Author: Sil Lai Abrams
Title: No More Drama: Nine Simple Steps to Transforming a Breakdown Into a Breakthrough
Web site: http://www.sepiaprocess.com
Email: sillai@sepiaprocess.comThe lady of Disilgold Soul Magazine this Thanksgiving holiday is no other than Sil Lai Abrams. The author of No More Drama: Nine Simple Steps to Transforming a Breakdown Into a Breakthrough may look familiar to you because she’s a columnist for Men’s Fitness Magazine, but just as important, she’s the new spokesperson of self-recovery, stability and renewal for men and women everywhere who have experienced ups and downs in their careers and family through difficult times.

Based on a DLNA Poll Survey, most men said you wouldn’t think Sil, a picture perfect and striking persona at first glance could have suffered a mentally debilitating breakdown. Her fashion savvy wardrobe is to die for. She’s a natural beauty, well spoken and very intelligent! She’s worked with your top celebrities and her focus on anything she pursues is a success.

According to studies, every American will suffer at least one mentally challenging breakdown that temporarily enables them from coping and whether at work or home. It’s called being human.

Sil not only offers a 9 step recovery plan, but candidly shares intimate details about her life and how she coped. Today, Sil is a successful business woman and rising author of a book that is creating a top buzz in the literary world.

We got a chance to chat with Sil Lai Abrams, and it will strike readers just how down to earth this mover and shaker is, but make no mistake about it, her intricate past to present life required an extensive interview because you will hear about Sil Lai Abrams at the top again. Get to know a Disilgold SOUL whose book is headed to number one!make sure No More Drama is o your holiday gift giving list this season and ongoing.

The Exclusive Sil Lai Abrams Interview

Disilgold: What can you tell the Disilgold community about yourself that will explain why Disilgold has sought you for a perSOULnalized interview?

Sil Lai Abrams:Thanks so much for the opportunity to meet your readers. In addition to being the author of “No More Drama,” I am the resident relationship columnist for Men’s Fitness magazine.

Disilgold: So that’s where our men are getting their lovely relationship advice. Congrats on a very popular column Sil. Now I want to hear all about your latest book in depth and your principles because I think this is a book people are going to truly benefit from.

Sil Lai Abrams: No More Drama is a hybrid, the first self-help book of its kind that weaves memoir-esque stories with a step by step action plan to manifest a positive and lasting change in your life. The heart of the book is what I call the Self Empowerment Principles In Action process, also referred to as SEPIA for short.

Disilgold: Will you share the process of SEPIA?

Sil Lai Abrams: SEPIA is a simple method of self-inquiry using nine spiritual principles that empower you one step at a time.

Disilgold: How do the stories come into play?

Sil Lai Abrams: Each principle is illustrated with dramatic stories from my life that demonstrate the importance of living by each principle. For instance, in the chapter on the first SEPIA principle of Truth I share how my refusal to face the truth about my alcoholism culminated in a suicide attempt at the age of 24.

Disilgold: Oh my God Sil. Who would ever know this? How were you able to plan all of those top celebrity events? I don’t understand!

Sil Lai Abrams: In the chapter on the sixth SEPIA principle of Focus, I describe in vivid detail how I, a high school dropout, was able to develop a successful career in entertainment, planning special events for A list celebrities.

Disilgold: You already know what readers of this interview are thinking Sil, but I won’t be judgemental here. You have made it this far and I am not here to tear you down for past mistakes, but your past is going to shock folks more than any book on the market right now and in a way I’m curious about how people are receiving your book.

Sil Lai Abrams: No More Drama is really resonating with readers. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a woman tell me “I read your book, loved it and passed it on to my friend/daughter/niece/etc.” My readers tell me they love the honesty in my stories and that everyone struggles with the same issues (some a bit more than others, as in my case!)

Disilgold: I will leave the controversial aspects alone because you have written an intelligent and well-written work and I really don’t want to encourage any paparazzi your way on the account of my asking explicit details behind the issues you discuss, but OH MY! How long did it take you to complete your book?

