Can you help us by donating and or forwarding this to all.  Please we are trying to stay open and not allow them to shut our doors.
Diana Books Plus is an African American owned bookstore which began in 1995 with the mission of highlighting the importance of reading, entrepreneurship, and gaining financial freedom right within the community.  We are currently located at 697 Stanley Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.   We believe that we have been a positive force and are happy with our accomplishments and partnerships within the community.  We have provided internships to middle and high school students; sponsored seminars on GED preparation and financial literacy; we have book singings, clubs and reviews.  We have been featured in several publications, the Daily News and local media, and since the opening of our doors we are the only bookstore serving the East New York/Brownsville communities.   Due to this ever changing economy our store has taken some serious hits which have resulted in loss of profit and difficulty maintaining our day to day costs and rental expenses.  After careful reflection, we realize that we cannot be proud and sit idle waiting for our crisis to work itself out.  We have been charged with the task of raising $10,450.00 by March 28, 2008 or we will be forced to close our doors.  This possibility is heart breaking for us since we grew up, work, live, and raised our children in this community.   

We humbly request your help and ask for donations to keep Diana Books Plus open.  We are asking for your assistance in keeping a positive light in the community glowing. 

 God BlessDiana Ricketts

President, Diana Books Plus

You can copy and past to your browser to donate.  Thank you so much again and may God Bless all who can help.





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