Why I think Alicia Keys circled around her own cd release party and didn’t enter the event!

 by Heather Covington

Author of Debut novel, Tekila Nika


I am sure she didn’t need that chump change or $15,000, but the reality is when your pr team books you for events, they have to get paid. Why should she attend an event she has to furnish the fees for afterwards outof pocket. What’s sad is that her management team who booked her for the event said they didn’t know about any booking fees like this was Alicia Key’s underhanded side-dealings.  Somehow the fee for her attendance never accrued. She even tried to wait until the event filled with entrants at $25 dollars a pop and the event promoters still couldn’t come up with her fee until the last minute, and by then she was home in her bed and disgusted I am sure. Someone made out like a bandit pulling in folks with her good name on the roster. Promoters hold on to fees until the last minute thinking celebs will enter the event anyways and can care less if the celebs do an about face turn as long as they show up, but this is how many are duped from receiving their booking fee. And what folks don’t know is that their pr folks they are contracted to must receive their portion of any booking fee whether the artist is paid or not. Don’t forget security!  They even sue their clients on occasion. A contract is a contract and why celebs who have been in situations like this before are learning to be no shows and unaccountable. I think the same nonsense happened with Star Jones, but she tried to be a good samaritan and stand by her team.  She’s worth more than $20,000 to attend any event. Don’t be fooled!!!! She is a bestselling author which is status alone in celebrityville and loved by many who adore her courage to take off the unwanted weight, come clean about her cosmetic surgery and represent with style and fashion. I think there are very few people Alicia can trust and even close to her to the point she is holding back the anger, but that’s okay. She can fight back by taking over the music industry. Her album is NO.1! Mind you it’s still a man’s world, but any minute now Alicia willbe able to call the shots and stop depending on deceitful people in her camp. Hang in there Alicia. The world will try to ruin every artist’s image in 2008, but the trick is to dismiss negativity. For more articles about artists, visit www.Disilgold.com, Home of Disilgold SOUL Literary Review.


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