History IQ of the Black Man in Major Jeopardy and there are Consequences for Black Mating

According to a DLNA Questionnaire, Black Males are becoming increasingly dumbfounded about their own history. Most only know a handful of black male authors they’ve learned about in college like Langston Hughes, W.E.B Dubois, and James Baldwin, but have never bothered to pick a book from a modern day black male literary peer like Tavis Smiley, Haki madhubuti, Ishmael Reed, Walter Mosely, Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West, Jr. What does this mean? Mostly black women are readers of urban books by black males that lure women who are attracted to book covers that vicariously portray the image they’d like to have or know the men want. It makes perfect sense to attract the female readers with the image factor just like your Black haircare mag. Most black female readers want to be that urban book cover girl that sells tens of thousands of books. Many have what it takes but wouldn’t be caught dead outside with some of those scanty outfits. Some books have women with virtually no clothes on, but surprisingly it’s the women who are buying books with depictions of the black woman as a naked clad bombshell. They rather read a book about romantic encounters than go out and mate with today’s black man because the male characters in books offer more intellect and even dialogue. Maybe the Black male should read more books and learn how to attract today’s black woman. Many black woman readers say that the men want that girl on the book covers of the books they are reading so their displaced self-esteem is trapped in a book. The Black male is losing out on real romance and everlasting relationships. So how can the black male woo the black woman away from reading about fulfilling relationships only instead of going after them. Well, according to the DLNA poll survey this past week, many black women find men who know their history and have substance to be very sexy and attractive. A man who goes to church to get down on his knees to thank God sometimes is even better, and if he can jump off of the pages of her book and offer the real mccoy with conversation and take an interest in a woman for more than her God-given assets, that’s a WINNER! Romance can surely return in 2008, but right now black relationships are stuck on the cover of these juicy erotic and romance books and that’s as far as it goes. The black male is literally selling out!

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