Sad News- Marie Osmond Just Fainted on Dancing With the Stars Just 2 Mintues Ago

(DisilgoldSOUL, USA-October 23, 2007)- She was performing at her peak tonight on the show, “Dancing With the Stars,” and just dropped to the floor so hard everyone in America is worried. Just in: Marie is fine. She was so excited that her hyperventalating caused her to pass out. She apologized for failing to breathe and said she has fainted before in the same fashion. It is amazing how she got up like a good sport! WOW! Even the host said, “Marie scared the crap out of me!” Glad all is okay. What a great personality. I am not going to vote for Marie however, because she chose a Samba dance that requires expertise and it just wasn’t executed well. I don’t think she passed out to earn more votes as you will hear by tomorrow’s news on headline pages. And if she did faint, “You go Marie.” Sheez, with 8 kids, why not get some long overdue recognition. So that makes Beyonce, Kelly, Marie and Michelle who have fallen down during performances. I say start a new Destiny’s Fall Girls Group. That would work and millions of albums would sell. Marie’s got soul. Remember her from the show Donnie and Osmond? “Well maybe not? I don’t remember the show either. I just know she’s got a brother who looks like her and they had a show once. Visit “The No. 1 African American Literary & Media Infused Network” for more Top Headline News on the Daily Literary Dish provided courtesy of Heather “The Literary Heat” Covington.


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