Disilgold.com to Release Photos of All Access Granted Invite to Steve Harvey’s Morning Radio Show Premiere on WBLS 107.5fm Before He Became America’s No. 1 Radio Host

(DisilgoldSOUL, USA)- DisilgoldSOUL Magazine, a quality media resource, received so many requests to attend mogul media events in 2006 into 2007, there simply has not been enough time to load on photos of the most popular events attended by DisilgoldSOUL Magazine and we wish to apologize for being so selfish and only focusing on our celebrity literary artists, but since I have completed my first debut novel, Tekila Nika, I have agreed to take on the arduous responsibility of accrediting one of the most historical events, and that is when Steve Harvey, a multi-million dollar comedian on the rise agreed to fill the morning slot for the sheer fun and enjoyment of staying connected to his fans. My editors didn’t want to load a single picture of any celebs unless I approved because everything at Disilgold.com has to have substance and some integrity. We’re not here to bring anyone down. It’s all about history at Disilgold.com. However, I have to admit that when I tuned into the show at first , it didn’t seem like Steve Harvey was compatible with Jacque Reid, a real sweetie from the person I met, but way too strong a personality for the light-hearted host’s jokes.  I think Jacque wanted to debate rather than nurture an everlasting radio relationship with a male shock jock on the rise. Things got way too personal on air. The chemistry just wasn’t there.  Regardless, the show took off and it was Disilgold SOUL Magazine that received word first from WBLS headquarters that the network has won the prestigious Marconi Best Urban Radio Award. After the Katrina Hurricane, the network’s national syndication was temporarily cut off, but WBLS is back at the top. Now Nephew Tommy fills in when Steve Harvey is on the road, and the show is off -the -wall, crazy entertaining and just what folks need to wake up in the morning. I love it. Steve’s ADVICE makes sense as compared to some “stupid radio hosts and media personalities who simply spread bad tips based on their own wasted vicarious lives like ignorant fools and destroying people’s lives with their own confusion”  and Disilgold would never syndicate that crap to any of its YGA members. (CHUCKLES)

Other times, Steve Harvey gets a little too carried away, but that’s his Devil’s Advocate role people see right through.  In our opinion, Steve Harvey’s personality is equivocal to someone like Oprah. He just commands your attention. Steve was very personable and took photos with everyone at the VIP WBLS party. Almost every top media entity was invited. Unfortunately, some were left out in the cold and we never wear credentials to events, so we couldn’t help out anyone this time.  What  I got was   that Steve Harvey was in dire need of losing  maybe 10 pounds. Being on the road can  add pounds, so now he’s all fit and trim, feels great, has a new fiancee’ and enjoying the good life once again. His hard work on the road has paid off and make no mistake about it, Steve Harvey is a star! Mornings wouldn’t be right without Steve Harvey’s personality in the morning. His stylish persona gives men a role model to emmulate and he just jokes with folks I think to pass on the humility he endured on his road to success. Some folks need that because this is what you will encounter in the world. So there you have it, visit www.disilgold.com sometime this week to see all never before released photos. Disilgold@aol.com.


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