Literary Diva Heather Covington Responds to Literary Diva Terry McMillan

 Terry McMillan

(Disilgold SOUL, USA-October 14th) Today I got over 90 emails from our fellow YOUnity Guild of America urban authors over at It appears like many are upset with Terry McMillan’s comments on NPR recently in regard to urban literature. So I tuned in to hear the link sent to me from one of my reigning urban authors who has found a new life thanks to his passion for writing lately.

At first, I was appalled by my featured Literary Diva’s comments. Terry is the beauty at the top far righthand corner of my  book next to Dr. Maya Angelou whom you may know saved my life if you read my article that graced the site of for 2 years a while back.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a long story. Just know that I was deep in thought while driving one day and had my music turned down. If I hadn’t I would not have heard some men yelling to the top of their lungs, WRONG WAY! WRONG WAY! Yep, me the new jack driver on highways was going 30 miles down a oneway highway. Luckily, I was able to place my car in reverse and let God take over from there as I stepped on the gas. I know this is hard for folks to envision cars flying at me at 60 miles per hour that didn’t know I was rolling backwards, but I wound up steering off of a side ramp and was saved by the skin of my chin.

 I give all praise to Dr. Maya Angelou for letting me drop my camera in front of her and say, “Ah forget it, give me a hug Maya.” That’s right, I sacrificed that picture of a lifetime to just cry on Dr. Maya Angelou’s shoulder. I just wanted to cry tears of joys for meeting my poetry idol face-to-face. I absorbed all of her wisdom and Disilgold was literally reborn.

In knowing  Literary Divas stories of triumph over adversity as the writer of Literary Divas, I decided to reread the entry about Terry McMillan in the book. Like I, she enjoyed reading books, but what is fascinating about Terry is how she took on the responsibility of her publisher at the beginning of her career and wrote to over 3000 bookstores and media outlets requesting that they stock her book. The result was a winner we all know today as MAMA. In a way, Terry is like MAMA to all writers. She’s discerning, quite opinionated and seems downright fussy in interviews, but no one can take away this woman’s clever ability to create a story with an intriguing plot. Her books have been converted to movies and keep getting better like fine wine, so why did Terry suddenly attack the urban literary community people ask? Well, all I can assume is that she is lashing out as the collective voice of the people,but not necessarily her own. She’s skillful in creating debate by deploying her alter ego without mercy and for that, I can’t get mad at Terry. This only draws my attention to her great books and then I go looking to see if a new book of Terry’s is  on the way. However, don’t get me wrong, she may very well be pissed off at urban literature and not just stirring up controversy!

What I decided to do is speak out as the collective conscious of the urban lit community on my online brochure site at this week. If you happen to read this entry before the comments are moved, do check Daily Literary Dish Diaries’  Audio Review link archives. ALL NEW & LOADING SOON!

My goal was to  counteract Terry McMillan’s notion that all urban literature degrades women and is written with bad English or immoral depictions of the black man and black woman. I have a story to tell called Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales under my urban pen name, Babe Charisse Worthington, that I think will unify the urban literary community.

While I am aware that the debate is on between your top AA website, top publishing house, top author and top literary publication, I am glad to stand on my own two feet as the voice of the YGA community and one of the featured authors in Literary Divas who can support both urban and non-urban writers. WHY? I READ ALL GENRES OF BOOKS!

And I must say, if urban books will attract more readers who ordinarily would not read any books than more power to them. I sympathize with urban writers who have attempted to write books with warm-hearted flair like Terry McMillan,but failed and so they write from the streets and what they know best, so today they succeed! Is it a crime for the Urban Lit author to do so? If not, they would be broke and down trodden. I won’t turn my back on the urban lit community. Some are featured in Literary Divas ( ), and I will always welcome the genre through Disilgold doors.

I feel there is a significant beauty in this craft of writing that should not be tampered with or the rise of the Neo-Soul Literary Renaissance may be altered. I think this is a crime more so than urban writers writing books.

