Disilgold Soul magazine- www.Disilgold.com – AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS Review by Heather Covington

The American Music Awards opened with a medley performance by Fergie, a former rapper of the HIP HOP SOUL group, “Black Eyed Peas.” Her silver “En Vogue” glitter glam mini-dress was simple and classy, but not impressive for a top singer. In other words, I don’t think the ladies were moved to go out and buy a silver mini dress. The idea of getting glammed up for award shows is to present the best you to fans, not what you are comfortable wearing.  Fergie didn’t show her personality tonight in that bland frock. Fergie’s act was followed by Will I Am, singing “I Am a Heartbreaker”. He is like the black version of George Michael complete with a dinner jacket, classic cornrows and tinted shades, but he’s in a suit! His duet with Nicole Scherzinger earned highpoints with  “You are My Baby” by the Diddy protege’ from the Pussy Cat Dolls who missed a high note that was very obvious, but she carried out the song anyway. Nicole chose a swing out silver mini dress and this is not the first time. That look is a little too mature for the young performers.

 Unfortunately, Jimmy Kemmil decided to do a “Soldier Boy” dance and even asked the Rascal Flatts to help him, but they just didn’t have the guts. He wound up pulling Kelly Fickler and Jordan Sparks from American Idol on stage who were good sports. Jimmy was very honest with the audience. As a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, he was forbidden to write any jokes for the show although he was booked to host it, but maybe this was not true. Regardless, his clever maneuver with a dance number scored a point and was probably good fate. He set off the show very nicely. 

Before he did his number, he topped off his outffit with a white sweatshirt hoody  and cap. I am glad he didn’t put on a gold chain and sag his pants because this would have been a disgrace. I just think it would have been better for Soldier Boy to perform his mega-selling hit and not be baffooned with his dance artistry which is not a joke in the hood, but an art form. Don’t try to make urban dance look like anyone can do it and certainly, if you are going to do the Soldier Boy, practice a little. Put a little Umph in it like the group Jagged Edge says in their new hit! I have to give credit to M’Nique who at least worked Beyonce’s dance moves for the BET Awards step for step.

Song artist Rihanna, who gave a villanous and sarcastic grin toward Brittney Spear’s performance at another award show, did it again. She is gaining a reputation for roasting artists and no one can do anything about it. She was just crowned Entertainer of the Year by the Prince of Monoco. WHAT???? Shortly after Jimmy, Kelly and Jordan’s warm up, the real Soldier Boy appeared and introduced the show.  Wow!  Glad he’s made a little cha-ching! He’s going to need it!

And-forgive me, I couldn’t see his eyes behind the Kanye West “Graduation” Shades so he may have missed his opportunity to make his mark. Artists should never cover their eyes on stage. 

Carrie Underwood presented the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award which went to Daughtry. Christina Applegate from “Married With Children” for those of you who don’t remember the Bundy’s (a modern day Wilma and Fred Flinstone dysfunctional couple) presented Rascal Flatts with the the Best group band/ duo award.

  Avil Lavrigne performed her latest hit, “Baby”. She’s got this dark gothic dress code all of the time, but she did add a silver skirt with sneaker flats topped with black nails and a touch of red hairspray on her hair. Can we say, confused? You’re a star Avil. Own up to your success and stop pretending like you don’t know.

No matter what, she’s going to be Avil and retro.

Rascal Flatts performed, next. These guys are just a great wholesome group, simple, sound good, play all of  their instruments and sing good ballads worthy of wedding material.

Veteran host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest introduced Maroon 5, one of the hottest pop groups of the year. Their soulful ecclectic sounds and European flavor has landed them no.1 on music charts.If you listen carefully, they sound like the relaxed version of Rod Stewart. Ashanti, dressed in an overwhelming yellow floor length strapless gown presented the SOUL R& B award to AKON who went through hell this year for throwing a person who jumped on the stage of one of his concerts back into the audience.

T- pain shared the honors with AKON. It was his first VMA. The VMA’s featured flashbacks of Patti La Belle, Kid Rock, Whitney Houston, Pat Benetar, Dick Clark and Boys II Men before having Jordan  introduce the Jonas Brothers who literally crashed through a glass screen on stage and I know the middle guy who fell didn’t do that on purpose and tripped, but he got up with such flair it looked like it was part of the act. This shaggy haired group reminds me of the Jackson 5’s minus 2 members on the rebound, but they have personality. They may have an edge like the Beatles too, but sorry , no one can replace the Beatles. These kids do have fashion savvy and are the number one teenage heart throb group of America. Don’t player hate!

