Disilgold.com Endorses AMBERBOOKS.com Entire Product Line.

For Immediate Release: AmberBooks.com may be the rarest African American Publishing Book company along with Just Us Books and August Press to submit all titles for review and it’s official, we have reviewed all of ACGI book titles  at www.Disilgold.com up to the most current release as featured for the Amber Books Black History Month Collection. Tony Rose has been instrumental in making powerful connections for African American Publishers via the African American Pavilion at Book Expo with news coverage and media taking note of many new up and coming and rising small press  and authors, thus setting new trends. It’s imperative that a fine company of excellence continues to be at the forefront to ensure a massive medium for the African American literary community to unify and continue growing. This is why we selected Amber Books this year as a template of success for African American publishers who want longevity and to gain an audience that is going to surpass trends with duration, and cross over to highly motivated audiences ready to support AA literature on demand. With stores closing at a rapid rate and trends changing, Amber continues to publish its one bestseller list apart from mediocrity. A new company in the making, in a rcent interview, Tony Rose says transferring the greatness of his reign in the music industry to books took a tremendous toll, but all worth it. With simply some of the most classic authors on its roster writing quality literature, the company is set to rebirth new innovative online marketing campaigns to reach consumers. When Heather Covington’s marketing ability was discovered by the ACGI family, it was undoubtedly a match made in heaven, An avid reader, Heather Covington knows fine literature when she sees it. In fact, she put her own Disilgold Publishing empire on hold to host Literary Living and expose the brightest talents to this generations viewers of the former Black Family Channel. The African American Literary Community made it mark to over 17 million viewers with a tv show that aired a record 3 times per week. While sales of books peeked, as soon as the show went off the air, there was a massive decline in booksales, showing how important it is for quality authors to be showcased via a medium that reaches a massive audience.  So Disilgold.com decided to become that medium and the re-birth of the Neo-Soul Literary Renaissance is back as created, named and published in a glossy mag caleled Disilgold Soul Literary Review on he turn of the century.  Disilgold.com will release reviews ongoing of ACGI books throughout the years that have made their mark at Disilgold and still shining.

Find out why these books are a perfect resource for your gift giving needs and why Disilgold Publishing has  added AmberBooks products via the new innovative Disilgold Book Mobile Express Catlaog online. We heard readers want variety so we’re giving readers what they want. Enjoy and stay tuned for more products.

BOOK REVIEW: The African American Teenager Guide to Personal Growth… is a perfect gifts from parents to their teenagers on everything they need to know about sex, their changing bodies, applying for college, hygiene, dating and more. It’s a compact and comprehensive guide that even parents with young children should add to one’s library to discover and ensure they have the book ready to give as a gift as soon as their children grow up. The book is beneficial to quote from as well. Motivational speakers of teen seminars will benefit from utilizing this book as a resource, plus girl clubs and organizations. There just isn’t any book on the market like it prepared to answer questions Teens may have and now addressed without fail. “- *****5 STARS


The African American Teenagers 
Guide To Personal Growth.          
$19.95 / $8.00


 101 Real Money Questions.   
          $14.95 / $7.00                      
“101 Real Money Questions is a critical book for those who know nothing about MONEY. Sure we all acquire a paycheck each week, but did you know that some people are headed to financial disaster and don’t even know it? Early preparation is key especially for families with youth planning on attending college and joining the workforce. Remember, it takes money to make money. Get your questions answered on everything from the best way to save money such as investments, pension and retirement plans vs. local savings with low interest. You can shape your money portfolio with the help of this well-written guide. Aren’t you just curious how to get started? Get the book that will make a difference!”- *****5 Stars!

