It’s official, 1/3 of nearly all lipsticks contain lead. Now don’t go saying that there has been a conspiracy to market lipstick with lead to destroy the IQ of women in America . What I will attest to is that lead causes birth defects in unborn children. So now we have women and unborn children at risk. Target the darkest lipstick shades which are more prevalent in the African-American community, and you get underlying and voluntary genocide of  black women. Take away your black woman and there goes the reproduction of more black children thus decreasing the Black race overall. It’s no secret  that L’oreal and Cover Girl cosmetics currently promoted with the use of top entertainers and actresses were reported with the most traces in their darkest shades . According to CBS news, Cosmetics protest groups are researching lead levels and calling for regulation. There’s no telling how many brands contain lead. No one seems to know what lead is used in lipstick in the first place. www.Disilgold.com


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