I am shocked that the VMA’s allowed hundreds of fans to run to the stage in the cock pit. Someone could have been hurt. I am sure also, I saw a fan fall down and get trampled or maybe I was just seeing things. I will play replay later on!

Fabulous, who looked just like Soldier Boy with shades covering his eyes and a green jacket presented the Best Pop Rock  award with Taylor Swift to Justin Timberlake who beat out his producer, Timberland. How ironic. He did a live telecast to accept the wrong award.

 I was disappointed when Kid Rock got a chance to make light of his erroneous behavior at another award show and throw Jimmy Kimmel out of his seat. It seems like some artists get a tap on the wrist for starting riots. Okay, I will go easy on Kid Rock. He presented the Best Rap Album to Bone-Thugs & Harmony who I must say are a classy group. He also, shouted out Kanye West’s mom.

Pamela Anderson’s other beau who I won’t mention obviously wasn’t invited to this show to start any trouble.

 Kelly Fickler presented the Best Soundtracks Album Award to Highschool Music II which I am sure appealed to mostly teenagers.

Actor Taye Diggs blandly introduced Rihanna who did her Umbrella  duet with Neyo. She wore a 1920’s long tapered bronze gown and toga style headband and dark lipstick that looked too mature for a young girl. Neyo looked dapper with his tailor made suit and Charlie Chaplin hat. Okay,I get it, a modern day Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel number. Only one problem, there was no chemistry. They looked cold and obviously preturbed about something. I guess Rihanna didn’t appreciate the American Music Awards announcing a surprise performance by Beyonce’. 

Rihanna is every bit the star she’s made herself into, but I am still not sure about her vocal abilities and personality. I know when Beyonce’ was honored later on in the show as International Entertainer she clapped with that classic …oh I won’t say, but I know when someone is not being sincere. I wonder what’s going on?

  I am sure that Neyo will be around for a long time. We spoke briefly at Beyonce’s B-Day Bash and he seems like cool peoplem but I can’t help but think their duet song title,” I Hate that I Love You So” is true. Right after their performance the American Music Awards commentator once again announced, “Stay tuned for an unbelievable performance from Beyonce everyone will be talking about!” Well, I am not talking. She didn’t perform, she sang.

How disrespectful to give unequal weight to artists performing. Then they added a quick, “Stay tuned for Alicia Keys, too!” Oh my! Do they know that Alicia Keys may very well be one of the greatest all round female artists of all time? Even Beyonce will give props to Alicia.

Carrie Underwood won Best Country Album and Sugarland performed a country version of Irreplaceable. Now didn’t NeYo write that song and who sold second writes for a country version? I like it though, but it was kind of funny seeing a country fiddle make folk’s heads bob. Suddenly, Beyonce’ came out to do her R& B version infused with a country version. Okay, now I see how this song crossed over to become a number one hit. You go Beyonce. I get it now. I thought someone stole your song.

The signature A-line Dereon jacket worked well with the Dereon jeans minus all of those color frocks from the line. Now Dereon fashions is going to take off big! Okay, it’s already number one, but I only own a pair of  Dereon jeans and the jacket. Solange Jennings, Beyonce’s little sister along with Kirk Franklin and Life, presented the Best Adult Contemporary Artist Award to Daughtry. Now I understand the total picture. Beyonce gets the hype as long as she sings a country duet, but she negotiates that her sister gets  to be a stage presenter. What are they trying to do, get folks who are envious of Beyonce’ to shout her out more? The family thing is sooo taboo. This isn’t a charity case. Solange needs to step up her music career. Regardless, she looked great and the hair is finally right. Really!

If this isn’t the calmest, non-hippest award show ever, I don’t know what is, but I almost fell asleep. Luckily, Celine Dion came out and performed with some substance. The lady can sing! I love her music and anything she puts out. I can listen to Celine Dion’s music all day. When Lenny Kravitz came out to perform I was ecstatic. Romeo Blue still has it. You may remember him as the retro partner of Lisa Bonet from the Cosby Show. The marriage may not have lasted, but they did have a little love child named Zoe which was one of Lenny Kravitz greatest songs in my opinion next to, “It Ain’t Over!” and of course, “Are you Going to Come My Way!”

More funny flashback moments when Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy came out years ago on the stage, and when Missy Elliot was questioned by Kimmel who hosted a prior show and asked why she was late. She candidly mentioned that someone stole her limo. Too funny! Where was Missy Elliot tonight?

The Prince of R& B, Chris Brown, did his Kiss Kiss song in a space suit and rocked it with that flair Usher once had. Sorry Usher, you taught this protege too well, and topped with T-Pain, Chris Brown stole the show! He did a dangerous neon number on the ceiling upside down. What happens  if one of those chords pop one day. And I don’t even see any padding below. I guess that element of danger makes the show more exciting. Chris Brown may be taking over. His songs  still remind me of popcorn for teenagers. Hope his songs mature throughout the years and why Usher still gets props. I polled the younglings and they all like Chris Brown right now so watch out folks.

