Kanye West’s MAMA song is a winner at Grammy’s, plus bonus style props to Beyonce’, Tina Turner, Fergie, John Legend and more!

While the lyrics, “You can be my Black Kate Moss sends a bad image to young black girls who already have a poor perception of self-image and weight issues in Kanye’s song, “Stronger, ” the song gets over with “What doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger,” but it was his song “Mama,” that took over the entire show. Reminiscent of Tupac’s heartfelt rap lyrics for his song, Dear Mama, Kanye has just catapulted what may be a future with a singing career and a voice that resounds with the flair of Wyclef. Then again, any artist’s vocals sound good when you are singing about Mama! Even Ne-yo was spotlighted giving props with a sinical smile on his face. The Grammy’s are notorious for focusing on feuds between artists by spotlighting opponents after a rival performer. There is absolutely no gossip good or bad that can stop me from appreciating both Kanye and Ne-yo’s music. Both are exceptional artists and would fair better doing some duets together.  The best dressed artist of the night was John Legend who wore a deeper and richer black tux that just looked more expensive then even Ringo’s gear spiked with sparkles.  Fergie’s toga dress style dress was simple and classy. Carrie Underwood walked away with the best styled hair. I think she is wearing a Jazzing rinse that works well on light hair as well as dark hair. Rihanna’s Fred Flinstone bell rocker  dress just made her look like a bell…. oh well, but great hair. That’s how you do it. Natural hair is back. Work it ladies. Be you because when money gets tight, there goes the hair anyway. I am sure one by one all of the celeb ladies will begin stripping off the wigs this year. Now as for Tina, she was the fliest diva of the night showing the ladies how its done. Her metallica silver off the shoulder jumper was classy. Can folks tell me what  was Beyonce’ wearing? The hair worked though and who knows, with a few more years, she may be our next Tina, but of course there is only one Tina and we have to give it up for Beyonce’. There’s only one Beyonce’ too. I can totally understand why Beyonce wouldn’t pass up on performing with Tina regardless of the Writer’s Guild strike. I wonder of reviewers stop reviewing shows, will the economy suffer as well. It’s not like these shows thank reviewers for highlighting and reminding folks to tune in thus raking in more advertising dollars? Hum, have to give this one more thought!  www.Disilgold.com.


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