Disilgold.com Shocking Review of The Vixen Diaries by Karrine Steffans

DISILGOLDGOLD SOUL MAGAZINE REVIEW of Vixen Diaries by Karrine Steffans

Written by Heather Covington as H.C.




This article was completed by the time Karrine Steffans appeared on the Wendy William’s Experience on WBLS 107.5fm at around 5:20pm on October 1st, so Disilgold is the first media online to print the outcome and here it is. I expect a lot of pings, tags and syndication of the most thorough review of Karrine Steffan’s book on the planet, and quite possibly the most personal. As a top literary reviewer , a review of Karrine’s book is long overdue. I’m not one of those jealous heifers who needs to ride on anyone’s coattail for success, so this is as real as it is going to get. At a recent booksigning of Karrine’s at my neighborhood Barnes and Noble bookstore, there were people on line who left Karrine’s signing after we took a photo together to get my autograph. The photo never made it on her site, but that’s okay…I can market my own books quite well and don’t need Karrine’s support to help me market my books or return the favor after I post my review of her book. It is evident that my review alone will help catapult her booksales to number one good or bad.

 This is all good for Karrine’s sales although my review is unfavorable here, but  because everyone including top CRM’s of the nation’s leading bookstores are reading this as well as all of your A rated media which I know as a fact and even Ms. Karrine Steffans herself, I wanted to shed more light on Karrine as a former psychoanalyst  and explain why she wrote Vixen Diaries.

Don’t worry, people are going to get their autographed copies for keeps because 100 years from now the book will be valuable! It looks like there won’t be any books left after I update this article so you better hurry and get a copy so you’ll know what I am talking about.

And of course, I get to plug my new novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales by Babe Charisse Worthtington which features a woman named Karrine in the story that was written since 2001. Shameless me! This is  the first time in the history of Disilgold, I get to pick on the strongest link in the literary industry and enjoy it. Why? I know Karrine’s career is skyrocketing and regardless of what reviewers or myself say, she’s going to the top, but I don’t think with this latest book unless she can get out there and fend for herself. I truly see Karrine branching off to do something more meaningful like helping teenagers.  My review may possibly be the collective conscious of the people and say it all as written from my alter-ego, but who is more reliable to tell the truth than someone who doesn’t need a thing, but shares this need to write and report on good and sometimes dismal books from authors?

 This isn’t my style, but everyone has been bugging me to review Karrine’s book from a black woman’s perspective, and of course, as the strongest black journalist on the net who’s not afraid to speak her mind!  I was going to spare Karrine, but her publicity team when she was with another publisher tried to shun me from speaking my mind when I was a writer on EURWEB.com, and folks thought all of the time I was in favor of Karrine’s  lifestyle. NOT!  I think Karrine knows this too, but I am getting at something here by the end of this article! Women are dying from HIV and AIDS and I can’t let karrine’s book send mix messages of glorifying the video vixen life. Sorry Karrine. I don’t give a fuck if you are on your knees without a cup of water and a child  in your arms, you don’t sell your soul. You reach out to a church, help center or shelter and let go of that proud ego and liefstyle.  Never sell the house because when it’s all over with, you won’t have one and no one is going to care. Read on!

Don’t get me wrong, Karrine is a nice person, but it’s her lifestyle I am focusing on here so those people who are fans, calm down and let me do my job. Time to get nasty or maybe just real for the sake of those impressionable young adults who don’t understand how real AIDS is. Maybe you and I don’t have it or Karrine, but trust… even married women can become prey in thinking their men aren’t creeping on the down low with women who partook in activities like Karrine’s past. 

 Wendy  Williams let it be known that she’s so over what Karrine is doing to make it onto the New York Times list and she doesn’t have the energy to combat her lifestyle, but UH Wendy you sure do have more than 10 minutes to interview her and furthermore give her 8 minutes to share her dirt or lies according to her haters. Come on Wendy, I know you are just as fascinated as all of the women out there over Karrine’s ability to GET HERS. She has got to be one of the most powerful black women today with this Karrine franchise she created. It is almost like Karrine came onto the scene overnight and took over. “It is what it is,” and for you impressionable journalists out there, that’s a WENDYISM that Wendy gave me permission to use. Respect the Disilgold “Queen of All Media,”  who I ghave this title to, but she was way too nice to Karrine in hope she wouldn’t walk out. Now all journalists pet her ego so she won’t leave. Karrine doesn’t need stroking, she needs a fight because that’s what she’s good at. I bet she was looking forward to walking off of her set, but noooo Wendy was soooo sweet today. Da-yum, New York was expecting Wendy to go at Karrine, diva to diva.

