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Dec.8, 2007- Rihanna sells 800,000 plus cd’s this year and nabs 4 Grammys along with artists like Akon currently in trouble for throwing a 15 year old boy into an audience which did major physical damage to a bystander. No one is refuting that this boy could have harmed Akon and who was allowed to casually get up on stage as if audience friendly, but everyone knows sickos can strike at any moment and while Akon’s reflex emotions may have overeacted, who is protecting the artists from paparazzi and hostile fans. I think there should be some kind of liability waiver for artists so they are not held responsible for cock pit damages of goers who frequent concerts and risk their lives being in the front row. Celebs have to be very careful of opportunists out there. Rihanna on the other hand, has managed to fulfill a pretty clean non-scandalous rap sheet other than her numerous photo friendly poses with male stars making her look more like a  Good Girl Gone Bad and symbolic of the title of her album. She’s received a lot of pop shots this year but  can the Beyonce’ protege’ turned Rihanna retro with a bob cut reminiscent of  the Posh “Spice” look walk away with a Grammy? It looks promising according to DLNA reports that have Rihanna catching up to over 1 million sales from Beyonce’ and not too far behind in ringtones as well. Her duet with Chris Brown and now Ne-Yo make her a teen favorite. According to Vibe Magazine, it appears that Beyonce’ and Rihanna are not rivals, and if so, they can continue enjoying rising careers. It’s great to see the R& B ladies both at the top. There is so much stress to STAY at the top in the music industry. Many fans have no idea what they go through and have to endure, and so may both ladies win and keep winning up to the ripe age of Tina Turner if they dare who proves you only get better and stronger in time.


#10- Heavy anticipation builds for the 50th  birthday of the world renown Grammy’s scheduled for telecast February 10, 2008 on CBS at 8pm!  According to Daily News Music Critic Jim Farber, Kanye West  topped the list of Grammy nominees announced December 6, 2007 with eight nominations and followed by six nominations by Amy Winehouse whose soulful R& B sound was a favorite this  past year and following course coincidentally with personal struggles reminiscent of her hit, REHAB and a disgrace to the music industry, period.

On a persnal note, it seems like some female singers of the past just can’t handle stardom too quickly, but we know this is not true for all singers and hopefully not true for Amy Winehouse.

What we have are singers arriving on the scene with talent, but perhaps no scruples as media portrays. Half of artist’s albums when unscathed by scandalous controversy may very well sell multiple copies of their cd’s, but when fans of these music artists know dirt about them exposed in these tabloids, it leaves a bad feeling at the music store for consumers and many wind up passing up that artist’s album clearly realizing that to play music from them indicates familiarity with their lifestyle. I just thought I’d share why so many artist’s sales are dropping and encourage all to keep their noses  and lifestyles clean. Everything counts and once you have a nasty image it smells rotten forever and can never be repaired.

 It’s unappealing to be a druggie and simply equals no future sales on top of self-destruction. It would be a sheer travesty with the reports cirulating if any artist engaging in such behavior took home even one Grammy! Presentation as well as personal upkeep should count or what good is the integrity of an award?

Getting back to Kanye, this will be Mr. West’s third time topping nominations from the Grammy’s, but he has yet to take home one for a major category. 

Rumors circulated that he threw a fit upon losing out on earning an award from the VMA’s. His song, “Stronger” seems to be the anthem for people who have overcome adversity and personal struggles, and why DisilgoldSOUL Magazine is predicting that the singer who just lost his mother, Donda West, after complications speculatively following plastic surgery will indeed be the Album of the Year winner. If not, I am sure his 1 million fans in the first week of his album sales will cry, “The Grammy’s are as botched as plastic surgery!”

