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by Heather Covington aka “The Literary Heat”


Heatlist – 3/8/08  Hillary Clinton’s “Wake-up call” ad campaign successfully nabbed votes from Barack Obama in Texas primaries among women voters who crossed over to the maternal-like appeal of “THE HILL” who not only made a comeback disappointing Obama’s 11 state winning streak, but won over millions of Saturday Night Live fans with her light humor that seemed warm, inviting and trusting for a change.  She is a charismatic person and does look radiant when she smiles as opposed to when she flairs up fighting to win the democratic bid. However, the next day, papers and AOL news revealed why Hillary Clinton may be fighting like a “monster” as involuntarily said by a resigning Obama camp member and leaving the world to now speculate if Bill Clinton and his wife have some unfinished business they are hiding at the expense of  special interest groups. These candidates are raising millions in record numbers. I wonder how much of that will they get to keep and when will Hillary turn over her tax records as proposed by Obama’s camp? Until this issue is  resolved Americans are going to wonder! No candidate should have anything to hide. However, even these latest allegations may not be enough for Barack to fight what is now being called, “Media stroking” on his behalf. He is going to have to stay very focused now that America has clumped his impeccable campaign into the negativity pact with the release of damaging comments from an insider of his camp. Hillary Clinton’s, “Shame on you!” comment toward Barack is no match for the words, “She’s a monster!” from an indirect source toward Hillary. This comment wholeheartedly damages the integrity of the Democratic party leaving all to wonder if Obama should have indeed faced Tavis Smiley and Black political activists at a recent Black forum so America could see that “YES HE CAN” stand up to a real challenging politcal debate instead of letting an insider attempt to destroy his flawless campaign. People have been speculating if the insider was bought to say something damaging although this is not what is being reported, and folks still can’t get over the Muslim garb photo  which did not work to bring Obama down. He still won many delegates from Texas and other states and stands as the front runner despite Texas Super Tuesday 2 STEP polls where the same pollers had to return to cast their ballots again. Talk about a crime at the polls. What poor Texan family can afford to bus it twice to the polls so their votes will count? And now, the states where votes were tossed like Florida and clearly for Hillary may now count which is something like overt cheating out of an unwritten history book I am sure someone responsible is going to write. People have been changing the word  CAUCUSING to CHEATING!

 Even the mayor of Philadelphia put his integrity on the line to face radio host Miss Jones upon acquirying fire for allowing a screening of THE WIRE in the state’s city hall building, and possibly one of the most violent shows on air exposing the dark world of criminal-life. America wants to see Barack Obama and his aggessive side aside from his speeches which are some of the most powerful speeches to date since Dr. Martin Luther King. However, Hillary clearly called him a XEROX speaker to disgrace his originality when he made one slip up by mentioning the words of another political leader with his permission of course like,”JUST WORDS!” Now for those 1 million folks who didn’t see the news follow-up clearly explaining this, Barack now looks like he plagarized someone’s speech with just “TWO WORDS!” This is worse than a reviewer saying your work needs editing for 2 mistakes. It’s puzzling.

I’m not knocking Hillary Clinton, but she reminds me of a perSOULnality in my book who throws slingshots to destroy folks and fights dirt for dirt leaving folks to wonder if her  kind of anger  may evoke histility from militant countries who only see her as a female version of Bill Clinton. I love the fight for the women’s issues thing, but even I know there is no America without foreign policy and safety of America’s borders. It’s like building a beehive without a queen bee to direct, so any kid can come by and knock the thing down, crush it and make a run for it because no one is giving directions to attack.

Without security and safety issues addressed overseas, just imagine what is going to go down in America? People will think they can challenge our own infrastructure and the signs of moral breakdown are already showing.

