www.Disilgold.com-HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Jeremiah Wright, the man who denounced Baracka Barama because he surely didn’t get next to Barack Obama!

 Is Jeremiah Wright Barack Obama’s loyal friend or a traitor. Some say he’s envious of Barack. Others say his message invoked dire sympathy for Barack. All everyone wants to know is why so many black folks are riding off Barack’s coattail for a quick 15 minutes fame by denouncing him. Even the new Governor Patterson quickly said he believes Hillary is the best person to run for president after getting the position as the first black governor of New York. I guess he wants to make sure he holds on to his new position since Spitzer’s fling with a call girl who is about to pose for Playboy and whom I won’t promote here, may be reinstated if she testifies they were in a platonic relationship where money was just a gift. Uh, oh! The mistresses are making it hard for men to be committed. I say, Governor Patterson should invoke a law to fine all mistresses who destroy married relationships they know about and SHAME ON OPRAH for glorifying mistresses on her show for Women’s History Month. It was just one of her best shows and really gave the lowdown on female heifers these days. Ladies don’t try any of these things. Respect yourself and you’ll get respect. No need to keep pacifying men who were born cheaters. Dump them all now and certainly beware churches that bring up greatness to only bring it back down. That was a low blow from Jeremiah and quite comical.



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