www.Disilgold.com- HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Michelle Larks PENS BESTSELLER, “Keeping Company with Misery”-Watch it Climb to Number One!

 For Immediate Release: Urban Books Keeps Releasing Top Sellers, but is “Keeping Misery Company,” by Critically Acclaimed Author Michelle Larks, the Mega-Seller from the Pact?
If you haven’t heard of Michelle Larks by now,  author of Crisis Mode, you may want to head on over to Urban Books and check out this dynamic author’s new hit, Keeping Company with Misery. Everyone has been talking about Michelle Larks. There is something about her writing style that has her fans captivated. Urban Book titles have been flooding bookstore shelves and the audience for new titles by Michelle Larks is all the rage as well as other top Urban Book authors, but is she the author who will top this year with mega-sales and a title to inviting to ignore?  Folks are saying her book has mainstream  crossover potential. No one may want to keep company with misery, but folks will want to keep company with Michelle’s taboo book climbing the charts. Already Keeping Misery Company, is a 5 star reviewed book released in the late fall of 2007 by Urban Books,  and has recently reached best selling status on The Best Expressions Best Sellers List. Her new website is over at  www.MichelleLarks.com and www.myspace.com/michellelarks. It’s Michelle Lark’s time to shine. Get the book everyone is still talking about today. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. In fact, visit www.Disilgold.com and watch this book climb to number one in a matter of days! Michelle Larks knows how to pen a winner!
A highly recommended book by www.Disilgold.com . Stay tuned for author feature on YGA Showcase.
What YOUnity Reviewers are saying:
” The author has a pristeen writing syle!”
“My eyes are glued to her writing!”
“She’s got what it takes to become a household author’s name like Donna Hill, Leslie Banks and Gwynne Forster. I would like to read more books by Michelle!”
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