Disilgold Soul Magazine presents The Daily Literary Dish Top Story by Heather Covington aka “The Literary Heat and her Top Ten HEATLIST Multi-Industry Countdown of All that’s HOT!Feature Story- Sean Diddy Combs

Disilgold Soul Magazine presents The Daily Literary Dish Top Story by Heather Covington aka “The Literary Heat and her Top Ten HEATLIST Multi-Industry  Countdown of All that’s HOT!.

Featured Top Story based on new DLNA Survey Poll Question- Who has the best fragrance, Sean “Diddy” Combs (Unforgiveable for Women) or Beyonce’ (Emporium Diamonds).

The DLNA Survey says that Sean “Diddy” Combs fragrance  “Unforgiveable” is potently more desired by the ladies and men with a sweet spicy scent, but Beyonce’s Emporium “Diamonds” may be a little too old for young adults. I personally like Emporium Diamonds, but it is a little too strong at first whiff. I would suggest combining it with a lotion to tone it down. That SD alcohol is evident for a few minutes and then it simmers down with a light flowery scent that reminds you of a touch of jasmine and gardinias mixed with daisies and possibly raspberries. I have a keen sense of smell so the fragrance works for me. Diddy’s fragrances for both men and the women are sexy as hell and should have been called irresistable. That fragrance is going to move some heavy sales.

Usher smells very nice too, but I can’t help but think I am smelling Usher! We exchanged some words at an event and I just don’t want to smell Usher right now! He thought I was mediatakeout.com and that really disgusted me. All I can do is listen to Usher’s music, but I certainly don’t want to be reminded of him by any fragrance. I bet the men will buy the fragrance because of that song, U Remind Me, a cult classic for single men riding around in their cars on 125th street profiling with sun roofs down and just trying to get the fine ladies attention with an old jam and a of course a car load full of guys blinging and wearing Usher perfume.

 I think I will go into the lab and design my own fragrance simply called, Heather. Nothing smells better than that. Hands down, two snaps and throw your head back. So that is the name of my fragrance Heather Diva for Women and  Heather Don for Men. What I will do is scout for a new mascott for both fragrances every year for a big poster campaign. There you have it! I’ll just order specially designed bottles shapped like an H with DIVA or DON in the middle in gold. I got a big yard so I can grow Heather myself, blend it, puree and strain it keeping a few pieces of the weed in the bottle so bored parfum wearers can turn it upside down like those holiday water-filled snowflake balls and be mesmerized. Let my reign begin.

Taking applications now for my street team at Disilgold@aol.com. One side of my van will say Heather Diva and the other side Heather Don. I’ll include lifesize blow-ups of the spokesmodels that everyone can meet when we arrive in town. And my slogan will be, “Hey, smell both of my fragrances and keep it if you don’t like it to give to a friend and buy it if you love it to keep it for yourself!” Now you know folks are going to say they only like it to get a free bottle, but as soon as they run out, they’ll be at the store buying a new bottle.

Then I’ll invite everyone with a small tag to post how much they liked the fragrance to win a whole year’s collection. Of course, they will give them away to their friends who will in turn want more too, and by 2010 I will have America’s number one selling fragrance. Giggles.

On with the today’s TOP TEN HEATLIST Multi-industry Coutndown of all that’s  HOT!

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #10- Check out the review of my book, The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher by Heather Covington on the www.AALBC.com . The bible novel of self-publishing was reviewed by none other than Mr. Kam Williams.  A media copy made its way into Kam Williams hands from Author House, formerly 1st Books. Yep, I utilized them when they only had 2000 customers and now they have 20,000+ clients, can get your books into bookstores and offer a return policy. My p.o.d. has come a long way and it seems like the stigma is diminishing, so why not stop by my personal p.o.d. store at www.perSOULnalities.com and buy print, hard cover or e-boook versions of all of my p.o.d. version books today. Official Disilgold published versions arrive in bookstores nationwide. Visit our bookstore at www.DisilgoldBooks.com. We did it fam.

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #9- If you haven’t heard, your girl here is the Promotional Online Director of Book Expo’s African American Pavilion. Where can you obtain exhibitor’s info right now and join the top  literary industry professionals and celebrities all in one house and promote your titles to licensing rights specialists , mainstream publishers and literary peers? Just visit my official PRESSRELEASEBLASTER center at www.DisilgoldSOUL.com.  Now I know everyone is still waiting for those BEA 2006 and 2007 photos. We’re in a good mood so they are loading like you never thought Disilgold Media coould so many photos. Where? Just visit the entire site of www.Disilgold.com. YOU MAY BE ON OUR SITE and shining and don’t even know it! Celebs are welcome too. We take a lot of photos! You may not even know you have met us at events. I have 12 different looks just like those zany scorned book club members in my new novel, Tekila Nika. Check it out at www.Heather-Covington.com. Warning! The book is about you!

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #8- I am way too excited to announce a book that Ipredict is going to be the next mega-seller. What’s the title? CLICK! Who’s it by, the one and only George C. Fraser, a marketing network king. See his www.frasernet.com Power Networking Event details in this months issue of Black Enterprise which features a nice fold out calendar sponsored by State Farm Insurance featuring Dr. Ian Smith as spokesmodel for the 50 Million Pounds Challenge. Now I am going to tell this story one more time. I was supposed to do a booksigning with Dr. Iam Smith and declined because I was like who is Dr. Ian Smith. My bad, I feel real, real bad, but Dr. Ian “Fine” Smith is lighthearted and forgiving. He even sent Disilgold an exclusive breakdown of his babies features. Just click somewhere on here and you’ll see for yourself that Dr. Ian Smith forgave Disilgold. All kidding aside, he is one of the most humanitarian authors out there doing great things and as far as George C. Fraser, I interviewed this distinguished man face-to-face and he is RICH! Ladies he had on 14 kt, cuff links, Armani Shoes  and apen striped suit. Yep, all of that gear Beyonce talks about in her UPGRADE YOU song. Go ahead and listen to it. I guess to be a networking guru, you have to talk it and walk it so I went out and got me a pen-striped shirt and landed a seminar called A NIGHT OF AUTHORS hosted by Mosaic Books and AALBC.com alongside Relentless Aaron and Malaika Adero, Senior Editor of Atria. Not bad, eh!

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #7- This is my lucky number so I am skipping this one for myself!

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #6- Are you checking out HIP HOP RAW & UNCUT this Sunday on STARZ channel. You better if you know what’s good for you. History is about to be made. It;s hosted by Bern Nadette Stanis, or Thelma from Goodtimes. She’s back and with a hot new book, Situations. OOOOH! I wonder what situations she’s talking about. Let’s read the book ladies and gents.

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #5- Now you all know I am a speed typist like my dear friend, Harriette Cole, Creative Director of Ebony Magazine who revealed standing right next to me at Book Expo 2007 that she’s a speed typist too.  So I just want to let you know that my 10 minute exercise is up, so that means I must stop right here, but…

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #4-Aw, what the heck, I’ll plug the YOUnity Guild Awards over at www.Disilgold.com. Now you should be voting before New Year’s Eve at www.HeatherCovington.net right now.

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #3- Okay, 30 seconds left….

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #2-10 seconds…oh my…

Disilgold HEATLIST Countdown #1-Okay shout out to all winners of the YGA AWARD 2007! See you right here on New Year’s Day with all winners. Now I don’t edit my work because I own Disilgold and am under no pressure so just deal with our growth, It gets better folks, but I have to go cook now… BYE-BYE!!MWAH


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