Cassie, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Denzel Washington, Oprah, Barack Obama Floyd Maywether, Heather Covington, Chunichi, Julia Swan, Rodney Lofton, Alicia Keys,

Disilgold SOUL Magazine-(December 12,2007)- Disilgold SOUL has received an insider tip regarding a secret relationship between  Sean “Diddy” Combs and songbird Cassie, vocal artist of hit, “Me & You.” The two would make a glamorous couple says our insider, but it is more than likely that they are in a business relationship and nothing more because both undoubtedly photograph well.  The two together make for good publicity. Sean “Diddy” Combs currently has a hot selling fragrance all the rage this holiday season and pleasantly called, “Unforgivable,” while Cassie is gearing to star in her first debut  Disney movie April 2008.  Reaching the teenage audience is a dream come true for any artist. Raven Simone is just one of many teenage artists to capitalize with endorsements and as the face of the The Cheetah Girls. Cassie could also, be on to big time stardom. The lanky model-like songstress received dismal reviews for her stage performances from fans leading Sean “Diddy” Combs to come to her defense in a video release featured on Next Selection producer and artist, Ryan Leslie’s video blog. Even Sean “Diddy” Combs mentions the songbird’s performance on a tv show was “Straight up wack,”. Cassie looked  emotionless and quiet as she sat between the two music moguls in the footage. The severe criticism actually drew more sympathy for the artist who seemed to take off into oblivion as a one hit wonder, but still managed to attract a strong following of loyal listeners who believe there is more to come from this singer. With Sean “Diddy” Combs making headlines in all major magazines with his relationship issues, DLNA pollers believe the music mogul is still undecided over whom he wants to settle down with. Many artists with extreme wealth fall prey to multiple relationships, but it will be up to Sean “Diddy” Combs to decide how he will address the media with this issue.

THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #10- The stars came out last night for debut screening of “The Great Debators”in L.A. starring Denzel Washington. The movie premieres nationwide in theaters on Christmas Day.  According to ET, Denzel says he’s gained weight since working on the movie, but has already lost 12 pounds and is on his way back to the gym. Mark your calendar. THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #9- Oprah joins Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and the two bring out over 30,000 visitors to Columbia, South Carolina’s Stadium in December 9th. Now folks are wondering if he wins, will Oprah be named his Vice President. Oprah clearly is a very powerful woman on tv, radio, in print and now in politics. Will someone replace the Statue of Liberty with a Gold Statue of Oprah? THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #8- Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins WBC welterweight title fight  in Las Vegas Boxing Championship over Ticky Hattan by a 10th round knockout. THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #7-  Urban author Chunichi reveals her fashion savvy side with never before seen exclusive photos on the and delivers multiple best-selling books in one year. THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #6- Author Heather Covington reveals her Top 10 Music Hotlist on being heralded as a trendsetter for the hottest R& B music on the scene. THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #5- A retired New York adminsitrator, Julia Swan, brings out many supporters at the Harlem Yacht Club in City Island, New York and Disilgold is granted all access to a sentimental event of an educator and adminstrator of excellence widely respected and loved by parents, teachers, students and family.  The Disilgold e-Literary Dish Story arrives Christmas Day! THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #4- Rodney Lofton, victim of HIV to gay love affair, debuts his latest book, The Day I stopped Being Pretty. He opened up to Disilgold with never before revealed personal bouts he faced as a victim of HIV and we’re inviting Rodney, a very nice fellow who supports many authors and landed a publishing deal with Strebor to share his tour and news with Disilgold. com as soon as he completes his 2006 tour. December 1st was World AIDS day and Rodney Lofton may be the author to shed light on AIDS prevention and coping of reportedly 1 out of 4 people inflicted with the disease and may not even know it. Disilgold joins the quest as artists like Alicia Keys to urge families, spouses, and people in relationships to get tested and help end the spread of this growing epidemic. Together and with people like Rodney, this disease can be stopped. THE DISILGOLD HEATLIST #3- The YOUnity Guild of America Award receives overwhelming votes per day over at founder will give away free prizes to every 500th voter per day to keep the momentum shining until New Year’s Eve when winners are announced in over 250 YGA Award categories at 12 midnight. Suggest the next 2 HEATLIST literary referrals right now at


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