 The Teen Mobile Text Award was issued to Carrie Underwood and I will tell you that this is major because the vote is decided by the fans.

 The performance of the night goes to no other than Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige. I really can’t say who gave a better performance artist. Mary J. Blige was voted as the YOUnity Guild of America Best Entertainer of the Year 2006 before she took home all of those Grammys and Awards when her personal issues and attitude were of question and folks were saying her career was over. Think back! This is not the first time we’ve predicted major success. Remember John Legends first debut on AOL Voices when we did an e-blast and asked everyone to tune in? And we did it again with predicting Alicia Keys song that got off with shaky reviews at first would win back her fans. And so,  I will give Alicia Keys the cutting edge vote this year, but they are both GREAT!

Okay, I have been sorting business cards while writing this article and multi-tasking, but I am done. So if there are anymore follow-ups I’ll update later on! Forgive my cold unloving writing personality. I have to turn off the tube when Rihanna appears. That lady is cold. At least, Beyonce is personable. Let me leave Rihanna alone. For those of you reading this article who don’t know, when I review an award show I am speaking as the voice of the people and speaking the words of how folks from all walks of life my perceive an artist’s appearance like a mirror reflection. Trust,my reviews are helpful to artists who maybe have a team that doesn’t tell them where they are headed. The most important thing is to know where you are headed and stay level headed. I respect these artists I write about and if I could prove they were half as nice as what I perceive, I would lighten up, but for now… Rihanna seems to be very immature and nasty!

Thanks to Chris Brown’s performance and change of pace along with a Diamond Reflection flashback  moment featuring My Boo with Usher and Alicia Keys restored my confidence in the VMA’s. Before I go, I predict that Daughtry will sweep the VMA’s with the most awards. I like these clean cut guys.

I’m back! I got a call that Blair Underwood introduced Alicia Keys. I got a chance to see her performance, but no one mentioned Blair Underwood was coming out! Alicia played it safe tonight and stayed close to her piano before converting her song into a Caribbean jam  with Beenie Man and more top Carib artists which was too awesome! WOW! WOW! This is a first. Everyone at the VMA’s was standing with ovation. I don’t know, Alicia has really taken over and is bringing a new sound that is historical! She should keep it up! Her album, As I Am is in stores right now! I think it’s going to be the top grossing female album of the year!

Well, I hope I gave you a snapshot of the VMA’s as a viewer at home watching her flat screen tv just like you! This is much better than having to wait outside as media in the cold!

Okay,I was able to play back the VMA’s and I caught Blair Underwood. Now if I am not mistaken he had on that same burnt umber jacket as in his new show, “Dirty Lies & Secrets.” Will someone tell Blair to not plug his gear on his show at the VMA’s? I guarantee everyone is going out to get that jacket. What a smart advertising move. You will hear about Blair Underwood’s fashion savvy in tabloids guaranteed.

Usher was such a gentleman to shout our Kanye West for the passing of his mother, Dr. Donda West. He presented Beyonce’ with the International Award. She has sold 130 million albums worldwide, 23 #1 singles, has 5 solo grammy’s, 183 magazine covers including 1 more from DisilgoldSOUL Magazine taken at her B-Day Bash and the first photo of that grand day. I guess media shots don’t count, but we can’t deny along with Usher, “There’s only one Beyonce!” His humble presentation has earned highpoints and respect.  Besides, Disilgold Soul is more so of a literary publication. Beyonce’ got props for writing and co-writing some of her songs throughout the years. As far as Usher, it takes a big heart to give hommage to Kanye West and Beyonce’ while downplaying your own superstar success! I am glad the American Music Awards mentiond his new Usher fragrance which is the number one men’s fragrance in America! I am so happy he was rude to me at an awards event. I will never forget Usher and all is forgiven. I guess I looked like Chilli, his ex-girl that day. Aw shucks.

Now as far as hairstyles go and don’t get mad at me ladies. Queen Latifah is the Cover Girl winner! Next, Mary J. Blige! These ladies just stole Rihanna’s signature hairdo as well as a lot of other artists like Cheri Dennis (just plugging this new music diva). Why did Rihanna tie up her head at the American Music Awards and give her style away? Mary now owns the Posh hairdo and Latifah has taken the style with a bang flip that works!

Over all, the American Music Awards was a polished, calm and classic show. All Artists performed at their expected level, but there is always room for improvement. Visit www.Disilgold.com for more top news on the Daily Literary Dish.


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