstream magazine. I am now the Deputy Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar.

Disilgold: Whoa!!!! So you went from gold to super-platinum I guess because all of these publications are major. I didn’t know you were at Harper’s Bazaar until a few weeks ago. Congratulations and much respect Amy. I am going to definately order a subscription this week!

Now I have to admit,the African-American community knows you best from your “intimate monthly column in Honey Magazine that shared highly personal anecdotes and life lessons” as you have stated in the past. I would buy Honey to read your editorials first for the inspiration and motivation to be my best and always wondered, when is Amy  DuBois Barnett going to write a book?

Now it’s September 24th and  the book everyone has been talking about has arrived and will be on bookstore shelves tomorrow!!!Will you share what your latest book is about in advance before it hits store shelves?
Amy: My new book is based on my journey from anonymity and unhappiness to success and fulfillment. Get Yours! details the seven-part philosophy I developed to survive and thrive in both good and bad times. I also call on celebrity role models like Gayle King, Venus Williams, Sanaa Lathan, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Hill Harper, Kelis and India Arie to share their experiences and insightful advice.

Disilgold: These folks are trailblazers and people we all can admire for their words of wisdom and inner strength. No one would know from your major successes what you endured Amy and I am proud of you for being brave enough to come forward with your story. How long did it take you to complete your book?

Amy: A year and a half. I was pregnant at the time, so I took a break somewhere in there of about three months.

Disilgold: Wow! That is a long time, but Let’s say it may have been a blessed break. Your book is hitting the bookstores tomorrow!What were the happiest moments you have experienced while writing your latest book?

Amy: It was a very happy time for me—I was pregnant with my little boy and I was writing a book that I know will empower women of color.  I felt like I was contributing positively to the universe!

Disilgold: I do understand. This is beautiful news. Describe your writing style?

Amy: Honest and intimate.

Disilgold: How did you develop your writing style? I must say, everything you write is memorable!

Amy: Through writing my Personal Space columns at Honey, and writing my editor’s letters at Teen People.

Disilgold: You are so brave Amy. You shared editorials that were sometimes shocking. I won’t go into detail, but you know what I am talking about in regard to an article you revealed about how the men treat women in the industry. That was my favorite article. It hit home big time at that time in my life and I thank you! Do you have a favorite author of all time or someone who inspired you to achieve your goals as a writer?

Amy: I’m inspired by people who strive to leave the world a better place. I have tons of fiction authors that I admire, but my book was inspired by personal heroes like my namesake W.E.B. DuBois.

Disilgold: With so many authors on the market,do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now?


Disilgold: Yeahhhh! So now that people know they can expect more books from you, what marketing tips can you provide to new authors?

Amy: Take advantage of all opportunities to get the word out about your book, especially online: myspace, blogs, e-blasts, etc.

Disilgold: This is excellent advice! What other projects are you working on?

Amy:I have a novel that I’d like to complete and I’m working on a follow-up Get Yours! book. But I just took a job as the Deputy Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, so my time is more limited these days.

Disilgold: I do understand that you still find the time to read plenty of books and so, what are your top ten favorite books right now?

Amy: I enjoyed recently revisiting books like The Souls of Black Folk, Their Eyes Were Watching God, To Kill A Mockingbird, White Teeth, A Room of One’s Own, Song of Solomon, Indiana, 100 Years of Solitude, Long Distance Life, The Namesake.

Disilgold:  These are wonderful selections. I am going to have to check out some of these books I don’t have. When do you write and for how long?

Amy:Depends on the day and my mood.

Disilgold: Do you have a favorite location for writing?

Amy: I’ve gotten a lot done at Starbucks!

Disilgold: Starbucks should be paying you for that endorsement,Amy. What method did you use to write or organize ‘GET YOURS’?

Amy: I’ve worked at magazines for years, so I know a lot about how to package content to make it informative and fun at the same time. My book has a very empowering message–and I use quizzes, action plans, promise pages and celebrity interviews to deliver that message.

Disilgold: Well, that message reaches millions and now we know who the lady is behind that message. What three words best describe your writing style?
Amy:Honest,intimate, practical.

Disilgold: What other hobbies do you pursue when you aren’t writing ?

Amy: I love to travel the world and have adventures.  But right now, my biggest adventure is my son, Max Robeson Brown.

Disilgold: That’s an adorable name. Sounds like a young writer in the making. Are there any hidden jewels or talents that you possess that many of your readers may not know?

Amy: I’m very athletic and adventurous. I’ve done everything from white water rafting the Zambezi in Zambia, camping across the US, backpacking through France, going on safari in Botswana and boating up the Li river in China. I also love sports: Jujitsu, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, dance…

Disilgold: This sounds like another book in the making. You have to share next time how to excel in these sports. Where can folks buy your latest book tomorrow?

