Disilgold was the first media to report possible problem with anesthesia dosage, but we have a new report about Dr. Donda West!

by Heather Covington

Author of Tekila Nika www.Heather-Covington.com

In our report issued just hours after receiving word of Dr. Donda West from the closest resource to Dr. Donda West prior to her surgery, we researched and found false reports on media indicating she passed during surgery which is untrue, and therefore this rules out any anesthesia complications. According to several doctors, Dr. Donde West would have had immediate complications if anesthesia was the problem and unable to walk out of the office. Pretty much  you don’t wake up after anesthesia if there is a problem. Once you are up and about that is not an issue. A media resource indicated that Dr. Donde West died at the Dr.’s office and the doctor was drunk during the procedure which is also unfounded. In fact, the doctor’s DWI was from an incident months ago and had nothing to do with this report. We are glad we found out what actually happened, but will not reveal to the public out of respect for Kanye West and his family. We reported on Donda West as a literary figure in the African-American community who was well admired. We also, now know that the Dr. Donda West’s doctor has not been sued for 600,000 for each of dozens of cases as reported by a media resource, but 2 cases for a suit totaling less than 300,000 each. If African-American women are at risk undergoing any cosmetic procedures, than this situation must come to light soon so more victims won’t be at risk. I do know that when a women has any heart conditions there is a possibility of post swelling of organs and shock which means women may wish to stay overnight at the hospital rather than walk out of the hospital after a few hours after any procedures to receive monitoring. Kanye West has a counselor to deal with his emotions right now and I don’t think he could care less about the doctor or suing him. I think he is grieving over his mother more than anything and may become an advocate of woman promoting self-love in the  future. I listened to his old albums, and I must say he may be a better rapper than Jay Z. because his music makes you think. He can make a political statement and get folks to change. The world is watching Kanye very carefully. I think a greater man is going to surface during the aftermath people never knew. I see right through all of that cockiness. This man’s emotions can be felt without anyone even seeing him in the media. You just know what he’s thinking right now and folks better watch out! If he tranforms his emotions to paper, rap will never be the same! I bought another copy if his Graduation album as a collector’s item. I’m not saying Kanye West is the next Dr. Martin Luther King, but he is certainly Kanye West. For more news, visit www.Disilgold.com.


One comment on “Disilgold was the first media to report possible problem with anesthesia dosage, but we have a new report about Dr. Donda West!

  1. Right, Kanye will mature and work on self esteem. Wishing him a lot of strength in his ordeal and mourning.

    To take risks and be cut open in two with the purpose of appearing beautiful is far different from being cut open to save your life and improve your health.
    This tragic story is an eye opener.

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