Heather Covington’s Top 10 HEATLIST COUNTDOWN of the Week- Marion Jones,Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, LL Cool J., Mary J. Blige, Wyclef, Timbaland

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#10- Was Marion Jones fairly sentenced for using performance enhancement drugs during the World Olympics?-

I think Marion Jones was very humble and dignified for admitting she used performance enhancement drugs during the Beijing Olympics. She did the crime, so obviously she would be sentenced to time, but the question everyone is asking is if the time fits the crime?  It seems like America’s pop tart celebrities only have to spend their body weight in minutes in jail for crimes like drunk driving and assaulting people, but here is an honest sports figure doing the right thing, was sort of tempted by AMERICA to win the medal by any means necessary, but she’s stripped and treated worse than a dog in a dog fight. As a result, she lost all of her medals (5 gold and 2 bronze), her titles, has to repay monetary fees, do 400 hours of community service, and serve time in the slammer for 6 months all because the courts want to make an example of her to other athletes. I think the reason for justifying any of these actions is to show the world that America believes in honoring its laws. However, with the character of Marion Jones who is no threat to anyone, but herself for abusing her body with drugs that can have an adverse effect later on, she would have been better suited to give America a public apology and just serve community service. America needs to go after the drug traffikers!

#9 Should Media Be Allowed to Publish Unfounded Gossip and Destroy the Careers of Celebrities?

“A steriod crackdown has successfully pinpointed a drug pharmeceudical company called Signature which may have leaked reports of celebrities using aliases to retrieve performance enhancement drugs. These reports remain unfounded as of today. Some well noted celebrities named in the scandal are Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, L.L. Cool J. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Wyclef.  Yes, the guys who have been fit since Day 1. LL is actually smaller than he was back in the day. Chromatin and Creatine will rip up any fit man’s body or over the counter products on the market. Mary has utilized trainers that have written exercise books and are experts. She’s been fit since her Real Love video with my friend dancing in the background.  She’s actually smaller than she ever was. Let’s see, Tyler Perry…??? He’s a big guy, period.  50 Cent is not even that big. Anyone can get that V-back with 50 Cent’s mentality. Have you read his background? When a black man gets mad, they take out their frustrations on their body with gangster workouts.  Dr. Dre is the only one who looked ridiculously big at an award show and Timbaland has always been heavy, but I have to give it up, they look fabulous with those chiseled faces and buff bodies. Let’s hope they are just in the gym and working hard. Then again, styles have changes and folks are wearing  more fitted clothes these days.

Reports indicate the celebrities have not been reported to have done anything wrong, nor guilty of using any performance enhancement drugs, but if we go back in history and recall the Salem Witch Trials where women who could float and didn’t drown after being tossed in a lake were accused of being witches, creating a “you’re darned if you are a witch and darned if you are not a witch” effect, this form of media execution is no different.

Fans of these well-noted artists say this method of unfounded media is also a form of modern day “High Tech Lynching” and a new form of overt racism.  However, the question is do the fans of these artists believe the recent allegations and will this damage these particular artists’ careers? It is evident that when you push today’s artist to be perfect, they will resort to many enhancement procedures and risk their lives. I believe the only value in going after celebrity users of enhancement performance drugs is to have those caught speak to kids. Steriods may lead to kidney failure, hair loss, penial and erectile dysfunction and death in men!

I’m glad these artists are doing well regardless, and if not guilty, able to ignore this media witchhunt and not let those jealous bastards  in media steal their shine. I would suggest these celebrities read Psalm 35 and wish their enemies to hell if these reports are untrue. It’s just not right to do this to artists unless there is a court hearing that proves verity. 

 Mary is ruling, Tyler is winning, 50 is nearly a billionaire and Dr. Dre isn’t going anywhere.  Sometimes folks are just so jealous of celebrities physiques. Get over it! Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. RIP!

#8- Did Hillary Clinton cross the line by stating the Civil Rights Act was placed into effect when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it?

Any second grader would know that for any act to be placed in effect, a residing president must sign it.  Duh! However, DLNA pollers have asked questions of her purpose for making such a pompous statement and motive. Was it to validate that it takes a president who is on the African-American community’s side to make acts as such possible thus giving weight to the importance of electing a president in favor of Civil Rights, or was she simply downgrading the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. struggles as the most influential in making the Civil Rights Act a fruition? Regardless, it was a statement made in poor taste and primarily due to most women’s need to validate their wide array of intelligence and fact savvy or is this a stereotypical statement as well. My bad! It was a fact that one of her legal aides obviously researched, so it sounded good because it shows she knows her Civil Rights Act facts, but, but, but…. if there is a decision on a national level to be made and she isn’t able to control her statements as to not offend anyone, but rather  bring people together for change, this world might be in jeapardy, right? Or maybe her comment was not intended as anything but to relay facts and everyone should squash  the issue. Well, not so fast. So far, there have been so many pop shots from the Clinton Camp that have reached a national level, Hillary may have this time, put her foot in her mouth. Mind you, I like Bill Clinton. Hillary may be ruining his rep. And- getting someone like Bob Johnson, a billionaire who would want to keep his billions I guess, because he still has it, rather than giving it away…. sends a message of the rich getting by with power and playing a real game of slingshot politics. I bet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shivered with this recent one, and it’s going to be really cold when Hillary arrives in New York. Dirty politics is not accepted in New York. This isn’t a black or woman thing as she has openly said to millions of listeners as a basis for Democrats to come out and vote. I think that 400,000 pay check as the president is becoming a driving force because when folks get dirty, that has to be the only reason. Hillary have mercy. Don’t mess with the KING!


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