Amy: Any major bookstore or online book retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) My website,, has many different links to booksellers. 

Disilgold: The website looks fabulous. Where can folks meet you?

Amy: You can check out my website or my myspace page.  Also, I will be making several appearances in New York and across the country over the next few months.

Disilgold: Well, let us know when you are in New York.  We’re excited for you and your latest book. I just wanted to know what have been some of your toughest obstacles as a writer? So many authors will read this interview for inspiration alone, and coming from places where they have met obstacles.
Amy: It’s hard to write a book, but it’s just as hard figuring out how to get the word out.  Your book could be the thing to hit shelves in years, but if no ones knows about it, no one will buy it…

Disilgold: I agree, but there are certain books people just have to have and, I expect for media and booklovers to suport your new book because you have been an inspiration to us all.

This section of our interview requires brief responses and is called the” Get PerSOULnal” Interview in ode to author Terrie William’s book years ago called “The Personal Touch,” but I hope you don’t mind me including your “Personal Space” as an inspiration to me as well because I pulled out some old issues before our interview and enjoyed reading away for hours. Amy you are a phenomenal writer!!!!!Are you ready for the Get Personal Interview?

Amy: I’m ready!
The “Get PerSOULnal” Interview with Amy Dubois Barnett, author of ‘Get Yours’!

Disilgold: What time do you awake normally every morning?

Amy: My son wakes me up at 7am.

Disilgold: What is your writing fuel in the morning?

Amy:I eat a lot of bagels and protein bars.

Disilgold: What early morning rituals have followed for many years?

Amy: My son changed all of my rituals!  Now they involve warming milk, playing his favorite world music CD while I pry off the wet diaper and trying to get him to brush his teeth instead of his stuffed bear’s mouth.

Disilgold: What are your favorite foods to snack on while writing?

Amy: Dark chocolate, jelly beans, grapes, pretzels, peanut butter and jelly.

Disilgold: Do you watch television or listen to the radio when you’re writing, and if so, what do you watch or listen too mostly?

Amy: Nope, although I do like the background noise of being in space with many other people.

Disilgold: What is your favorite book of all time?

Amy:Their Eyes Were Watching God!

Disilgold: Zora would love this. What is your favorite magazine of all time?

Amy:I loved editing Honey Magazine. Now I love Essence.

Disilgold: Don’t we all? Do you have an exercise regimen to suggest for busy writers?

Amy: Take walks.  Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym, you will benefit from some fresh air and movement.

Disilgold: What is your everyday outfit?

Amy: For the office: a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels.  On the weekends: jeans, sneakers and long-sleeved t-shirts.
Disilgold: Hold on Amy, writing down “the pencil skirt” for the record. We all know you are a fashion trendsetter. If you could inspire a child, what would you say?

Amy: You are beautiful and special and capable—and you deserve the best!

Disilgold: Hold on! Writing this one down for children’s event I am going to this week. Talk about influence Amy. What is your favorite motto?

Amy: This day in this form will never happen again-what are you going to do to make it count?!

Disilgold: LOVE IT! What is your favorite time to put your writing pen down and rest?

Amy:When I have to relieve my nanny.

Disilgold: Have you traveled anywhere besides your hometown and if so, where?

Amy: I love to travel. I’ve been all through Europe and the Caribbean. I’ve been to China, Japan and Hong Kong. I’ve been to Morocco, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. I’ve also lived in Paris, Dublin and India.

Disilgold: Where is your dream vacation?

Amy: Renting a villa in a tropical destination—for a month!
Disilgold: If you could leave one word of advice to people in general, what would it be?

Amy: My mom used to tell me to act happy and you’ll be happy.  It took me a long time, but now I understand that she meant: Walk through the world like you know that you are beautiful and special and capable. People will see that you believe that you deserve the best and will treat you accordingly. 

Disilgold: Amy, this is by far the best interview ever. I learned so much from the lady behind the success of Honey and today I now know as the first African-American woman to run a major magazine. Stay blessed as always. We’ll see you at No.1.
Reflections from Founder: Amy’s new book, ‘Get Yours’ will go on to be an international success. A gifted writerhas surfaced with a published work that will help catapult people to greatness! It’s Amy’s time to shine. A star is born!


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  1. Hey fam, thank you for sending your comments to regarding your visit to Amy’s site. The correct site link is That’s no “E” after DuBois, and 2 ‘T’s” at the end of Barnett. Try bookmarking Amy’s siteso you don’t miss updates on her upcoming tour. She sends love to the DisilgoldSOUL fam and is off to ther tour today! Enjoy the interview.

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