www.Disilgold.com- HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson rules supreme. She has managed to keep a great celebrity profile, supports other and maintains a genuine personality. Her albums until 20YO have progressively plummeted the singer’s mega-status to threading a needle with a piece of rope which just simply means, her albums for today’s folk are either a hit or miss. It’s all understandable. She’s trying to catch the new age of young R& B listeners while trying to maintain attention of her fans all grown up. All maturing singers have undergone this stage in their careers.  

She opted for sexy, but folks felt she was trying too hard. Suddenly, she’s back to her gothic, pen-striped tailored suits and fedora hats which in my opinion she should have maintained that image, but it may all be too late or can she make a full comeback with a few more releases of some surpirse hits on her album and the production of mega-videos? Her strength is creating dance routines, but with slinky dancers these days, folks are critical. So what should Janet do to maintain her reign as the lady who started it all?

 For one, she should return to her “That’s the Way Love Goes” days and style from the hair to the intricate fine details ladies love to get ideas fashion wise and men simply can’t ignore and will adore no matter what age.  Janet still looks the same, but seems to be dabbling with finding her image right now and mind you, she owns them all so that’s not so bad.

Next, Janet shouldn’t entertain dance moves, but rather choreography which is her specialty. Don’t forget the scenes and skits. Take for instance her brother, Michael. Almost every record album and song told a story. This is what made Michael unique. Dialogue and a personal atmosphere is always important for videos. Those over produced videos seem silly while down to earth videos shine. Snoop’s Senusal Seduction is just simply and fly. I love it. And–not too many transitions that take folks minds off of dancing at the club. Rihanna is excelling with her down to earth video for Don’t Stop the Music. In other words, Janet may want to create videos that allow  viewers to step into her shoes and not bouncing all over balls like Catwoman in the single, FEEDBACK.

I am sure Janet is already finding her way back to Janet and I have confidence she will ring out the New Year with a few surprises. You haven’t seen the best of her yet for 2008, nor the worst.  Familiarize yourself with her latest album featuring the hit, FEEDBACK which is racing up the charts and get an idea of which tracks are hitting airwaves next. If you can predict the next track, email Disilgold@aol.com. Disilgold is pretty good at this game. Over all, Janet’s album is a great listen from beginning to end, but the videos and her personal style seem out of place as compared to her real life style and the Janet we all know. Calling the real Damita Jo.  I am sooo sorry Jermaine has lost his edge for the past few albums. Must be puppy love or perhaps he doesn’t want Janet to rule supreme and have to stay right by his side begging for better tracks. All of these ladies seem to have to court their producers. What’s up with that??????



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