How to Become a Bestseller on Amazon

The Amazon bestseller list not only reflects consistent sellers, but records books that receive more sales than your average  sales in one day. Therefore, if you ask all of your friends to please buy your book on a specific day, you become a bestseller for that day or as long as the effect lasts. Some days there aren’t any more than 10 books sold of your top books and perhaps 1-6 sold of other moderately selling books. Therefore, bestselling status may not reflect anymore than a few hundred to a thousand books. However, having an Amazon Bestseller carries weight on flyers, in press kits, press releases and even book covers. Your goal is to impress your potential consumers who do care that you are making an effort to maximally sell out your book. In fact, the inspiration you give may encourage others to support your work as well. Good luck here, but don’t dwell on this. Sometimes folks need to see your content before purchasing, so that’s where in person sales count and booksignings. One day you will create that book that people just order by the millions. Keep brainstorming, but most of all write from the heart because nothing beats an author who is enthusiastic about one’s work whether a bestseller or not. Your time is coming!


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