Sil Lai Abrams:Two years of writing almost every single day. I sat on my couch in a track suit and didn’t get off it to do anything more than shower for months. It was grueling. I would write from 6 or 7 in the morning until midnight or 1 in the morning. I gained 20 pounds just sitting on the couch, doing nothing more than eating and typing, but it was worth it!

Disilgold: That is normal for authors, but the touring takes off pounds I bet. What were the happiest moments you have experienced while writing your latest book?

Sil Lai Abrams:One of the happiest moments was when I shared an excerpt with a woman I didn’t really know well and she thanked me for being so honest about what I had gone through. She said that up until that point, she didn’t realize how many other women there were like her, women who for all intents and purposes looked perfectly “normal”, but underneath the surface they were stuck in self-destructive behaviors and leading unfulfilling lives. My sharing of my own struggle freed her to share what she was going through. It was a beautiful moment.

Disilgold: Describe your writing style?

Sil Lai Abrams:Sister girl meets the spirit…Iyanla Vanzant colliding with Wayne Dyer.

Disilgold: How did you develop your writing style?

Sil Lai Abrams: Girl, I didn’t even know I had a style! This was a very organic project. I had a story I needed to tell, and sat down one day to write. I didn’t take any classes; as a matter of fact, I had one person tell me that in order to write a book, I needed formal training. I disagreed and wrote my book anyway. I didn’t write a book to be perfect, I did it to express what was in my heart and soul.

Disilgold: Your book is perfect! Do you have a favorite author of all time or someone who inspired you to achieve your goals as a writer?

Sil Lai Abrams:I have many favorite authors, but I have to say that I am especially influenced by Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker. My writing is nowhere near as expressive as theirs, but they definitely give me something to work towards!

Disilgold: I won’t tell you why I am smiling away over here, but I admire these author’s works as well. Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now?

Sil Lai Abrams:In ten years I hope to be in a position to assist others in their journey to express themselves creatively through writing by running a successful publishing company. Louise Hay, watch out!

Disilgold: I am looking forward to new works, too. Are there any marketing tips you can provide to new authors?

Sil Lai Abrams: Never underestimate the power of the street. Reach out to anyone and everyone. Word of mouth is one of the most, if not the most, important form of advertising you have. And it’s free!

Disilgold: Definitely Sil. I am going to quote you soon. I love this advice!!!!What other projects are you working on?

Sil Lai Abrams: Currently I am focused only on promoting the book and developing a speaking career. In the middle part of next year we plan on releasing a companion workbook for No More Drama where readers can work through each principle in a guided format.

Disilgold: I am reserving for a seminar class! What are your top ten favorite books right now?

Sil Lai Abrams:These have been all time favorites: The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, Dark Night of the Soul by Thomas Moore, The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, and my guilty pleasure, The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.

Disilgold:When do you write and for how long?

Sil Lai Abrams:In the afternoon and evening is the time I enjoy best…my energy is at it’s peak then. It usually takes me about an hour to get into a good rhythm, and I like to flow with the energy for as long as I can.

Disilgold: Do you have a favorite location for writing?

Sil Lai Abrams: My comfy couch with the view of the backyard of the brownstone I live in with my two children.

Disilgold: What method did you use to write or organize your book?

Sil Lai Abrams:I didn’t do a traditional outline…that seemed like too much work! I did use a book by a writer named Jean Marie Stine that gave tips on the necessary ingredients for a self-help book to help me make sure I was covering all my bases. I also got a lot of feedback from my friend Wilson. I would send him chapters and he would give me brutally honest feedback on what he thought. We definitely had some lively discussions on his opinions, but ultimately his criticisms helped shape a better book.

Disilgold:What three words best describe your writing style?

Sil Lai Abrams:Honest, hopeful, intimate.

Disilgold: What other hobbies do you pursue when you aren’t writing?

Sil Lai Abrams:Reading of course, rollerblading, and cooking.

Disilgold: Are there any hidden jewels or talents that you possess that many of your readers may not know?

