Uh oh! George Cook from Lets Talk Honestly sends out a blast that he wants to ban Michael Baisden from the air!

Story developing! What did Michael Baisden do? Did his characteristic devil advocate ways on the radio make George mad? If so, I am sure Michael apologized if he said anything wrong on air. He’s that type of person and no Don Imus  shocking radio listeners. He speaks his mind, but maybe was a little too candid on a touchy issue which we don’t even know what it is that he said that has people signing a major petition. All I can say is that has been tried before and the Bad Boy isn’t going anywhere. George may have to accept his apology. That major media resource in the African-American community is syndicated nationwide and may very well be the angel to save the plummeting literary market and renew folk’s spark in reading books period on the mainstream market that tunes in to his radio show on 98.7kissfm. What did Michael do that is so bad that his own black brother is ready to take him down? Is George Cook just trying to get publicity for his Washington Speech as some folks are suggesting and riddled with bad diction and grammar (on purpose hiding the next motivational speaking king) or is he the next Martin Luther King Jr. whose showing he’s real and can speak his mind and accrue a standing ovation or is he really mad at Michael Baisden? We’re just giving folk’s opinions.  We will pursue the interview momentarily with George Cook  but did we forget who put Disilgold on the map. Yep, it was the Bad Boy who shouted us out to his millions of listeners on his show that has repeated several times. But wait, Michael mispronounced our name too so I say I take out a ban on both George Cook and Michael Baisden. How’s that? These boys better cut it out and get along. There are issues much bigger than whose hurt right now over comments. Here I am initiating a 1 million drive  for literacy of Bronx youth and these guys haven’t even visited my classroom to inspire the youth. Maybe I will team up with Bill Gates and take over the internet and buy ABC News Network in the future  and kick them both out on the street to fight. Kidding, but you never know! Visit www.Disilgold.com for more feature stories and articles.

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