The World Mourns the Untimely passing of Dr. Donde West, Mother of Hip Hop Artist Kanye West, a Beloved Educator and Subject of Several of the Music Moguls Songs

 The World Mourns the Untimely passing of Dr. Donde West, Mother of Hip Hop Artist Kanye West, a Beloved Educator and Subject of Several of the Music Moguls Songs

by Heather Covington

DisilgoldSOUL USA- (November 11, 2007) The world received sad news of the untimely passing of Kanye West’s beautiful, highly personable and beloved mother, Dr. Donde West.

Dr. Donde West was the Chairperson of Chicago State University and served as an English professor before retiring to help manage Kanye West’s career.

She wrote a poignant memoir called Raising Kanye that received critical acclaim. In our quest to search for credible information regarding Donde West’s passing, we were directed to which did not report facts on how Dr. Donde West passed. However, a website called MediaTakeOut which is known to report information that has been contested, but highly admired by gossip fans, reported she may have had complications upon receiving anesthesia for a cosmetic procedure. If so, we can substantiate that drinking milk before any surgical procedure that requires anesthesia may cause sudden death as a result of shock reaction or multiple procedures at the same time. The mishap is rare, and other reported celebrities spouse or parents have been reported to lose their lives due to procedures as such like a wife of James Brown.

We have received word that Kanye West as well as fans are grieving tonight along with the mega-star. There is something abotu Kanye that is just likeable and adorable. It’s rare that folks like Hip Hop rappers with admiration.  Kanye West has marveled a highly successful career with charm and pure talent. His personality alone exudes his talent and he is a rapper who has redefined HIP HOP as an art form people of all ages and nationalities can enjoy.

His humorous antics and publicity stunts marvel Muhammad Ali and why fans have supported Kanye West from day one. His current song, “Stronger” may indeed be a test for the HIP HOP mogul to endure. We are sure he will need time to grieve even with a full tour ahead of him. Many artists who have lost their parents in the height of their tours have endured and went on to become even bigger entertainers. J. Lo had just performed live on stage and found out her father had passed a  week ago. 

It seems as if Kanye had prepared himself as featured in his song Dear Mama. It’s a point in an entertainer’s life that separate the “mice from the men” sort to speak. Kanye’s fans will look for him to be strong and proceed to take the throne as one of the greatest Hip hop artists of this era along with peers like Jay Z.  The world doesn’t stop to let entertainers grieve which is the irony of superstardom, but it will be up to Kanye to carry on his legacy through his mother’s spiritual strength. Rest in peace Dr. Donde West. You get an A+ in raising a son with a long lasting career. Kanye’s album sales have peeked and it looks like his fans are going to be there until he crosses the finish line through it all! However, most entertainers will admit, there is a feelingof emptiness when a parent has suddenly passed away. Some even look to their music to vent thus creating the best music of their careers. There is surely more to come from Kanye West. He’s going to continue to make his mother proud. We can already sense this even in sadness.


18 comments on “The World Mourns the Untimely passing of Dr. Donde West, Mother of Hip Hop Artist Kanye West, a Beloved Educator and Subject of Several of the Music Moguls Songs

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  3. I heard the tape that was released of some folks requesting assistance in her estate and they didn’t even communicate with the police. It seems like she wasn’t able to breathe and needed immediate CPR. I am haunted by that tape and my heart just goes out to Donde West. Thank you for the clarification.

  4. “Donde West likely killed by need to control postop pain after cosmetic surgery,” states Dr. Barry Friedberg, a globally recognized leader in cosmetic surgery anesthesia.

    Corona del Mar, CA Monday, November 19, 2007

    The autopsy results for Donde West, mother of rapper Kanye West, were reported as inconclusive. What does ‘inconclusive’ mean? There were no physical findings to explain her death.

    Examples of physical findings are:

    1) blood clot in the lung veins
    2) heart attack
    3) vomit in the breathing tubes
    4) fluid in the lung tissue

    West was reportedly found not breathing (respiratory arrest) after cosmetic surgery that included two major procedures: abdominoplasty (‘tummy tuck’) and breast reduction.

    Narcotics (opioids) like codeine or Vicodin (synthetic codeine) are commonly used to manage postop pain. The worst side effect of these medications is a stoppage of breathing when too high a blood level is reached after too much pain medicine is taken.

    “If West had sleep apnea as a pre-existing condition, even average doses of narcotics could easily prove fatal. The pending toxicology study of her blood levels might then be reported as within ‘reasonable’ levels for patients without sleep apnea,” claims Dr. Barry Friedberg.

