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December 18, 2007- Disilgold SOUL Magazine Top Story (www.Disilgold.com) – Wil Smith returns with the smash box office hit, “I AM LEGEND!” It was questionable if Wil Smith who has been on hiatus since last year’s mega hit, The Pursuit of Happyness, could attract top draw for the holiday season. “This Christmas” starring Chris Brown was able to rack in 20 million plus, but it’s twin Christmas movie, Perfect Christmas, featuring Gabrielle Union who just enjoyed a mag cover stint on Essence Magazine did so horribly, it was embarrasing. All of these movies had a film cast of top black actors and actresses in my opinion, but what it all boils down to is PERSONALITY, and Wil Smith has got it. He’s  universal and the self-made success story who worked his way up as a rapper to a movie star, and even revisted his rap career that turned out to be impressive. He doesn’t seem to take himself so seriously, always lends a smile and courageously has kept his family together from a past relationship and current marriage to his wife, Jada Pinkett for  the kids sake and it works. What’s unique about the actor is that he has an equally likeable wife in the film industry who boasts an impressive movie roster herself. It seems as if she puts her career to the side for her husband, but for those who know Jada Pinkett Smith, she’s a top selling children’s book author, humanitarian and co-founder of Carolle’s Daughter, a beauty franchise that is doing so well, black beauty is now synonymous with its name. I own a ton of her products. She even had the nerve to start a rock group despite criticism over this. Folks just weren’t ready. Jada’s rock album was kind of funky, just real retro for the Hollywood starlet we’re use to seeing sporting fine couture alongside folks like Posh Spice at events. Wil, no light weight to the music bug either, starred in his own Fresh Prince television series as the one half duo team of a former rap group modeled after his real life. It seemed like Wil and Jada Pinkett were destined to pair up. After all, Jada was the star of “A Different World” until Halle Berry arrived and drew people’s attention to the short hair do, and shortly after nabbed a role in the hit movie, Strictly Business. Not soon after, Jada got her a short blonde crop. In fact, she was one of the first black stars to ever try a crop  do that short next to Mary J. Blige back in the day. Wil was also, married once before and Jada has been linked to Tupac from their highschool years before Tupac wrote songs about his own self- fulfilling mortality and was shot and killed in a drive by. To this day, his killers have never been found. Now Jada’s beauty franchise partnership has reached number one, and her Independence Day star husband who had no choice but to take risks with outlandish movies that could have decided the hit or miss fate of his acting career, have both reached a peak! Something magical happened for Wil Smith this past week. He not only took home top draw at the box office, but the highest grossing film of all time for the holiday season in history. Disilgold Soul Magazine has now named Wil Smith as “The Man with the Billion Dollar Smile” because once a 50+ million grossing actor, always a 50+ million dollar actor. He’s got loyal fans from the beginning of his career and new fans ranging from tots to teens and adults to seniors who love this guy. Even though the production of the movie was in my opinion unimpressive as far as quality effects, (NOT MY FAULT, I HAVE HDTV SO EVERYTHING LOOKS SUBSTANDARD ON THE BIG SCREEN), Wil made the movie come to life. The title is befitting for Wil as is, WIL IS LEGEND! That is our new slogan, too and deserving. Not many people can carry a film almost solo with a dog named Samantha who should take home the award, but sorry, the Golden Globe Awards may be canned with this big writer’s strike! This dog can act better than your human actors.  I did like the plot of I AM LEGEND and it seemed right on the edge of some modern day dilemmas we’re having with folks who now may acquire polio from bad immunizations issued in the 1940’s. This could mean the return of a worse epidemic than the Tuberculosis plague of yesteryear. Children stand the greatest risk without immunization, but parents who know about bad medicine are intimidated and some refusing for their children to get immunized with new forms of preventative polio vacinations it seems.  Yikes, imagine being given the virus instead of immunization? How do you make up for that mistake? Who knows if this kind of  mutated disease that kills some of the population and morphs others could mutate and bring out a new sub-race (nor black or white) just viral, dangerous and violent like a new form of rabies . In I AM LEGEND, an experiment not only goes bad, but  now you have humans running around at night with an extreme form of rabies.Rabid animals will attack you and there is nothing you can do in most instances. I mean you can’t just roll over and play dead. That doesn’t work with rabid animals. Add humans with minds and feelings inflicted with the disease and you have trouble! What I liked about this movie is how Samantha (his dog) disobeyed Will’s character and ran into a dark tunnel upon helping Wil to chase down some fresh kill potential deer. Now I am going to give a spoiler here because I can’t do any harm now that the movie has grossed out, right? But I will tell you that scene where a diminishing beam of harsh day light  begins to fade as the dawn sets is one of the best parts of the movie next to Wil getting up enough nerve to talk to a mannequin. So natural with such a candid look at Wil  as his character, but ge really himself in this movie. His character may reflect exactly how Wil would act if this movie were true. I am convinced. Wil would give up his life to save the human race. That’s it! Wil Smith for president. To see an exclusive interview of  Wil Smith with Kam Williams, visit www.Disilgold.com MOVIE REVIEW LINK now or see Movie promo on site.


