Warning: This is the most candid countdown of news in the world that exposes the best and the worse in all industries.

#10- Talks are in the works for a new talk show for actress Raven Symone, the 300 Million Dollar Woman who is all the rage for girls across America who love the Cheetah Girls series. Oprah Winfrey may be the producer behind the project. #9- Sean Combs is reportedly moving to Hollywood to better his career, but rumors are circulating that Shyne if getting out of jail soon. He’s the guy who was accused of firing shots at a nightclub that injured a bystander. Meanwhile, Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez sped away from the scene. We have no idea why Shyne would have any problem with The multi-mogul. #8- Internet photos have leaked with 50 Cent in a compromising position, but rumors speculate the photos are false and not 50 Cent. #7- It has been reported that R. Kelly still stand by his word that the person in a sex video with a minor are not him. Anyone who has seen the video would be considered a criminal for watching a minor so not many folks are talking or admitting if they think it is R. Kelly in the video. #6-  Zane’s new book, Succulent reaches the New York Times Bestseller list and we find out about it from Zane’s people on the day it happens. Buy the book if you haven’t already. It’s another book on fire. #5- Folks are still buzzing over a reported ghostwriter of an urban author’s work who hasn’t paid him and now speaking out. This is the biggest scandal to hit the literary souls. #4- Venesha’s long awaited hit, Mistress Me is now available on Amazon.com. IF you bought a copy direct, buy another copy so this book can get picked up on stores nationwide. It’s a winner by DisilgoldSOUL demand. #3- Everyone is heading to the BookExpo to see the event of the year and that’s the African American Pavilion Awards Show and Reception. Don’t miss the event. Visit www.DisilgoldSOUL.com.  #2- Disilgold.com wants to warn literary artists about dream thieves. They pop up when you least expect it with bad reviews of your work to slow your momentum and then request advertising in lieu of a review feature instead. If this isn’t a scandal, I don’t know what it is. Do not be intimidated by fake review agencies  who indirectly threaten to post bad reviews if you don’t advertise with them. REPORT them to the YGA. We just exposed a bookclub who claims they are going to be at the Book Expo and issuing a catalog with reviews and/or ads by request instead in their efforts to keep people informed of all new books, but they’d like to offer an alternative if preferred so at least your product is in their catalog. In other words, you can request to advertise with them, but if not, they will still advertise your book and their review. You can have your lawyers offer a  D.D. for those of us in law who understand what this is to decline the review (threat) and even have their reviews contested with online bookstores for removal. No one has the right to issue a false review of your work. Opinions and reviews are two different things and should be stated as such. Let’s get these punks who like to prey on authors off the map least they take over to become conglomerate freaks robbing folks of creativity. Thank you to the bookclub reviewer who alerted us that the president of their establishment tried to forcehand bad review collaboration on non-advertising authors. What a way to make money! BUSTED!!!!!! #1- SHAME ON YOU publishers who are mimicking self-published authors works for self gain. We haven’t exposed the publishing house who is doing this kind of stuff, but this isn’t limited to producers as well stealing titles of books for movies. Folks get your titles trademarked as well as for movie titles of your work.


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