Let writers write. Let them tell their stories. Our right to refuse to buy what we don’t want to read is OUR decision.

Most likely, I will buy Terry McMillan’s new upcoming book over any urban books, but this doesn’t mean I won’t read an urban book if requested for a review.

My open-mindedness is why Disilgold is successful or I may not have ever been able to gain the motivation to write history books, host the Literary Living Television show or promote authors let alone pen Literary Divas and the upcoming Literary Dons.

I decided to add the Daily Literary Dish Syndicate here as an extension to because it is true, people are drawn to gossip, but more importantly fine journalism and so you have to give people what they want or you will starve. In my case,I am going with good gossip and journalism that strays from the status quo and conglomerate viewpoint and why over 50,000 readers are drawn here!

I do understand how Terry feels with so many urban authors selling more books than her titles and don’t even acknowledge the author. The principle of divide and conquer is real, but I answered back by moving forward with my mission as a promoter, writer of all genres and educator!

When you’re focused on your talent, no one can stop you or make others forget who’s the best in the literary game, and we all know Terry is one of the finest writers. What would be nice is if Terry reads  many as opposed to few urban novels before summating and typecasting the entire urban literary community as garbage. People’s lives and the truth of the streets are not garbage. If it weren’t for my reading of some urban lit books, movies and music, I would be a dumb and naive fool. Urban books teach us all that it’s a bad world out there with contrary folks who don’t have your best interests in mind. I have many stories to tell one day!

Even Karrine Steffan’s warned us of jump offs in the industry and this is to be commended. This is why you see a tear in my eyes when you see the photo of us. I know that no matter how much therapy Karrine receives, a part of her has died in thinking these men she dealt with were interested in a monagomous lifetime relationship. So it’s sad that  she threw herself into the fire to do whatever she could to make ends meet with what could have been a deadly cost, but she’s attempted to change her life around.

 Unfortunately, the public doesn’t want the newly revised Karrine, so she’s got to make enemies to stay at the top and keep the contoversy going or it’s all over. Her own mind flip flops because she doesn’t want to risk losing it all so she’s still in survival mode. She won’t admit to this, but it is obvious and I wish her the very best. I’m sure when people read this they’ll also open their doors to Karren Steffans. However, with Terry’s powerful comments against urban lit, I am afraid she may sway bookstores to shut down urban lit and rid their shelves of the genre. But careful what one wishes for because tell all books are on the rise next if urban books are burned to the stake and it looks like Terry’s husband is going to be the first to throw Terry’s lashing back in her face without mercy. Probably the only community that would have been there when the ugly gets uglier is the urban community which she has now severed ties with.

I think a tell all book by Jonathan Plummer is necessary for people to hear both sides of the story Terry  made public by going on the Tavis Smiley Show and Terry has nothing to worry about.

 I use to be homophobic, but I now realize these folks are people too, and somewhat like Urban Lit authors who have been typecasted. Finding out your husband was gay should not have been a reason to break up. If your husband no longer showed an interest in you over a gay man than that is a reason to become angry. There are plenty of couples with one gay partner who are happily committed, practice safe sex and have a line of trusted communication. This shocked me and why I want to hear Terry’s ex-husbands story. If he makes a million, maybe the two can reconcile and split the money. LOL. I think Karen Hunter is using her gifts to create books that people want to read and should not be denied. Terry should write her rebutal with Karen Hunter if necessary. She’s a great writer.

 Rather than live in denial we have to ask questions and face our fears or we may all wind up in places and with people who are harmful and detrimental to our souls. Urban books are not a crime, they are reflections of the true mentality of the streets that do exist.

There are real gangs, real jump offs, real crime, real drugs, real kidnappings, real murders, real gang violence, real rape,real abuse and everything going on under the sun Terry. We can’t be blind because one way or another the truth will reach the surface and better to find out now than never.

Here’s the audio clipping. Terry is one of the fewest Literary Divas to get me upset enough to rebuke online.

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