WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: The Hosts of Former Literary Living Show, Joe James & Heather Covington Are Launching Their Debut Novels at the Same Time: Founder Addresses Rumors of Rival Feud Between the Authors of Tekila Nika & Soul Baby

DisilgoldSOUL USA- (October 23, 2007)- Heather says there was never a feud between Producer, Actor & Director Joe James and Heather Covington on air 3 times a week on the Literary Living Tv Show featured on the former Black Family Channel Network. “Whoever reported that erroneous lie is the same person who tried to evoke competition between Rosette M. Union and Heather Covington with a deceitful comment on Publisher’s Weekly Website in response to an article by Calvin Reid about the debut of the show.

The show was responsible for the network going up in 2 million viewers according to Neilson ratings bringing the network to 17 million viewers. Literary Living became a favorite, but folks felt that Rosette, producer of the show, executively produced by Tony Rose ( was pampering the co-host which is true. I needed a carry all bag, and as soon as I stopped using it, Producer Rosette M. Union asked for the bag to give to Joe James. I didn’t think anything of it, but I think Spaceman Patterson began joking around and spread the rumor when Rosette would do Joe James make-up and forgot about me. However, she made up for it by getting me a top make-up artist. People make mistakes. She probably didn’t realize she was showing favoritism. I mean here I was trying to get an interview with the Knicks team on the floor before the game and she abruptly wanted me to go to the entrance to get Joe because he might be lost! Yeah right! The print ad model for Mercedes Benz has got to know how to get around in Madison Square Garden.  (Giggles) I was not mad when folks stopped to ask his autograph. We all were trying to relax at Suite (–) which is where the celebs hang post Madison Square Garden games and thanks to NBA spokesperson Cal Ramsey getting  carte blanche access for helping out the winners of  his charity efforts with the youth  who get to meet Knicks players when they do well in school. And I kid you not, Rosette said she wanted to make sure Joe James was hydrated and needed to get him a beverage, but I now realize that Rosette is like a mother to us all, but Spaceman who is a top musician and editor of the show and enjoyed beating us all up and retaking sets may be the culprit. I had to get up at 2 am in the morning to meet the cast to do a voice over for a take. He was like Editor Dearest and Rosette was like Producer Dearest that day, but the show got done and was a success. I am sure these two prestigious people did not start this rumor. However, it could have been that braniac kid of Spaceman who is the next Denzel Washington. He took my posters I got from the Hip Hop Awards and never gave them back. I bet it was him. I called the Spaceman residence to get an official understanding and haven’t received a response about it, but he then calls back like nothing is wrong., so there must be something I uncovered, but I can’t say anything because his wife owns the best beauty product line sitting in Hueman’s Bookstore and I need some more free samples. Aw shucks! It’s like blackmail and the rumors are still continuing! Well anyway, Here’s proof that Joe and I are not feuding. I am on his cover and he is on my cover. There! As far as Rosette M. Union, she is working on a movie and Spaceman is the top musician wanted by recording artists.” -LOL

Joe James
DINK Entertainment





    The Novel Coming in 2008!
    (, Barnes & Nobles and Bookstores)

    Soul Baby is a sensual, spirit filled and educational journey into the lives of a group of upwardly mobile African American couples. After years of being married, Lloyd and Laney Dennison are having a lack of trust and communication issues. Lloyd steps up and showers his beautiful wife with gifts, including the titillating novel Soul Baby. It is in the novel where Laney reads and becomes in tune with her own marriage. Each couple is struggling with their individual outlooks on companionship while coming to terms with their social identities.

    They reach out and seek help from a wise but unorthodox therapist, Valeria Winters. Each of the couples come to grips with hidden truths and insecurities. McCoy, Austin, Jonathan and Cameron have one thing in common. Their jobs keep them around beautiful women all day. Nadine, Chantal, Darcey and Gizelle have formed a sisterhood bond, but one of them will break the number one rule of sisterhood. The stories are intertwined beautifully with wisdom, joy, excitement and deception. We’ll learn from the therapist hands on evaluation about finding the perfect soulmate, as well as the wisdom of the older relatives about life lessons and relationships.

    Synopsis: Tekila Nika Coming 2008!
    Tekila Nika Who is the real Tekila Nika? They say there is a Tekila Nika in every ” Bronx Bad Boy.” The wait is over! The Queen of Murderotic Suspense arrives with an original Psycho-thriller conceived in 2001 and covering a span of 5 years with cover design and art direction by Def Jam’s Robert Sims. The novel based on true aspects, is now unleashed to reveal the notorious and mysterious pact of men from the Bronx who roamed the valley, Edenwald, Baychester, Gunhill Road, Boston Road with a ring leader called Tekila Nika Jones, Jr. His crime…..he crossed 12 women from the Bronx who now have revenge on their minds.

    A prized journalist has only days left to uncover a deadly murder in a nightclub, but may find herself entangled in the dark world of womanizing men, dangerous night life and a serial killer on the loose. Get ready to lose your breath on the 12 days after NEW YEAR’S 2008! SHOCKING! UNINHIBITED! DISTURBING! SEXY! RAW!- AS SEEN IN PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY- The book industry’s magazine! TEKILA NIKA IS A FORBIDDEN BRONX TALE THAT WILL LEAVE YOUR MOUTH AGAPE, and as told by Babe Charisse Worthington, urban pen name of Heather Covington. FOR ADULTS ONLY. Autographed copies available Dec. 2007 of official first edition. Review copies go out on Nov. 1st for inquiries in October. Please email feedback to

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