Are Black Female Artists Treated Like Dirt?

I don’t know who demoted Keyshia Coles to a cheap opening act for Neyo, J. Holiday a new artist and R. Kelly whose trial has been put on hold because the D.A. is having a baby right now.

Keyshia Coles deserves more respect than that. What is this a male crooner bonding show, so let’s book Keyshia, give her an unprofessional styling team and dupe people into thinking she’s just a filler. I dont’ think so. Whether folks like it or not, young girls can relate to Keyshia Coles ballads on heartbreak and renewal. She’s the only artist out there right now whose got real vocals in her category. Folks don’t want to respect her because she speaks her peace.

Folks want her to be a Mary J. Blige wanna be when there is only one Mary J. Blige. Keyshia is her own person, a little hard edged, but can you blame here? Folks are pit bulls waiting to bring down your new black female artist. If you let folks run over you, you deserve it. It’s good to see that Keyshia walked out of there. I am sure she will be given respect before the next concert and able to be represented with equal weight to Ne-yo, R-Kelly and J. Holiday. They all could open as top acts by themselves. It’s funny how a few million dollars places folks on different status ranks in the industry. I am sure R.Kelly had nothing to do with the arrangement of the show. This situation is good for R.Kelly’s female fans. How you treat women in the industry says a lot about an artist and how long their career will last.


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