DISILGOLD HEATLIST#10- The Great Debators produced by Denzel Washington debuts on Christmas Day in theaters nationwide. DISILGOLD HEATLIST#9WhereITZAt Entertainment Newspaper is hitting newsstands on the regular!Disilgold and WhereITZat publisher met at WBLS launch party for Steve Harvey’s Morning Show, and the direction of the paper is as quality as the family behind this informational news resource. DISILGOLD HEATLIST#8-Have you seen the book trailer for George C. Fraser’s new book, CLICK, creating a top industry buzz yet! Stay tuned for January 14th release. Everyone is talking about one POWERFUL BOOK!  We’ll be right back with details on the BIG BUZZ! Disilgold HEATLIST#7– No Foxy Brown didn’t show up in court without make-up, flats and a tailored suit. Now you all know we think Foxy is one of the most authentic divas in the rap game minus the poor writing on her tracks, but we won’t take away her lyrical skills. She’s sharp, percise and delivers on the mic. Inga had a chance to show she’s a changed  woman after anger management classes, but is this all a front? If not, She now looks like she’s ready to move on to a new level and put the past of violent mood swings, paranoia over thinking everyone is out to get her and a troubled rap sheet with the law behind her. But not so fast! Her fans may be as gone as her fake eyelashes, heavy eye shadow makeup, 3 inch heels and cleavage baring stints. No one likes a trouble maker. Inga Marchand is going to have to really stick by this new persona if she wants to keep her fans. It’s not over until the bling lady stays trouble free for longer than a few years. BUZZ! Disilgold HEATLIST#6- Is it just me or is Mary J. Blige’s new album Growing Pains incredible. She’s sure to earn a Grammy or something is wrong with the world because ain’t nothing wrong with Mary! This album is a MELTDOWN! It’s going to grow on folks in due time,  but it won’t be brining pain! Every track on Mary’s album is uplifting! Anyone who doubts this chick is certainly crazy, deranged and has a very low IQ on what constitutes good music! Oh, and may we add a bird brain and gum wad on the heel of my shoe! That should do it! (GIGGLES) All kidding aside,  Mary J. Blige’s Album is OFF THE METER! Disilgold HEATLIST#5- Disilgold is sharing its most powerful secret of success for CEO’s. Try the Friday night crash routine of the founder of Disilgold and turn in earlier. Cut the tv and radio and just sleep my dear child. Watch your weekend become more productive than you ever imagined. This hibernation at Disilgold is only for the Winter. A new day will be selected for the Spring. Enjoy! Nightie Night! ZZZZZ! You deserve it! Rest up! Disilgold HEATLIST#5- Is it just me or did Wendy Williams grace her best interview ever with Wyclef and possibly derserving of a Pulitzer Award. That was some interview. We can’t wait to get Wyclef’s new album. Love his sound always and even if the Fugees never get back together. The man is talented. His sound is universal. He’s like Bob Marley bringing folks together with love and tolerance.  I learned something new! For one, I didn’t know the Dominican Republic and Haiti were on the same island and tourist agents call the land divide Labbe so folks won’t know it’s Haiti. I tell ya, you learn something new everyday. And for a minute Wendy acted like she wasn’t sure what she was saying, but she knows “she knows” what she’s talking about. She purposely was trying to not upstage Wyclef and all. As a result, he opened up. Ya’ll better stop thinking Wendy is an airbrain. That is Queen of Radio is quite intelligent and pretends to be aloof on her show sometimes I don’t know why. We should know she’s a smart cookie. We interviewed her face-to-face. If folks don’t watch out, I bet Wendy will be the next Vice President or gear up her own comedy show at Carolines. You gotta watch those black blondes! It’s a cover up for an agenda.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Wendy is a correspondent on GoodDay one day. You never know. Disilgold HEATLIST#4- Big shout out to Beverly Black Johnson, compiler of the book Gumbo for the Soul, who forwarded a striking survey revealing blacks don’t go after grants. I don’t know about you, but if there were over 12,000 resources to write to and acquire a grant for your children or ecomomic resources, wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity. Well, sometimes the community thinks anything free is a scam, but the fact is, there are millions giving away every year for charitable programs. New York is even giving away money to students on performance based schools. Didn’t everyone hear 50 Cent’s song, GET MONEY and Jay Z’s I Get IT song. hey are telling you to go and get the money! Now to figure out where? Half of succeeding in life is reaching out to the folks you want to reach with sincerity. You never know what blessings may return.  Disilgold HEATLIST#3- Guess which fragrance Disilgold founder, Heather Covington chose from Usher for Women, Dolce & Garbana  “light blue,” and Daisy by Marc Jacobs ? All of them. The theme in 2008 is own everything that you like and what you can’t wear, give it away to someone who will wear it. Disilgold Heatlist #2- The Industry Buzz everyoneis talking about is Dennis Bell’s City Slicker Productions new cd, Infinite Embrace. Stay tuned for steller review! Now this is JAZZ at its finest with contemporary vocals that resonate feel good vibe music you just have to have.



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