WWW.DISILGOLD.COM- Steve Harvey Radio Show Review

So I was moving my car to conform to alternate side of the street parking rules and happened to flip on 107.5WBLS. I believe Steve Harvey was rounding out his morning show.  A few years ago I was granted the privilege to attend the Steve Harvey Radio Morning Show debut party with tons of stars all over the place routing for the “King of Comedy.”

  I was moved by his comments on air. He mentioned how folks have to follow their dreams and not give up. I could have listened to this motivational portion of the show forever. For a moment, I wondered if Steve Harvey was working on a spiritual cd because I know this is the kind of advice and tips I have been craving. Steve Harvey has what it takes to be the next motivational speaker. I see the light and was even jumping for joy when he mentioned that when you have God in your life, no one can take anything away from you.

Well, kudos to Steve Harvey for his inspirational messages from time to time. www.steveharvey.com


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