 Already, almost every child has been poisoned by lead toys, and even utensils, bowls,products, dental bridges and cars made overseas are lead based. We really don’t see that real issues need to be addressed now and among these candidates before more crisis hits home. McCain presents that tough golden boy  appeal, but couldn’t even keep his composure on a plane to a reporter after winning enough delegates to lead the Republican parties. I am afraid someone from somewhere may have to run for office with an agenda for the people and not to just senselessly bicker. I don’t want to hear the name of the other candidates from any parties mouths. Just focus on the issues.  This is the person who will win!

Barack is being very careful to not seem too aggressive and show more of his compassionate nature, but is this what America really wants? Already, someone bombed a New York City Army recruiting station which may be the sign of what is to come from militant and aggressive non-war supporters right here in America. This situation is obviously a result of the adverse effects of news on common folk minds. In my opinion, Barack Obama should continue to give his poignant speeches and not let Clinton’s camp get the best of him by knocking his great oration skills. This is a ploy for mind-destruction. Of course, it’s difficult to not take into heart harsh words as Hillary Clinton has thrown that are psychologically defeating. Obama can simply dismiss these comments by accepting the words of his inside campaigner, letting America know he now stands by the comment. And why? Anyone who tells a Black man in America running for president whose people have been oppressed for centuries “SHAME ON YOU!” when America brought black people here against their will as slaves and trust if Blacks didn’t fight for freedom and disegregation with the help of black media, there certainly would not have been an open door policy for hispanics, jews and all people of color to gain acceptance in America. We’re all fighting the same war, but Hillary and Obama are fighting a different war that’s going to destroy the democratic party and bring back hate among a people and new culture that was learning to love one another.

We can’t go around knocking experience, JUST WORDS, name calling, and attacking one another without any real power to lead this country and by dividing people. This cancels out all progress and everyone loses. Yesterday, there was a war and slavery and tomorrow all of that could return with self-fueled competition. I say all candidates focus on the issues, and while I am leaning on Obama’s side because he just seems wholesome and less petty than the others, I do like Clinton, McCain and Hucklebee. I even respect Bloomberg and former NY Mayor Gugliani. New York is in a better place, less crime, more folks with jobs and folks who are successful are civil. You can take one state and pattern the development of an entire nation. I hate the transit fare hikes too, but you know what I rather have the city fix corroding pipes that can burst, bridges that can fall, a sewer system that can back up and cause disease and sidewalks and streets that can cave in with natural breakdown of materials at any moment taking an innocent life than pay later. Folks have to keep working hard, learn to save and invest one’s money and I am not talking about your local saving which accrues no interest and a holding place for America to borrow your money.  I’m talking about investing in one’s neighborhood with extra patrol units from a collective fund, putting cameras on commercial streets to eliminate crime, and setting up more volunteer jobs for college students to work and pay for classes while living at home and stopping parents with kids in college from kicking them out until they earn their degrees so they don’t slip through the cracks and look for ways to earn petty cash. As it is, almost 3 out of 10 black males has been incarcerated. Some locked up without evidence or proof. If this isn’t genocide 0f a race of people and men needed in the home environment, I don’t know what is. Hillary may appeal to the superwomen out there, but America needs its black strong men or I am afraid black youth growing up and even children of color will be tomorrow’s problem. What are you going to tell a young gangster toting a gun at age thirteen living in your home without a father figure, “SHAME ON YOU!” Let’s respect our black men and not baffoon them. I no longer watch SNL after that racist skit depicting Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton and Barack Obama. It may have made them icons and put them on the map, but I felt a slate go through my heart for barack Obama, a good and decent man who really deserves to win. I sense a truly good man in America, period!

About the columnist: Heather Covington is the CEO/ Founder of Disilgold.com and national bestselling author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+Most Admired African American Women in Literature. Her new novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales  which addresses the N-WORD head on, lands April 27, 2007. Visit www.Heather-Covington.com. Attention Columnists and journalist, you have permission to cite contents of article as long as you mention by Heather Covington -Founder of www.Disilgold.com, a TOP 5 MEDIA MOGUL alongside GOODDAY at Small Press Center. See photos on author’s blog at www.myspace.com/HeatherCovington

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