Disilgold Soul Magazine-www.Disilgold.com TOP 10 HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Oprah & Denzel Washington plus more!

Top Story on the HEATLIST- Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington made a rare appearance together for the premiere of The Great Debators. The movie is produced by Oprah Winfrey. She really didn’t think she would be able to cast Denzel Washington in what is being called one of his best roles ever.  The movie is scheduled for release on Christmas Day. Disilgold issued a DLNA Poll Survey recently asking viewers if they could spend a day with either Denzel Washington or Oprah Winfrey, who would they choose? Well, the results are in! Out of 50 pollers, most said Denzel Washington, and only because it is highly unlikely most folks will be afforded the opportunity to meet him. Anyone can request tickets for the Oprah Winfrey Show and now that she is gearing up to promote Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, it’s so easy to spot her at rallies among thousands. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #10- The Great Debators premieres on Christmas Day. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #9- Disilgold recommends everyone shopping this holiday season treat their loved ones to new Samsung Cell phones with BLUE TOOTH. You’ll be able to view the internet. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #8 – The snack bars everyone is buying by the dozens are Kellog’s Special K Protein bars. With no transfats and 10 grams of protien per bar, and plenty of vitamins, you can eat a few of these a day. They provide good energy for busy writers. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #7- Spend Friday evenings with friends at Applebees. This restaurant offers the most nutritious meals and ample servings. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #6- For those ladies who are looking for a hot new lisptick color, COPPER is the color of winter! We are not promoting any particular brand until LEAD results in all brands are revealed soon. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #5-There are several holiday cd’s but we highly recommend an old skool cd by Stevie Wonder featuring all of his holiday renditions of your favorites. A song you’ll love is “Someday at Christmas,” a classic. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #4- Have you been cuddling up early on Friday nights and catching some early pre-weekend zzzz’s so you’ll be refreshed to do your weekend routines and chores? This is a great idea. Don’t stay up late on Fridays says the founder of Disilgold. Crash early and watch the results of a productive weekend. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #3- Giving a workshop or holiday affair this week? Why not buy some real stockings for only $1 at your local variety store and stiff with bookmarks from your favorite authors, plenty of candy canes and treats and surprise giveaway certificates to Barnes & Noble for a few lucky guests. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #2- Here’s a holiday cleaning top. Why not host an online sale of your clothes you’re no longer wearing or can fit? Make sure your clothes are not soiled or dirty please. No one wants pre-warn clothing. I am taking about clothes you have never worn before and you simply haven’t worn, but can be someone else’s treasure. Be reasonable with your prices. Anything over $20 for used duds online is highway robbery unless you’re a respected celebrity unscathed by controversy and scams. I mean really, don’t sell yourself short of fame by adding a price to it. People want to support you, but also benefit themselves when purchasing your duds. It’s not about you most of the time, but that you have an item someone wants. Disilgold Soul HEATLIST #1- The number one idea on the HEATLIST this week is YOUR ATTITUDE! Many of us need an attitude adjustment. We get so big for our britches we can’t come back down to reality and that is that stars are here today and gone tomorrow. Be careful what you wish for. Opt to please your fans and not just please yourself and needs. Sale books with sincerity and not just to make money. To see today’s TOP STORY feature photo, visit www.Disilgold.com.


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