Effective immediately….

For Immediate Release: Disilgold Soul Magazine’s Daily Literary Dish Top Story and Multi-Industry TOP 10 HEATLIST COUNTDOWN has now moved officially to the headline pages of www.Disilgold.com and the official home of Disilgold Soul Literary Review Magazine, the no.1 African American Literary & Media Infused network with “QUALITY” visitors from multi-industries and tens of thousands of literary industry professionals we have worked with as mega-event planners, photo journalists, celebrity interviewers, National Award Officials, tv & radio hosts and a staff of award winning marketing moguls and book lovers from multi-industries, all thriving to bring reviews of top literature, music, events, businesses, fashion and media to the forefront daily.

 If you’re hot, we’re reviewing you. If you’re not, we’re reviewing you. Disilgold is now opening its doors for critics to congregate as members of the YOUnity Reviewers Guild of America. Members will now have a means to speak out on issues, topics and new articles.

The Director of Disilgold, Heather Covington, is now a contributor like all other Disilgold Staff, but has stepped back to not only focus on her publishing company, book tour and workshops, but  to entrust her staff to deliver the fine news they have proven they are the best multi-industries have to offer. It’s a tremendous change for www.Disilgold.com, but with so many hits here, it is obvious that visitors want more reviews and Disilgold news.

You can expect for the Daily Literary Dish to load on www.Disilgold.com daily with the hottest multi-industry news, plus you’ll want to visit our intralinks for various Multi-industry TOP 10 HEATLIST Countdown winners.

Our archived listings will remain here on www.literarydish.wordpress.com, but new TOP STORIES will be archived on www.Disilgold.com. post freely on archived articles. Feel free to visit us and post your comments here. Once you visit www.Disilgold.com, you’ll see exactly how we are utilizing our Daily Literary Dish forum as an interacive message center. You can actually post links to your site and a photo of your self, plus message and interact with others as often as you wish.

You can respond to  HOT TOPICS of the day as an expert in your field. Do include your website so our audience will know where you are from. Only the founder of

Disilgold will respond to posts here as the moderator from time to time, and so all opinions are reflective of the founder and not staff members.

 Some hot topic listings will be archived accordingly in various categories as listed here. Enjoy.


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