The O.J. Story by Heather Covington, author of Tekila Nika (Lands Dec. 2007)

Rest in peace Johnny Cocharan, a respected man in law who had the selfless task of getting O.J. acquitted on murder charges. The world was divided on the issue of color and race and you couldn’t tell any black person in America that O.J. was guilty eventhough every amount of evidence pointed to guilt from his  truck parked erratically and sudden scars on his hand upon returning from a flight to missing suitcases of bloody clothes to the famous scene when O.J. put those gloves on that had shrunken post gorged in blood like leather will do upon drying and who could forget that devilish  smile on O.J.’s face when Johnny claimed, “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” I guess no one ever realized from studying forensic cases that most  coldblooded criminals usually don’t wear clothes that fit during the scene of a crime, but guess what… even with tight gloves on you can harm a human being. Nevermind, O.J.’s violent fits caught on tape when paparazzi showed up unexepectedly and most recently to a golf course where O.J. likes to hang out. We’re supposed to all excuse O.J. and continue giving excuses for his temper as a black man! And never mind my personal assessments because it could very well be true that O.J. has never killed anyone in his life, but how do the courts find him monetarily responsible for the murder of Nicole Simpson? It just doesn’t add up. He’s a free man so this means he didn’t murder Nicole Simpson, but yet he has to pay with things like a Rolex watch and any portions of  money he makes for the rest of his life. I guess he’s not a free man. But what you can’t take away from O.J. is his pride. He wanted his Heisman Trophy back and posessions regardless if they were only worth a few thousand. He let his no good friends lure him into robbing and getting his possessions back,but no one told him they were going to pull out guns and then go running to police to set him up when it’s all over and done with to escape a former bad rap. I bet they will find out that O.J. had no choice but to roll with the criminals who coerced him to get his possessions back or perhaps, he’d become a missing person. Looks suspect to me. Oh my, poor O.J.  if he’s an innocent man who just suffers from violent fits and as I said, possibly an innocent man. Now he’s written a tell all self-confessing truth or fiction book, “If I Did It!” and whomever lured him to write that flop really has set him up. He has to give nearly all his earnings from that book, and has successfully lost his integrity if he every had any to begin with. I have to admit a part  of me sympathized with O.J. because I just didn’t think he could do any wrong being a star quarterback. Any man would love to give 3/4 of their earnings to a former wife and children just to be at peace and see to it that they grow up sound and happy. After all, a 1/4 of that is a cool one million right? It’s not so bad! But when I heard about this attempted robbery with guns involving O.J., I was just shocked and this really ruined my confidence in any man locked up by the law and trying to holler at the Black community for help, and all except a few. I mean enough is enough. The more you care about incidences of injustice, the more you find out that these victims are harboring a criminal past and dangerous. Am I politically incorrect to say that maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton need to carefully assess what struggles for Blacks they take on to the point where when justice is sought, it’s justified. All I have to say is if you are black or white and you do the crime, YOU DO THE TIME, and that is the bottom line, but let it fit the crime. You got Michael Vick who apologized for his actions facing federal prison for putting down dogs after a fight which technically, why let a losing dog suffer after beat. That is real torture and they’ll never be able to fight with confidence again and will experience pain in future fights. It’s not like anyone wants those vicious dogs as pets or to let them go free in the streets. I just don’t get it. You have folks in Barceloneta Puerto Rico throwing dogs and cats off bridges and the US doesn’t intervene? Aren’t we hypocrites for caring about about USA CITIZEN animals.

I say, let’s rewrite the constitution, Bill of Rights and all amendments with revisions that clearly spell out fair and reasonable amounts of time to serve for any crime. In this situation with O.J., he certainly was acting in character, but HE DIDN’T HURT ANYONE, RIGHT? He was retrieving his goods and taking the law into his own hands, right? His bad language is irrelevant, but how did the person feel being kidnapped or what is it, held up, who knows? Is he damaged to the poing that he can’t work or function? How about monetary compensation for the victim’s inconvenience and as for O.J. some community service in a rec facility with youth where he teaches them to not be like O.J. when they grow up. I am sure some better use can be put to the bone of this solid, healthy and well spoken man. O.J. is a motivational speaker, just fiesty. That’s all! Let him be a bootcamp instructor to help these gun runners in Co-op City calm down and get a life. They’ll listen to O.J. Right now, I just want to take my hand and back slap O.J. for being such a wreck these days. He’s so impressionable on folks. Look how Diddy is now being accused of beating up a man at a club who exchanged looks with him I guess or perhaps, they shared an interest in the same girl. According to the New York Post, Diddy went as far as to say, “And we won’t even shoot you.” Hope this is false because this sounds like some Scarface nonsense. Is every celeb committing O.J.’s.? Are all black men in entertainment bound for the jail cell?

 I really thought O.J. was going to make a come back, but with this book and dumbest recent incident of his life,maybe some time to reflect would help him to live, stay out of trouble and be grateful for the life he had. Women really are not that bad. Half of the time, they just want men to love and respect them, but nooooo, they have to play the field and then when we take the kids and go away, they expect women to just rot and die who they are no longer with. A true king takes care of their  past or present woman no matter what relationship. It’s called respect and pride. Most men today don’t love themselves enough to respect the woman who bore their seed. This is what is wrong with relationships. O.J’s life spun out of control all because of a relationship with a woman. Now you tell me, isn’t it better to fight for your woman than some materialistic things fellows? I think O.J. will one day say, “My goodness… I had a chance in life, but I let materialistic things ruin my life. I should have chosen love, that’s self-love.” O.J. is proof that even love can’t buy you a trophy? NO PUN INTENDED. Laugh if you want to! And that’s the Daily Literary Dish. Check back same time tomorrow around 9pm on the

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