DLNA polls suggest questions for pollers on Eddie Murphy and Tracie Edmunds 14 Day Marriage or was it a Marriage made for Tabloids?

Here are questions folks are asking about Tracie and Eddie Murphy: 

1. Did Tracie Edmunds broker marriage photos to make money?

2. Does Eddie’s mother and Tracie’s family have a feud?

3. Is Johnny Gill living in the Eddie Murphy estate?

4. Did Tracie refuse to change her last name to Murphy?

5. Was Tracie and Eddie’s marriage a big publicity stunt for some fast cash?

6. Is Tracie really devastated as insiders report?

7. Has Eddie refused to see his born child from Melanie SPICE?

8. Does the media have a warped sensed of what really went wrong?

9. Do fans of Eddie side with him or Tracie Edmunds?

10. We wonder what Baby Face thinks of all of this? Could he be elated over the fact that Tracie’s plans with Eddie didn’t go well?

11. Will Baby Face and Tracie now get back together? And- will people think that Baby Face and Tracie pulled a scam with Eddie?

12. Is Eddie Murphy’s and Tracie Edmunds situation major enough to replace Brittney’s reign in the tabloids?

13. Who fairs out worse from this news, Tracie or Eddie?

14. Will it be possible for any media entity to get a soundoff with both Eddie and Tracie?

Disilgold minds want to know!


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