Pay Yourself First.
$14.95 / $7.00
“Pay Yourself First is an old adage turned into action in this self-entitled guide by Jesse B. Brown. Just to share my own story, I was never a soul to go to the bank and put money in my savings to have for a rainy day. However, I did believe in having money taken out of my paychecks from my day job as a teacher to increase my retirement portfolio and any hardship savings if that situation ever arised. You simply don’t have to think about money in this way and your investment grows annually. I also, attended a real estate class at the Wealth Expo and a financial guru who sat beside me told me the benefits of acquirying loans when you’re young even if you don’t need them and paying them back in record time to increase your credit ratings. Additionally, when the payments subside within 5 years, have that money you automatically had deducted go into a savings. Now you are on your way to saving 10% of your salary or more by accident rather than on purpose and become prime goods for cards like American Express that you can utlize and pay off monthly to avoid debt and carrying around cash that leads to impulse buying. What I like about Pay Yourself First is that it shows the way anyone whether a novice or seasoned worker on a job or self-employed can begin saving now. You may live until 92, so you’re savings is all you’ll have to live when other funds run out. Don’t be a “poor old broke down fool,” as my 90 year old deceast grandmother once told me, be a smart  mature senoir with a fab life. Life begins when you retire! Plan your future now by following the tips in this savvy financial guide. POWERFULLLY motiviating! ” *****5 Stars!
Real Estate & Wealth.
$14.95 / $7.00  
“In 2008, there;s no home like your own home or investment to call your own, With this powerful Real Estate & Wealth guide, you can be a homeowner and even learn how to invest in real estate whether the economy is up and down. One of the mistakes many new home owners make is obtaining homes with little down at high percentage on a non-fixed mortgage plan. This creates high payments that ballon and sky-rocket with fluctuating interest rates causing home owners to foreclose and lose their investment.  Now you can learn how to acquire a fixed mortgage at low percentage rates in prime realty areas and gain high return upon sale if you decide to relocate. The idea is to begin paying into your principal in 2008 and not just interest. If you are going to sell your home, learn to be your own broker and cut out the middle man. Learn to avoid shady refinacing that give home owners two payments that compete with each other and lead to foreclosure. Learn how to upgrade your home to gain maximum profit upon sale and what buyers look for. Most of all, get motivated to enter the real estate game. I know some folks who never have sold a home, but get high return selling apartments with advance security and commissions. Whatever your goal, you can win in real estate. It’s no longer a profession for scholars. Anyone can own a home no matter what your background. Don’t be a victim living in an apartment complex that suddenly goes condo or increases rent payments with economy. You deserve a peace of mind. Say that you will be a home owner today by reading Real Estate and Wealth.”- *****5 Stars! 
 The African American’s Job Seekers Guide.

  Job Seekers Guide.    
    $14.95 / 7.00
“There are over 50,000 new jobs created annually in each state with low to moderate income. However, to acquire any top job, means rolling up your sleeves and gaining experience in jobs that perhaps, don’t pay much or anything at all. It’s called internship. For example, most media outlets pay nothing. Freelance writers get paid by the word at times, but with so many interns willing to get free articles syndicated, many top writers are being inched out of paying writing jobs.  Furthermore, media recognizes that most writers have side gigs that promote their clients so now media has resorted to not only refusing to hire writers, but gain sponsorship of writers who wish to syndicate their articles. It all depends on your writing expertise. So how do you get paying jobs. You simply have to be the best at your craft. IFurthermore, having a resume full of media jobs as in”Work for Hire” that didn’t last can be detrimental to your resume because simply employers want to know what baggage do you hold. Were you credible, reliable  and professional to work with? It boils down to reference letters stating that any employer was pleased with your work if you are going to name drop entities you have worked with.  I have simply worked with the best entities so my resume is extensive and quite personal as I direct them to parties I am intending to reach like sponsors at www.Disilgold.com. In the meanwhile, now top media entities want to hire me but I don’t come cheap. I can do bad by myself over at www.Disilgold.com, but I have proven that I simply can get any job done. This is why I like the Job Seekers Guide! It shows that you can not only go after top jobs, but demand your worth in the weight of gold. Top businesses simply hire gold, not fool’s gold.”
     $14.95 / $7.00                   $16.95 / $8.00
 The Afro-centric Bride
    $14.95 / $7.00                   
“The Afro-centric Bride is for women and men who simply want to get married the traditional way and know how to get started from A-Z. You are going to need a budget. Gone are the days when your parents pay for weddings. You will have to plan those expenses out yourself or settle for America’s new marriage ceremony which is simply going to the marriage office and getting a marriage license with a few relatives, exchanging vows, and running away on a cheap honeymoon to only face your mate for the rest of your life with the memories of a horrible ceremony. If you are going to get married, do it right or don’t do it at all. You deserve the best and this guide shows you the way to eternal memories well planned and worth it. Just make sure you get a pre-nup because women are the bread-winners these days and when that man gets out of control, you can have peace of mind that you can also kick his ass to curb if you have to. Ladies, if you are unsure if you want to tie the knot which I totally understand, then have a mock wedding with no certificate at all and just live your life. Forget what people think. At least if you pay for all of the trimmings and mock ceremony and he acts up, you can also, kick him to the curb and keep all of your stuff becaue you bought it. Therez Fleetwood is going to kick my ass for this review, but sorry Therez, we unmarried ladies are utilizing it for our fairytale like mock marriages we know will go bad because men are just not the settling down type these day, too cute to fix things around the house and think they look better than you. Why limit this book to women seeking marriage the traditional way. Get married as often as you wish ladies until you find Mr. Right for the big wedding! It’s your world!” *****5 Stars

