Halle Berry gave birth to a girl on  Sunday, March 16, 2008, with Model and actor Gabriel Aubry who met while filming a Versace ad. Halle Berry first appeared on a Different World sitcom and then got a feature role as a very convincing  crack head in a Spike Lee movie of which she admits she didn’t bathe for days. Her role was so great, a string of movies followed pursuit like Strictly Business catapulting her to superstar status overnight along with a B rated movie with Bruce Willis as a call girl.

 She also, appeared in a flop called BAPS, but had won over the black audience as a  trendsetter. Her short crop hairdo and knock out figure became all the rage and her bi-racial mix gave young girls from bi-racial parents self-esteem.She appeared in Monster’s Ball which was a courageous effort for her to appear nude.  She won an Oscar for her role in the Dorothy Dandridge story making her one of the first black actresses to win a lead actress award since Cicely Tyson. She also, invested all of her money in  that role, but look at Halle Berry today.

Surviving circumstances of past abuse at the supposed hands of a black  male celebrity which left her partially death in one ear, she has been linked to men like Christopher Williams, Westley Snipes, David Justice and Eric Benet. One evening she encountered a bad accident that left a victim severely injured. Media reported she left the scene to get stitches for her head and rightfully so. Any minute longer and she could have suffered a brain hemmorage and died with the blood lost. Delirious and not in any condition to think about her actions, but just get help and presuming other troubled circumstances, the world forgave Halle Berry who tried to make a comeback with movies like Catwoman that failed miserably. However, her performance in Oprah’s Zora Neale Hurston’s movie Their Eyes Were Watching God adapted from the book, clearly showed that HALLE BERRY is one of the best actresses of our era and here to stay. 

Her bouts with Diabetes make her a role model for all women young and mature. Her personality is incomparable and why Halle’ s name today symbolizes beauty.  With no efforts to marry the father of her child whom she shares a spiritual bond with, Halle redefines the family nucleus with an equation that spells JOY!

Written by  author and promoter Heather Covington


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