Barack Obama on today’s Daily Literary Dish TOP 10 HEATLIST COUNTDOWN

#10- Barack Obama makes national headlines as the democractic  winner of Iowa state’s primaries. He beats Senator Hillary Clinton by a landslide with 38%. This is a good sign for favorable voters who now have faith that Barack Obama can win.

#9- Kimori Fullbright, former pageant queen is accused of kidnapping and torturing her boyfriend with 2 other assailants. Wow! A new form of revenge. Today’s womanizer had better watch out. Scorned women are not playing around.

#8- Britney Spears is hospitalized for resisting removal of her children from custody. Reports say she may have been under influence of an unknown substance. How did America’s number one pop idol turn to ruin? Can someone explain?

#7- Oprah Winfrey receives overwhelming criticism via emails for releasing show of black man abusing and beating his wife.  Reports have it that people are outraged over Oprah’s irresponsibility of showing a black man on television as an abusive wife beater . Apparently black men already have a bad image thanks to movies and videos. Oprah defended herself and mentions it wasn’t a black or white issue. The YGA community is split on this.

#6- The YOUnity Reviewers Guild of America is gearing to release its massive and official press release  featuring winners of the YGA AWARDS 2007. A huge buzz generated over 80,000 voters at the official YGA Voting Polls at  The press release is scheduled for January 8th release via the e-Literary Dish Newsletter.

#7- Hip Hop Weekly scores a big thumbs down for turning out what appeared to be a magazine with content haring good points of celebrity’s lives into a quick cheap read tabloid publication regurgitating unsubstantiated dirt from other trash media resources and lacking substance. A DLNA reader says,” It’s filled with poor quality photos and boring over sensationalism.

 #6- Dieters should continue to fuel their body’s daily so they won’t be overly hungry and overeat at night says Keri Glassman, a Health & Diet expert.

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