Literary Fashion is Back in 2008 says Heather Covington, Founder of and Authors Need to Get Ready!

When Heather Covington gave a workshop on self-publishing and marketing  recently, she was surprised to hear that future author’s worst fears was being ostracized by media for weight, fashion and beauty glitches. It’s no secret that most literary artists sacrifice the beauty zone to put down novels, but with Heather’s return of her PerSOULnalities YOU Workshops she’s combining beauty maintenance, fashion, styling tips with preperation as an author and marketing guru so authors can get out there and shine with success. Today’s readers are drawn to books from authors who personify a professional look, winning style, are motivating and possess great literature. “It’s a concept every author can shoot for in 2008.   My workshops let authors wear their personality but receive feedback so when one leaves the workshop they are ready to conquer the world. No one is going to sympathize with your issues! You got to be ready to shine,” says the founder of who is a former beauty and skin care specialist, has worked for Bailey’s part time in the past for the benefits of staying active and in shape and was a model and fashion designer herself. “I’m going to help folks make what was good all along better.  People are going to enjoy the new workshops and networking with aspiring literary artists. Having style is a plus!”- Heather Covington


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