Disilgold SOUL Magazine Literary Dish Issue# 190-Is Jamie Foxx a better Comedian, Actor or Singer? DLNA Survey Poll reveals avid readers opinions!

DisilgoldSOUL USA- (November 7, 2007)- Black artists today are branching out in so many areas from film and music to clothing lines and even owning a self-named fragrance.

 When you read their biographies, you never see signs or mention of many artists saying they ever wanted to own a clothing line or fragrance, but for an artist to not seize the opportunities and blessings that come their way while they are hot, is like not answering to your calling.

However, consumers are not buying into the quick change artist so easily unless there is evidence of real talent in these diverse businesses they choose to represent, launch or own. Just some quick change artists to capitalize off of owning multi-franchises are Beyonce, P. Diddy, Usher, Celine Dion, Michael Jordan, J. Lo, Kelly, Iman, Brandy and Christina Aguilera to name a few. 

Maintaining one’s image is so important, because regardless how successful an artist is, if their personalities don’t register well to fans later on down the line, no one will be wanting to smell like you, wear you or own any gear with you on it! Fortunately, these artists have transcended time as first rate artists above the cut, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Jamie Foxx on the otherhand, is the guy no one thought could reach to such successful heights as a comedian, musician, singer, and actor. He clearly has mastered all of these areas, but it seems like media is already holding out its hands to tear down what may be one of the most talented all round celebs out there. Will Jamie Foxx be able to cross the threshold?

It’s a sheer travesty when media knocks down a talented individual with no merit, but at the rate these celebrities are engaging in major scandals, they may seal their own fate before they reach the top. I was appalled when TMZ.com evaded the talented man’s space upon entering his fancy ride which is better off not being televised. Why? The minute folks see a black man getting ahead, somehow the evil forces that be, work hard to destroy him.

 I would hope if Jamie Foxx gets a chance to read this article, that he certainly count his blessings, let the world know he’s a man of God, and pray openly for those who try to near him to harm him. It’s the only way for today’s media to be fed a conscious. Read Psalm 35 aloud, take out that bible and dismiss bad media’s negativity.  Someone besides all of those fallen heroes on a poster in Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem has to rise to the top unscathed.

 Now they got Oprah’s school under fire on the account of someone’s actions which we all know she would never condone harm towards her students, but did you see how Oprah handled herself during a press conference?Now that lady is a Literary Diva.

 The situation is dismissed and she’ll get things in order. Another thing I don’t like is how gullible black media is when an investigation goes down. Don’t lie, you all thought Star Jones was the devil this week, right?

Well, if you research your facts, you are going to find out somethings about that situation with the planner of an expo which she did not attend due to breach of contract on the planner’s part. It’s plain and simple and doesn’t take a mathematician to find out. There are way too many opportunists and if I were Star Jones I would sue the hell out of this lady who has done this evil deed once before to someone else as reported in the New York Post.

It’s one thing to fight for your rights, but when you are trying to capitalize off of someone’s success because they are successful, that makes you a criminal. I guess talent comes with a heavy price.  Checkout the photo on www.Disilgold.com on DisilgoldSOUL Magazine and tell me if you can guess what Jamie Foxx is thinking.

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