Great Sex.                      
$14.95 / $7.00             
“Do you know the powerful secrets of couples who stay together and are happy in love no matter what obstacles in their life? Let’s face it, Great Sex is the bond to staying together beyond how couples look physically, how much they make on their day job and even ambitions in life. Two people can be perfectly happy forever when they discover the secrets of GREAT SEX which is more than the act, but care, committment, nurturing, dedication, support, honesty and communication with each other. Let it be your reason for holding your marriage together for life. Make it fun, interesting and lifelong. Don’t be the person left without a soul satisfying mate to have sex with everyday in a monogomous relationship of trust.. Learn to have GREAT SEX, let down your inhibitions and go for it. Do it now until you’re satisified and learn how to! Enjoy your life! Humans are supposed to mate daily or they simply aren’t living and acquirying joy! Don’t be ashamed to enjoy GREAT SEX! Be all the man you are or all the woman you are with class! What a great and honest book.”- *****5 Stars!     .
 Born Beautiful: The African American  
 Teenager’s Complete Beauty Guide.    
  $16.95 / $8.00                           
“There simply isn’t anyone more qualified to write or speak on the issue of the Fashion Fair creator himself, Alfred Fornay. Every beauty icon has stolen his tips who haven’t paid homage to this beauty and fashion icon of this era. He has premiered his books with Disilgold at large events and simply is the voice of authority on beauty, I can’t tell how many beauty mags I had to return to stores because they were riddled with beauty from editors who don’t symbolize true beauty themselves with the class and clout like a Susan Taylor whose over all persona from the day I met her examplified true inner beauty. Plus she has great skin we all want so I know she knows what she is talking about.
 I’ll never mistake a beauty mag for anything less than real representation of what beauty is ever again in my life. Beauty is internal and it’s about loving yourself no matter what shape or size or hairlength, and no matter what status or complexion. Beauty mags tend to start off preaching beauty from society’s ideals and thus creating an image that is unobtainable. Now here comes along a book that shows women from all walks of life how to gain inner beauty so that it is projected outside onto the world. What a beautiful work! Alfred outdid himself for this fine guide to beauty! A treasure! ” *****5 Stars!      

 The African American Woman’s Guide to
Successful Make-Up & Skincare.
$16.95 / $8.00
“Ever since the cradle of civilization has evolved, women have examplified their beauty with make-up. Even the peacock’s colorful feathers are designed to attract one’s mate. There’s nothing wrong with powering up attraction from your mate with make-up that shows you care about looking great every day. However, great make-up days start with great skin that’s smooth to the touch, soft and in its best shape so why not learn the tricks of the trade so you aren’t fooling anyone and simply on your way to showing your best face in person at events? I highly recommend Alfred Fornay’s The African American Guide to Great Make-Up and Skin Care”- *****5 Stars
Reviews by Heather Covington, Author of Literary Divas
 Literary Divas: The Top 100 +   
Most Admired African American                             
Woman in Literature.
$16.95 / $8.00
Visit www.Amberbooks.com to order books and www.DIsilgold.com to read more of Heather Covington’s book reviews.

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  1. [“Do you know the powerful secrets of couples who stay together and are happy in love no matter what obstacles in their life? Let’s face it, Great Sex is the bond to staying together beyond how couples look physically, how much they make on their day job and even ambitions in life. ]

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