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Alica Keys Brings New Graceful Look to the  World Music Awards 2007, Plus Today’s DAILY HEATLIST!
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When International R& B/ Pop Multi- Award Singing Diva Alicia Keys, stepped out onto the red carpet of the World Music Awards 2007, photographers, paparazzi, fans and even viewers at home noticed a more confident, yet graceful singer who is once again setting fashion trends. Gone are her classic braids she shared with top spotlight music artist, Brandi Norwood, and today arrives voluminous curls and the classic “Sade” off the face pulled back look to expose the eyes, and window of every music artist’s soul. You get the sense that Alicia is in control of her personal style which radiates with clear simplicity and precision. She mentions on the Late Night Show that she has been perfecting over 600 situps a day which is great for the physique, and especially during the winter months. By spring, all of the ladies will be in optimal shape with Alicia Keys routine. Her music as predicted by Disilgold Soul Magazine is number one on the charts and it looks like 2008 is her year.

Today’s HEATLIST is brought to you by the Tonya Blount Show. Visit www.TonyaBlount.com. HEATLIST#10 -Jay Leno finally chips in with paying the salaries of writers of his show during Writer’s Guild Strike. His image is back on top. HEATLIST#9 -Artist Ryan Leslie debut hit, Diamond Girl, debuts on New Yorks’ Hot 105FM and artist makes guest interview appearance heard throughout the tri-state area. His album drops next Spring after his artist, Cassie’s movie and album debuts.

HEATLIST#9- Kevin M. Weeks, author of The Streetlife Series receives a stellar 4/5 stars review from Writer’s Digest Awards. Visit the author’s site at www.theStreetlifeseries.com .HEATLIST#8-Top Author, Donna Hill returns with heavily anticipated book, Wicked Ways. Visit her website at www.DonnaHill.com. HEATLIST#7- Jessica Simpson seems to have found love, but hopefully her daily ins and outs won’t become a tabloid spectacle  show like Britney’s love life. She has a great personality and should keep her good girl image. Life does go on after Nick. She can show the world that one does not have to resort to degrading behavior. Yes, Britney made Justin look cool to America before he was super hot, but of course, Justin has moved on and Britney just can’t shake this fact. HEATLIST#6- Felicia Pride, columnist of the BackList releases new book, The Message which discusses the meaning of 100 of today’s rap songs. HEATLIST#5- Amber Books pilots new promotional program for publishers and authors over at www.AmberBooks.com for those seeking promotion from the nation’s largest African American publisher of self-help books and of course, Literary Divas by Heather Covington. HEATLIST#4- Much praise goes to both Senator  Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama for not accepting a guest appearance on the return of the Don Imus Show despite possibility of  gaining 1 million swing voters. HEATLIST#3- Angie Martinez turns out 1st Hair Show & Beauty Expo that’s all about her fans and guests. Looks like she has a winning event for years to come. HEATLIST#2- Congratulations to Elissa Gabrielle for the successful publishing of new anthology compilation, “Triumph of my Soul” available now.HEATLIST#1- Continued praise goes to Denise Turney, author  of Spiral who releases a monthly Newsletter as featured at www.Chistell.com and called Book Lover’s Haven. It provides a chockful of goodies from writing contests and publishing resources to winners of new poetry contests and her latest industry review. Plus, she pens fantastic stories that have inspired me throughout the years and master the craft of writing with creativity.


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