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For those of you who don’t know, Joe James mama passed recently. Here is his mesage to Disilgold: We will miss Mama James. Here you go fam. An angel we will remember. See new website in honor of Mama James.

Thank you for your words of comfort.  Mama Lucy was an incredible woman and
mother.  She raised eight other kids besides her own, which is four.  She’s the
inspiration behind the Arthur Ashe story.  While I was living in LA, struggling as
an actor.  She is the one who told me “Boy you should move back east and work
on the Arthur Ashe story, I know you can do it”.  At the time I thought she was sincere
but crazy, but mama knew what God had planned and she saw beyond the lights, camera
and action.  The character Ma Rose in my novel, SOUL BABY is actually most of my
mother’s sayings and beliefs.  Ma Rose is definitely depicted after my own mother, Mama
Lucy.   Her going home service was like a classic film.  You knew her because you know
me and she raised me to be the person I am.  Lucy Cherry James will have a full website.
Friends and Family will be able to borrow her favorite recipes, listen to her favorite songs,
read her favorite scriptures and read about her legendary efforts.  Its a rough road right now
for me, but mama Lucy would want me to run on and see what the ends going to be.  She’s
prayed for all of us, because she always asked God to bless Joe and all of his friends in
the entertainment business.  The website will be therapeutic for me.  When you get a moment
view the template for her website below.    I love you and we are definitely going to the top!
I would love to share her incredible life story with you later on in the future.
Below is my mama Lucy’s website info. A full website is coming soon!
Just wanted you to know that I posted a “thank you” statement on Craigslist for mama Lucy.
A template for her website is up at:  www.lucycherryjames.com
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One comment on “www.Disilgold.com- THE HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Joe James

  1. I have visited this site on many an occasion now but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.

    Congratulations on such a fine article and site I have found it very helpful and informative – I only wish that there were more out there like this one.

    I never leave empty handed, sometimes I may even be a little disappointed that I may not agree with a post or reply that has been made. But hey! that is life and if every one agreed on the same thing what a boring old world we would live in.

    Keep up the good work and cheers.

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