    On rare occasion, patients having abdominoplasty with breast reduction have been admitted to a hospital for continuous intravenous (IV) narcotic therapy to control postop pain.

    “For cosmetic surgery, I pioneered BIS-monitored, propofol ketamine IV sedation known as minimally invasive anesthesia (MIA)®. MIA mimics general anesthesia but, because of the lesser drug trespass, is safer and simpler. No deaths or hospital admissions have occurred with MIA in a decade,” says Friedberg.

    “Unlike general anesthesia, MIA prevents the pain of the local anesthetic injection from reaching the brain. This phenomenon is called pre-emptive analgesia. No patients, including those having abdominoplasty and breast reduction, under MIA have needed narcotics (IV or oral) for postop pain in 10 years,” states Friedberg.

    “It was unlikely that either the two surgeries or the 8 hour surgery caused West’s death. More likely, it was the manner in which the surgery was performed; i.e. under general anesthesia which does not reliably produce pre-emptive analgesia and, therefore, often necessitates postop narcotics to manage pain,” claims Friedberg.

    Barry L. Friedberg, M.D., a board certified anesthesiologist, has been exclusively practicing office-based anesthesia for cosmetic surgery since 1992. In 2004, he was chosen first among 40,000 US anesthesiologists to write Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery, the first textbook in the field.

    More information can be found @, a patient oriented, non-commercial web site.

    Source: Cosmetic Surgery Anesthesia

  5. I think that “ihatekanye” is an unstable creature who needs Jesus. They need to have respect for the dead because you will be there one day. No one knows the pain of losing a mother unless you have lost one. How can you hate someone you never met. George Bush has nothing to do with his mother dying but you need help. Being rude will get you know where in life. How would you feel if he did that to you. Pay back is a Bi#@* and you will get yours in the end!

  6. I think “ihatekanye” is a repressed homosexual who was raped as a child and now realizes that he really likes it. I predict that he will get HIV in the next 4 months, he will then become very distraught and commit suicide.

  7. What’s your issue? How can you hate someone you dont know? have some respect. He just lost his mother! Take time to go to church and repent your sins. Be happy and love mankind. You’ll love you. Never say you hate anyone! If you hate what they do, that’s one thing. For example, I am mad at Fred from media take out and he’s not bad looking at all, but I said some hurtful things because he disrespected me. He’s probably a nice person, but I can’t take back what I said, so all I can do is make peace and share my admonishment toward you so I will be forgiven for letting negativity get to me. That’s the Scorpio in me. You can apologize too next time you visit okay. Don’t do that. Kanye is not a loser. He is a great rapper, but just not as great as Jay Z, that’s all, but he deserves his shine!

  8. Kanye is not likeable! HE IS A LOSER WHO WHINES WHENVER HE DOESNT GET HIS WAY!!!!! He thinks everyone is racist and out to get him….He pulls the black card constantly and thinks he should be recognized as the best rapper in the world. HES A LOSER AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!! GROW UP KANYE!

  9. Blame it on George Bush Kanye!!!!!! God forbid you blame it on a black surgeon….You’ll probably blame it on the white assistant. Your guilty as sin, didn’t you pay for the surgery Kanye??? Something else for you to whine about Kanye….Keep on crying….

  10. While no words can ease the pain you’re going through right now, just know that my prayers are with you and your family on the lost of your mother. Through your interviews and music we know your strong, but please don’t hold it in. Close your door, reflect, cry and then smile on the beauty that you and your mom shared. Much Love and strenght to you.

  11. Kanye, I pray that your spirit will rise as strong as the love you have for your mother. I know this has been a hard time for you. I was at your grandparents funeral a few months ago as they both passed on the same day and were buried on the same day. Now your mom will rest with them. My mom has a picture of your mom and herself on her cell phone that I looked at yesterday and she spoke with your aunt Shiela the day of your moms passing. Just know that the people who care about your family in Delaware stand with you during this time. God bless to the West Family!

  12. Dr. Donde West will be truly miss! As a fan of Kanye’s I feel his pain. Seeing how their beautiful Mother and Son Relationship was I know Kanye’s heart is broken. Kanye said it him himself, ” to who much is given, much is tested”. I just pray that Kanye is surrounded by good company and gets through this tragedy. I LOVE YOU KANYE! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Your Fan and Friend 4life!

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