www.Disilgold.com- HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- New York Public Library Pays Homage to Authors in Book, LITERARY DIVAS


Heather Covington, A NAACP IMAGE AWARD Nominee and National Bestselling Author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature published by CEO Founder, Tony Rose of Amber Communications Group, Inc and  edited by  Co-publisher Yvonne Rose (www.AmberBooks.com) brought out the town at New York Public Libraries Baychester Branch in Bronx, New York as a select and honorable guest for Women’s History Month.

A Toni Trent Parker Author of the Year Award Recipient at BookExpo’s African American Pavilion Awards of which the author, educator and poet was invited to guest emcee and host as the presenter of fine and prestigious awards honoring guests like Basil O. Philips, Terrie Williams, Haki Madhubuti, Pat Schroeder, Kassahun Checole, Wade and Cheryl Hudson, Will and Niani Colom, W. E. Paul Coates, Carol Mackey, Dante Lee, Andrew P. Jackson, Adrienne Ingrum, Patrick Oliver, Will Horton, Michelle T. Johnson, Troy Johnson, Haki Madhubuti, Sonia Booker, Marcella Smith, Karen Thomas, Malika Adero, Clavin Reid, Kelly Starling Lyons, Lynette C. Velasco, Clara Villorosa, Hilton Hudson, Carol Rogers, Brenda Piper, Senator Barack Obama, Phil Hart, Relentless Aaron, Vickie Stringer, Zane, Harriette Cole, Victoria Rowell, Lynette Velasco, Renee Flagler, Pittershawn Palmer and many more distinguished guests, Heather Covington shared the importance of honoring mentors and paying homage to the very people in her history book who paved the way for  literary artists of today.

She mentioned how important it is to treasure each day as if it were your last and never give up on your dreams. She talked about her struggles to promote her poetry on the streets of New York and the negativity she faced as a youth up into teenagehood as well as her mother’s struggles raising two youth on her own and the recent illness of her father who only has 2 months to live and why she promised she would move full speed ahead to succeed as an indpendent publisher in keeping her promise to be more than  an educator She also, mentioned how sometimes talent supercedes good luck and when it’s your time to shine, the forces who can help you will appear as long as you just keep being the best YOU by staying focused.

As she turned the pages of her book, Literary Divas, the audience cheered on Literary Divas like Alice Walker, Candice Dow, Terry a. O’Neal,  Kim Robinson, Gina Cox, Cherlyn Michaels, Sonia Sanchez, Toni Morrison, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nancey Flowers, Wendy Williams, Tee C. Royal, Carol Mackey and Iman. Heather discussed how if she could she would have placed 1000 divas in her book, but she had to go with author’s whose works she was able to read as a responsible historian and editors who make books better an d more markeatable. Literary Divas also features authors of the Diaspora and authors GONE TO SOON!

Heather Covington stressed the relevance of Literary Divas to African American history as many treasured historians like Lerone Bennet Jr. who will be honored this year at the African American Pavilion Awards for BookExpo in L.A.

Already, Literary Divas is utilized as a history book for libraries nationwide, referred to by librarians for easy reference and colleges are mandating the book for course studies and research. Heather Covington adds new Literary Divas to her website at www.LiteraryDiva.com which conceived the LITERARY DIVAS BOOK TOUR which took off at lighning speed with BOOK PARTIES online and now dubbed as Heather Covington’s Literary Divas Book Tour due to many synonymous titled events which fans mentioned they were disappointed when Heather was not present, and to no fault of  the author who did not plan any large Literary Diva events other than tour events mentioned on her personal website at www.Heather-Covington.com. A private person who shuns advertising her every event, but will gain media for support of literary artists she promtoes,  she hosts mainly local workshops in her hometown, but is set for a 20 City National BookTour in 2008 which has alrerady begun thanks to the Disilgold Book Mobile Express.

The author was overwhelmed with joy when alma mater highschool friends and many Co-op residents came out to support and even past staff of schools she’s attended in the Bronx. This event had the shortest notice from any events ever placed online at www.Disilgold.com which is a rarity due to the author’s busy schedule and who prefers mailing invitations. Already, Literary Divas is one of the most requested reference books and it looks like the Literary Divas are making history.

Heather Covington’s guest appearance marks the beginning celebration of a New York Public Library $1 Billion Transformation Plan to build a Fifth Avenue Urban Library, Large Hub Libraries in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. A new expanded digital resource library will increase access to library collections and a $100 Million Gift from Harvard grad Stephen A. Schwarzman with unrestricted donation will be implemented to serve the growing public. This plan is a dream come true for inner city youth who are excited about the new computers along with an expert staff. Furthermore, $300 million for endowment funds will be utilized for educational outreach programs.

The response to Heather Covington’s motivational  message as a rising poet to a self-published author having penned a former tv show  for one season upon the suddent termination of a popular network, and succesful relaunch of her own publishing company to introduce her children’s, poetry and novel line of books from the Disilgold Publishing collection was received so well by guests like Margot, Paulette, Renee, Ruth, Elaine, Donna, Paul Bennett, Jermaine, Marie, E.K. Woodley, Morton, Lenore, Mollie, Kenny, June, and Trudy; Donna Pesce,  a Baychester Library Branch Advisor asked Heather to formulate a program for teens every week which is the audience the author has been on a mission to reach to give motivation to write, pen a book and overcome self-esteem issues.

Irina Kuharets, who booked Heather Covington presented flowers to the Literary Diva as  local paparazzi and guersts amicably took photos all in fun of a treasurable Bronx event made possible by the New York Public Library Baychester Branch and topped with a message by a guest who before leaving with his son asked Heather, “Do you know the meaning of love?” He then responded with the words, “You are love and I love you! Live on your dream sister!”- Paul Bennett (Father, Spiritualist and Motivational Speaker). The Women’s History Event Marks the very beginning of Heather Covington’s Library Tour. She’s visiting colleges, youth programs, the nation’s top organizations and anywhere where readers respect the history of African-American literature and authors as more than just bestselling machines, but true writers of this era making history!

For booking, speaking engagements, interviews and media requests, contact Heather Covington Publicity, P.O. BOX 652, Baychester Station, Bronx, NY 10469, 1.718.547.0499.


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