DISILGOLD HEATLIST™ #9- Reporter Helen Kennedy botches Wendy William’s title as Queen of All Media by heralding Oprah Winfrey as “The Queen of All Media” in her article, “Bam takin’ a ride on Oprah Express” in the Daily News. All I have to say is that I was the Queen of All Genres since 2001 with a series of guides whether mainstream distributed or street distributed. That’s the bottom line. (giggles) No need of media pitting two queens against one another when I am the queen. I’ll diffuse the deceit in media by taking the title my darn self. After all, you can’t be the “Queen of all Media” unless someone in media who is the head of an award entity gives you that title, and so I stop the madness right now by claiming Oprah as the Queen of TV and Wendy as the Queen of Radio. End of discussion. Just cut it out ladies. Be grateful that you are both number one at what you do. No one is disputing this fact, but  you can’t have it all Oprah and Wendy. Now Wendy has a book club and is promoting politically correct novels about extreme ends from abuse to hardcore erotica. Next thing you know she’ll have a movie about her life and a talk show. The day will arrive when Oprah and Wendy meet face- to- face on either one of their tv shows without Gayle King instigating. Then they’ll duke it out with boxing gloves and of course sponsored fashion couture with Star Jones as referee. Can we say a Reality Show in the making? Then I will have to box the winner and as the Queen of All Genres who defies negativity, I will certainly take the title of Queen of all Media soon.  All I want to know is if Campaign Take Out from the Daily News or Media Take Out.com was first because I am sympathizing with Fred now who should be the Queen of All Media. Only a man in touch with his diva-dude side could write that kind of hoopla on a website. This is a girl’s fight. Stay out of this Fred. Anyway, I found a cd by Wendy Williams around town with all of these hot R&B and Hip Hop artists and like I’m watching Oprah’s new movie this Sunday. You do the research and find out about these two hot items from these dualing media divas who are avoiding each other because that would be dangerous. They are so different, yet so alike and the bomb! Where would I be without Wendy’s Advice Hour and Oprah every day! There I said it, but don’t think I support all of that bad advice from you two. I am counteracting a lot of it on my site at www.heather-covington.com if I have to.

DISILGOLD HEATLIST™ #8 Today I was in a grocery store and well, well, well…I saw a lady holding William Frederick Cooper’s latest book, There’s Always a Reason in her hand. I wasted no time asking her what page she was up to and she mentioned she had read the book already, but was rereading it because of an arguement she had with another reader over a sensitive issue regarding men dating women with terminal illnesses like Cancer. This book made me think, what if I was in the same shoes as Linda, would my man want to stay with me through the long haul and still love me unconditionally? This is a question many couples ignore until it is too late and they wind up broken up because one spouse just can’t face travesties in a relationship. William Frederick Cooper’s book will have you thinking, too. He displaces himself as his main character conveniently named William Mc Call. Hummm?! I have to give credit to Williams for expounding on the  sensitive side of today’s black man and having the courage to do so. This is normally taboo in literature, but William Frederick Cooper seems to have taken over the literary world as “The King of Compelling Fiction.” His craft of dialogue is so real that you can see this book scripted for the big screen. All of your major literary figures have endorsed the book thus far, and as a lone critic who doesn’t sway with the status quo, I must say William has saved the best for last and that is my full endorsement of this writer as one to stay! An author is born!


Okay I now get the Beyonce’ commercials for Direct TV and understand why she wants to “UPGRADE YOU”. At first, I thought she was selling cable service, but it appears that for those of us who have cable and HDTV, one would benefit from Direct TV and HDTV with 85 channels more. Okay, sold! You did it Beyonce’, but instead of the dancing and singing why not just tell folks what you want us to buy. It took at least a few viewings of the commercial for me to get the idea. I am no differet than your average tv watcher.If you are trying to reach me, you had better be direct… How about that? Like Direct TV.


Big shout out to Usher. He did hsi thing on the Movie Rocks special featuring Busta Rhymes, Nicole Scherzinger and of course Usher doing his rendition of Fred Astaire’s Singing in the Rain number from the 1950’s. Now I have to be a supporter of Usher as a former stage actor in the hit My Fair Lady in junior highschool. (Big pause). Please follow with real loud laughter. I know this number was very difficult. Remember, talent recognizes talent. Usher’s performance was amazing. His iron legs took out ‘ole silly goofy Fred. Can we say more movies for Usher? I mean, why waste that talent? The boy sings, acts and dances with perfection. I think he can give Christopher Brown a run for his money in a dance off. I saw some moves I don’t think Chris Brown can handle. Maybe I am wrong.