Furthermore, Wendy questions Karrine placing her son in her  book and exploiting him to the world. I expected Wendy to talk more on this issue, but she let it go. She’s had her son at plenty of events, but even I as media would never put a picture of her cute  son on the internet. That’s so tacky.  I guess Karrine acknowledges that she did all that she did for her son, so okay I will back off. Now I get it. Her son will have to respect his mommy when he becomes a grown man oneday because mommie did it her way or they might be homeless. I do respect that. Now I see why Wendy didn’t go at her.

Karrine goes on to say after her first book was released, she had a nervous breakdown and had to be placed in the hospital for 5 hours. As a result, her son was taken away. Really? A 5 hour breakdown? I didn’t know folks recuperated that fast, but that’s a 1 pointer for her haters wishing her bad. Folks want to see successful people break down. I  really don’t think Karrine had a nervous breakdown, but possibly an emotional breakdown that peeks when joy and depression meet. It’s like you don’t know if you should be happy because you just got signed to a million dollar bookdeal or be sad because of the media pop shots that are so hateful and rude. This is something I understand,too.

For spoilers, her new beau is actor Darrius McCray from the show, Family Matters. Rumors  speculated he had HIV, but everyone knows that this rumor was brought on by people related to an ex. He even completed a new movie recently. Karrine has made it clear on her site that she and her partners she engages  get tested. Furthermore, she and Darrius make a cute couple. He looks like a family man type and someone not so into himself he can pay more attention to Karrine. I think they look good together. Wendy gets points for pulling out this info. WOOOOOW! Wendy is a masterful interviewer and gets notches on that one. No one knew who Karrine was referring to in regard to her fiance’ and now it’s out of the bag. Later on, Wendy mentions something to the extent that this all people were wondering about, and so as Charlemane tha God interjects, what’s the purpose of people buying the book? However, trust me when I say there are more things readers will be shocked to know about Karrine and that I won’t give away. Mind you, Karrine and I are not friends at all, so don’t think I am plugging her book. I am being as subjective as I can be.

What really caught my attention when I listened to Wendy William’s interview was that she asked Karrine how does she know a man is gay? Karrine says she checks a man’s booty hole and if his anal area looks open, he’s gay or if she can place 3 fingers in his anal area, he’s doing something. Finally, if a man is too “Coiffed” or shaved, he’s gay. Oh my! Does this mean ladies will be checking men’s anal area more often? Does Karrine get points for enlightening today’s woman? Not bad. Okay, everyone give applause please.

Finally, within the last 8 minutes of her interview with Wendy Williams, she says Ray J and Whitney Houston’s photos caught together was a publicity stunt and maybe Ray J had a relationship, but he felt it may have been bad to admit this for his image. She goes on to say that Big Tigger had a protrusion from his anal area that  didn’t look right. I am telling you now this sounds like a lie.  Must be something personal betwen the two. People will believe anything and why not make up a lie about someone who you are good friends with and later on can split a few million dollars with when it’s all said and done, right. After all, it’s better to chose someone to talk about who won’t sue you and is your friend than someone who will come after you. Tigger is rich. He’s not thinking about Karrine, but I am sure he’ll cut a side deal later on! I saw him at Beyonce’s B-Day bash. He and that guy Shawn Wayans who arrived together were looking at the ladies in short skirts. It’s all true and this was before all of this hype about gay rumors.

 Karrine mentions that she can express her opinion and didn’t appreciate Big Tigger calling her a liar. But when Jamie Foxx had a Gay Day on his show, Big Tigger got offensive. She says she spared him in the first book, but because he was offensive, she now talks about the situation she says she witnessed in her second book. It sounds to me like Karrine has a personal vendetta against Big Tigger, but that’s just my opinion. In fact, the whole situation is hilarious.  Sometimes a woman likes a man and when he dejects her for being out there, it’s clear that Karrine would take oit personal.  She is much prettier in person and shouldn’t have to sell her soul. There must be some self-esteem issues due to her father and mother’s reltionship Oprah should have them both on her show for a sound off. Woowee! Ratings would boom! Can we say Karrine is a media mogul!

