Heather Covington Identifies True Buying Market of Black Books

In my observance  so far of several booksignings of primarily African-American authors, I now realize that the buying market consists of young  black teen girls, college undergraduates, young women with children and working women in their middle ages, plus children if you can get their attention. Men don’t buy books as much as women, but they skim through them and have a lot to say about what they skim. They may buy a book of interest from a black female if she appeals to them or offer some kind of advice on writing, but for the most part, they are spectators. So what do the markets listed suggest? Teens are searching for role models and idols that remind them of success. Undergraduates want the American dream so they are looking for books with strong characters who have overcome diversity. Middle aged women want romance books that slow life down and either give ideas or focus  on love  lost or newfound. To get these buying market’s attention you have to be a media icon. That status is hard to achieve, but if an author has either sex appeal,controversy, media appeal, expertise in a specific field or a success story, they are bound to break into the market.

Few media resources could care less about charitable causes, because it’s too political based and bores their audience, but they do like gossip and any expertise tips that can enhance their reader’s lives so keep this in mind if you are an author.



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