Hey Literary Lovers,

 This is ya’ Literary Diva here, Heather “The Literary Heat” Covington, author of NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominated National Bestselling Book, Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature (Stay tuned for Literary Dons coming soon at www.AmberBooks.com ). I’m also, the debut novelist of the upcoming heavily anticipated book from Disilgold Publishing, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tale Diaries pronounced (TeKEELAY NiKAY)  and  arriving Dec.2007 at www.Disilgold.com. Someone said the founder of Disilgold couldn’t pen a novel, so here it is! Be sure to visit  www.Heather-Covington.com and check out my latest Tekila Nika Survey Contest to win cash and prizes each month. Send your feedback of Disilgold Publishing books to our VOX ONLY Hotline at 1.718.547.0499. State your name, business title, website and state and city you’re calling from with a brief 30 second shoutout of any book you’ve read from Disilgold Publishing and tune in to my new Literary Dish Radio Audio Promo Show at www.HeatherCovington.net. Your feedback may be featured or read to our growing audience, but we’ll contact you first, so leave your number or contact info. in a newly recorded message which is kept confidential. You never know which books, musicians, actors, media and businesses will be   spotlighted next. And did you know you can join the YGA over at www.Disilgold.com and enter over 250 award categories with winners announced every New Year’s Eve on The YGA Literary Legends Ball Online at www.Disilgold.com? Our voting polls open at www.HeatherCovington.net on Dec. 1st. Take a look! We even offer promotional benefits for each level you’ll love. Request a mailed application by emailing Disilgold SOUL Literary Review customer service at Disilgold@aol.com. The live YGA Award show returns soon! Thanks for your patience as we relaunch Disilgold Publishing.We have over 180,000 unique visitors from multi-industries and are “The No. African American Literary & Media Infused Network Worldwide!” Visit us daily at www.Disilgold.com for new Daily Literary Dish Top Stories beginning Nov.1st. Are you ready for the “HEAT LIST?”


Happy Halloween literary lovers. Today’s HEATLIST COUNTDOWN is brought to you by the Tonya Blount Show over at www.TonyaBlountShow.com.

10. Have you heard Jay Z’s new American Gangster cut with Lil Wayne entitled “Hello Brooklyn.” It’s a head banger for the clubs and heating up the radios. Nice work Mr. Carter. 9. Everyone is reading “There’s Always a Reason” by William Frederick Cooper.” He places his alter ego William McCall in the story and this makes the book a winner because if you know William, he’s quite an interesting guy and has A LOT OF DAMN FANS! 8. Have you read “Before the Mayflower?” Well, it’s time to read Race Beat by Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff. Know your history! 7. Christian Fiction is exploding on the literary scene in fast paced motion. This untapped market is soaring thanks to authors like Pat Simmons. Her new book, “Guilty of Love” will make you make you want to read Christian books on the regular. “Don’t act like I never told ya!”- Kanye West. 6. An underated artist on the scene right now is TANK. His album is a solid DisilgoldSOUL hit but no one is really buzzing about the R& B crooner. Is he Robin Given’s boyfriend? Does this have something to do with why everyone is so quiet about Tank? DisilgoldSOUL minds want to know! And who is he talking about in the song, COLDEST! 5. Do you like 50 Cent’s 50×50 book or what? Looks like everyone is talking about the pristeen quality. Or are you jealous because you wish you could create a book like this? Don’t feel bad. The book is manufactured overseas. It’s not your fault! This is state of the art technology here. Don’t write a memoir unless you can top the production of this book. Really, 50 Cent is just taking over . Next thing you know, he’ll have a tv show, his own Leer Jet and a television network with Tyler Perry and Justin Timberlake to rival MTV with outlandish Howard Stern style shows, a return to BET’s former latenight broadcasting of raunchy rap videos and an amusement park for the kids to shut everyone up! This guy is not satisfied with 50 Cent or 50 million. He’s going for 5 billion! 4. Get Yours by Amy DuBois Barnett continues to heat up  Amazon sales. It’s the IT book, the ladies and gents just have to get. 3. Is Funk Flex the most exciting DJ worldwide? When this “VOICE” on 105.1fm shouts out a new jam, you just want to run out and get the album. He’s like a referee on the mic and to be respected. If you keep tuning in to his show, you’ll be broke! 2. Tonya Blount Show is the hot buzz that has taken off! We’re hoping to get an interview soon from the new TV TALK SHOW QUEEN! Domestic violence is real and Tonya brings relevant news and information to watchers that makes the difference. Her show has received outstanding feedback 1. Everyone has been buzzing about Kevin L. We have received so much feedback, expect a follow-up and for Kevin L. to grace the Celebrity Interview link at www.Disilgold.com with our top requested magazine cover boys and girls. Well, that’s your HEAT LIST and tune in tomorrow, same time, same place to see who else has got the heat!


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