Finally, Wendy talked about how “half and half “relationships always wind up with the black woman being called the n-word. Karrine admits that when she and Bill Maher had arguements, he would talk about her ghetto friends. Oh my.

That’s when Charlemane, Wendy’s side kick, began to fall asleep on the interview when Karrine mentions she’s going to marry Darrius just for Wendy when she completes her tour . She currently is not on any medication for her nervous breakdown as she says, but has a spiritual therapist and psychologist.

She mentions she’s comfortable with Darrius and he makes her feel different from other men. She doesn’t want any girls because of what she went through with her parents, but wants boys.

By 5:25pm upon the end of the interview unless it was pre-taped, Brittney Spears just got her kids taken away from her. My, my, my. Wendy interjected the show with this news right on time. What a smart cookie. I know she mentioned Karrine was signing her book at Barnes & Noble in less than 30 minutes, but like I was compelled to stay home and listen to Wendy’s commentary on Britney now. You know how it is when you are transporting from your office to the car, and don’t want to miss a second of the news? Well, Wendy may have possibly stolen listeners who said, I will stay home or keep driving in my car to hear about Britney. However, I dashed out the door and sure enough by the time I got into my car, Wendy’s commentary about Britney was over.

Wendy’s interview with Karrinewas not  as great as with Whitney Houston and I am shocked. Wendy is a thorough interviewer. For goodness sake, I interviewed Wendy face-to face and she’s usually on point. It seems like she spared Karrine so she wouldn’t walk out on the set after powedering up in the pink room, but why does Karrine need to powder up? She doesn’t wear make-up anyways. I guess she was nervous as I reveal with the review of her book where she mentions she gets the jitters still when doing interviews. Listen, she got a plug for her Bx, NY signing tonight so I think she would have had to accept all questions in the hot seat. New Yorker’s really don’t come out in droves unless you are the hottest thing on the planet. I wasn’t sure if I  would attend Karrine’s signing  because I think there won’t be enough police and I value my life. It’s not like Beyonce’ is in town. It’s just Superhead right? Wrong! Karrine is the biggest and most talked about diva on the net right now!

So here we go!!!!!! Hate my review or love it.They call me the Literary Diva, but today I am H.C. I actually wrote this review the day before upon purchasing Karrine’s book the first day it hit shelves.




5 comments on “Disilgold.com Shocking Review of The Vixen Diaries by Karrine Steffans

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  2. Karrine has been dissing the African-American community, which is predominantly her reader base. I think this contributed largely to the very low book sales numbers the first week out. She had been hanging up on radio hosts, calling “her own people” ignorant, etc. White women and/or men are really not interested, for the most part, about her trysts with the people named in this follow-up to “Confessions of a Video Vixen.” Needless to say, “The Vixen Diaries” is a yawn. She doesn’t name names as she did in the predecessor and, though she leads on in recent interviews that she’s matured past her video vixen “way” this book seems to contradict that. I would venture to say that this book may never reach the NYTBSL. See her Miss Jones interview on YouTube where she was caught lying repeatedly about some of the “situations” in “Confessions…” and her son’s father, Kook G Rap. She doesn’t want to be called “Superhead” but she continues to live promiscuously as the nickname leads on. Looks like that’s the only thing she’ll be good for and remembered for if this book continues to tank.

  3. I got some feedback about my article from an avid reader of the Daily Literary Dish that read,” Heather, this is by far the best article about Karrine’s new book. You were able to sum up the collective conscious very well!” Another writer says,” I actually did not know who Karrine was and just went out and bought her book Heather. I’m writing a book. Please trash my book. This is what I need!” -LOL. Another supporter of Karrine says, “Heather, you were way to harsh. Da-yum. I think if Karrine read this she would go off and cry somewhere or get so strong she’ll blow up with something bigger next time out the box. No wonder you don’t release your non-favorable reviews. But in Karrine’s case, this is as bad as criticism gets and if she can face this one, she can really make it. Well done!” I appreciate everyone’s comments to Disilgold@aol.com and yes, you can post here to let me know you are reading among tens of thousands of readers…Don’t be scared. I really don’t dislike Karrine, just what she represents in the book and actions. I am sure she is a nice person and just selling books, but she has a job and I have a job to do. I have to set the record straight on sisters for sale in the industry pr none of us will get respect.

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