Will Alicia Keys Album “As I Am” Be the Biggest Grossing Album of All Time by a Black Female?

DisilgoldSOUL USA- (November 8, 2007) According to DLNA Survey Polls which generate randomly to members of the Disilgold Literary Network Association, 10 out of 10 people surveyed said they believe Alicia Keys  new album, “As I am,” will SELL OUT massively worldwide, and thanks to her performance at the VH1 Awards. Her performance clearly showed that she’s not only a real singer who can belt out lyrics to a live audience without lip synching, but she plays musical instruments, has got style and overall talent making her an all round bombshell ready to take over the music industry. If you saw the VMA’s you witnessed her music peers paying homage to her with amicable stares. It’s obvious that talent recognizes talent. Alicia Keys is an extraordinary writer, and many folks may not know she wrote a poetry book entitled Diary of Alicia Keys that went on to be a bestseller. One of her hits which was lent ot the soundtrack of Producer and Director Joe James “Arthur: The Celebration of Life” Documentary brought the audience to standing ovation when it premiered on the big screen of the Nauticus theater in Virginia. Disilgold was there to witness the audience’s kudos. She has even graced new movies grossing top box office draw. There is simply no telling what Alicia will accomplish next but so far, her achievements have been incredible. Alicia Keys, a true DisilgoldSOUL star! Get her album on November 13th and enjoy an album that will certainly be among your favorites this holiday and highly recommended by www.Disilgold.com.


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