Interviewer on the CW31 tries to Berate Janet Jackson and sabotage Tyler Perry’s New Movie



(DisilgoldSOUL, USA)- The interview was going great, but then an interviewer on the CW31 tried to chastise Janet Jackson with questions about her Superbowl mishap where her wardrobe malfunctioned as Justin Timberlake pulled off her garment exposing her  body. The singer has already paid heavily for the mishap and for the reporter to attack Janet Jackson even with light humor is like punching a black woman in the face trying to do right and overcome her past mistakes. The interviewer should be FIRED immediately. His actions were rude and senseless. What is this This is the news Janet and Tyler Perry appeared on together.. It’s a good thing Tyler was there to defend her. What a shame. The vice president can live down shooting his best friend by accident, but Janet is condemned forever while Justin gets off with a slap on the wrist for pulling off her top with such tenacity in the first place. You mean to tell me Justin didn’t know when he pulled of her garment that something less would be exposed. If it had been a bra, janet would have still been charged with indecent exposure. It was like a hush, hush set up. Black women are always taking the fall. See the interview for yourself. Wonder who put this clown interviewer up to questioning Janet or was this contrived publicity as well. You just never know nowadays, and perhaps, I am better off not defending the issue. Perhaps, Janet will speak on it herself.


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