Sil Lai Abrams:My arms are double jointed, and I cook a mean roast chicken!

Disilgold:Where can folks buy your latest book?

Sil Lai Abrams:No More Drama is available all over the internet and in select independent book stores.

Disilgold: Where can folks meet you?

Sil Lai Abrams:At any of my signings and speaking events.

Disilgold: What have been some of your toughest obstacles as a writer?

Sil Lai Abrams:The hardest part for me of being a writer is just letting go of your ideas about what the story should be and letting yourself go into a place where the words come alive. Show, don’t tell. Walk the reader through the feelings, the smells, the tastes, the scenes. In the beginning, I was very caught up with just getting the facts of the story out. I had to relax and immerse myself into the experience of writing, which isn’t always easy to do with two kids in the house!

Disilgold: Sil you gave the best advice. I thank you for sharing all. This section of our interview requires brief responses. Are you ready to” Get PerSOULnal” Interview?

Sil Lai Abrams: As ready as ever Heather.

The “Get PerSOULnal” Interview

Disilgold: What time do you awake normally every morning?

Sil Lai Abrams:8:15am

Disilgold: What is your writing fuel in the morning?

Sil Lai Abrams:Sugar free Red Bull and a Balance protein bar (terrible, I know!)

Disilgold: What early morning rituals have you followed for many years?

Sil Lai Abrams: Not for many years, but certainly for the past several are at least 20 minutes of meditation followed by prayer.

Disilgold: What are your favorite foods to snack on while writing?

Sil Lai Abrams:Pretzels, peanut M&Ms, Orbit chewing gum (is gum considered a food???)

Disilgold: No, but it’s okay. Trust, authors are taking note. Do you watch television or listen to the radio when you’re writing, and if so, what do you watch or listen too mostly?

Sil Lai Abrams:I need silence in order to write. Any other noise distracts me from my focus.

Disilgold: What is your favorite book of all time?

Sil Lai Abrams:The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Disilgold: What is your favorite magazine of all time?

Sil Lai Abrams: Vanity Fair

Disilgold: Do you have an exercise regimen to suggest for busy writers?

Sil Lai Abrams:Uhhh…errr..ummm….

Disilgold: What is your everyday outfit?

Sil Lai Abrams: Jeans, flip flops, Gap baby tee for casual days, Diane Von Furstenberg dresses for more business days.

Disilgold: What is your pet peeve?

Sil Lai Abrams:Drivers who wait to come to a complete stop at a corner before switching on their turn signal.

Sil Lai Abrams:Oy vey!

Disilgold: Ha,ha,ha. If you could inspire a child, what would you say?

Sil Lai Abrams:Don’t allow anyone to stifle your voice and follow your truth.

Disilgold: What is your favorite motto?

Sil Lai Abrams:Stop surviving and start living!

Disilgold: What is your favorite time to put your writing pen down and rest?

Sil Lai Abrams:Chill out time with my kids.

Disilgold: Have you traveled anywhere besides your hometown and if so, where?

Sil Lai Abrams:I have done a little bit of travel…Hong Kong is gorgeous…Turks and Caicos is breathtaking, Capri is heaven on earth.

Disilgold: Where is your dream vacation?

Sil Lai Abrams:One of those funny little straw huts sitting right over the water in a crystal blue bay in Tahiti…divine!

Disilgold: What do you particularly like about the literary world today?

Sil Lai Abrams:The freedom of choices in how to get your message out. Ten years ago, you would be considered a literary pariah if you self-published.

Disilgold:If you could leave one word of advice to people in general, what would it be?

Sil Lai Abrams:Live each day with the acceptance and understanding that you are not here by accident and honor the truth in your spirit.

FOUNDER’S REFLECTIONS: What a beautiful spirit. Don’t you just want to read No More Drama? I am so happy Sil Lai Abrams is in a better place today and I already know there are even bigger things in store for this entrepreneurial spirit. It’s Sil’s time to shine. Visit her site at http://www.SepiaProcess.com.


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