WWW.DISILGOLD.COM- Tyra Banks Interview in Essence Review

I was browsing through some publications and I came across an interview with Tyra Banks in Essence. She talks about this issue of fear. I really understand her point of view. When I was in Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem, I saw  celebrity photos on the wall, and I thought about how each person went through some kind of crisis which makes you wonder if celebrity hood is worth all of the pain and struggles. It seems like to make it, one has to endure pain, but like Trya, many folks in route to success reject negativity because we fear it.
Negativity can cause depression, self-doubt, paranoia, worthlessness and even death.  Folks have to love themselves enough to not let negativity get the best of them with contrived deceit. Negativity wants to see you in pain. Negativity wants you to fail, Negativity is jealous and doesn’t care about you. Negativity even keeps company with negativity and once they have formed a pact, you better steer clear because NEGATIVITY is out to get you.  That’s right, I said it and you’re not doing anything wrong.
I say embrace Negativity and continue to  reveal your emotions because if not, you’ll wind up 13 feet under and negativity will live forever. Do you understand me authors? I am talking to you. I know exactly who has been getting you down. Forget those silly critics. I’m only going to say this one time.

One of Tyra’s best shows was the day she addressed Naomi Campbell. I don’t feel it’s the success that Tyra has anything to ever worry about, but it’s this day- in- day -out road through the land of negativity and other people’s actions that inflict pain and suffering onto you. Negativity is critical of you, doesn’t like anything you do and never will. 
I would encourage Tyra to go on Oprah.com and develop a personal and private journal that of course, the whole staff can view to keep track of her emotions. As long as you have a pen and paper as an outlet to release emotions, you can rest your head at night knowing that at least you validated your self-worth and feelings and regardless if anyone agrees.

This world was built for human beings to work hard, but no one in this day and age earning a hard days pay as a talk show host should have to endure pain. WTF is this world coming to?  With Tyra’s money, she has enough to stop the hate and nonsense and I kind of am following in her footsteps because it  is certainly true,” NO ONE loves a winner!” Tyra is a winner and I hope she takes over the entire network because to own a personality like she does today, and with all that everyone knows she has gone through as a diva on the walk way, is a crime that negativity should be serving due time behind bars. Tyra’s interview was on point. However, she has plenty of friends, but may be too consumed with her work to enjoy just hanging out with folks.  I know it’s like a guilt feeling you have when you step away from your work, but that can be cured by simply not taking one’s work home with  you Leave work on the job Tyra. You deserve to have fun girl.


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