So I am reading this new book called The Tales of the Obeni by Leon Allen Bryan, quite an exciting read that takes the reader into this paranormal world where reality meets one ancestry with a magical flair. It’s  about this black-preneur named Bennie who discovers an ancient artifact upon vacationing and called “The Obeni.” A charismatic and fresh debut novel, Leon weaves a story about a man whose life unfolds with uncertainty after his sister and her neice miraculously disappear, but yet he suspects they were not kidnapped, but intentionally left due to evidence of emptied accounts.

Somehow, he is lured back to his African History and encounters a mysterious spell by a woman named Whende that draws him into a dangerous love affair, but can he handle what he’s literally “dug up” in quest of love and affection. The book is available at www.writersandpoets.com. Warning: The Tales of the Obeni will have you yearning for more books like it. The only book I can think of on the level of this book is Dr. Ian Smith’s Black Bird Papers. It’s an intelligently written book that draws the reader page-by-page and to the end of this masterful work.


Looks like the magic of Book Expo  is back in 2008 with so many black publishers gathering once again for the industry event of the year designed to make it happen for publishers and self-published authors. The African American Pavilion at Book Expo 2008 is sure to be a place to visit for many L.A. book lovers and commuting literary folks that is becoming a tradtional event to attend. We have the 411 on new exhibitor’s space going very fast. Either visit www.anberbooks.com or www.bookexpoamerica.com for details on acquirying an exhibitor’s space or stop by www.Disilgold.com for ongoing news and updates regarding THE BEA! It’s going to be grand.


Made in Hollywood tv show showcases the scene stealing Ruby Dee’s, wife of late Ossie Davis, performance in American Gangster we were talking about in Brian Grazer’s film. Folks have been comparing American Gangster to the flair of Scar Face, but these two movies are in a league all their own and just can’t be prepared even with a similar Black & White movie cover!

Vibe Magazine is starting to look like Hip Hop Weekly with all of those paparazzi shots of celebs and once you start this, it will have to continue. It’s like spoiling a child with candy and when you don’t have candy, they retaliate. However, Vibe had a chockful of stories with captions reflecting articles like DOPE OR NOPE. Almost every pic was a nope because they photos simply where not flattering like Vibe’s usual pics of celebs. Hopefully, the VIBE we all love will return to their simple and chic design with relevant stories, more content and quality photos of folks instead of those mug shots. The stars deserve better than this, but I guess this is what people buy. And- you got to be kidding me. Jim Jones got a “HOT TO DEATH” -old fashioned term from the 1990’s???? with his botched tats over Chris Brown, Reggie Bush and The Game who got barely ON FIRE ratings. The Style A- Z section was by far the least beneficial to readers.  Who in their right mind are rocking bamboo earrings anymore? I didn’t even rock those doorknockers in highschool and I’m from the hood. The best dressed person in the section was Sean “Diddy” Combs and Zoe Kravitz. Also, why advertise Karrine Steffan’s book if you are going to call it a flop? The book is not a flop, just ordinary in comparison to her first book. She’s her own competition, but nevertheless will sell a million copies. It’s like exploiting someone you don’t support. Maybe that’s why the girl is playing games with the media on her website. Her formula for success works and the media are fools for focusing on negativity instead of the young girls who look up to her for direction. I witnessed this with my own eyes at her signing in the Bronx. These girls want to get published by her instead of resort to her past life. Karrine maybe able to help some of these girls if given a chance. At first, I told Karrine I would help out by showcasing some controversy, but she is really all about making sure her child has an education and in my opinion minus past comments, is hardly as crazy as folks think. I have to support someone who has my arm on her site  fidgeting in my bag and suddenly accusing me of being the paparazzi. I am glad that rumor was dispelled when the real owner of a media trash site revealed itself. Sometimes folks just want to knock folks down because they are arrogant, but look who made them that way. I hope she writes a winning Vixen Manual as she has announced. Most women are just mad because they can’t come out the box and show their freak’um side like Karrine. It’s about time someone represents what women want from a woman’s perspective.


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